Salim Mansur
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Gatestone Institute

Salim Mansur is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute. He teaches in the department of political science at Western University in London, Ontario. He is the author of Islam's Predicament: Perspectives of a Dissident Muslim and Delectable Lie: A liberal repudiation of multiculturalism.

Writings by Salim Mansur  (View Biography)

Title Date
Canada's Treacherous "Faustian Bargain"2018/11/26
The Abuse of Egypt's Coptic Christians2018/07/07
Post-Ramadan Reflections on the Muslim World2018/06/19
Europe's Jihad against Israel2017/01/20
The Bigotry against Israel in the UN2017/01/15
The Atrocious Scandal of the UNESCO Vote on Jerusalem2016/11/23
A Ramadan Piece: The "Other" Islam2016/07/05
Trump's Ban on Muslims: The Discussion the Media Won't Have2016/02/06
ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the West2015/06/14
Death by Lashing: Saudi Arabia2015/06/11
Pakistan: Between Civility and Fanaticism2015/01/31
Islam in the Rear-View Mirror2014/09/29
Hamas's Absurd War against Israel2014/07/24
Arab and Muslim Antisemitism: A Muslim Perspective2014/06/19
Pakistan and the Arab-Muslim Culture of Denial2014/01/28
Canada's Prime Minister: A Display of Rare Courage2014/01/24
Genocide and Justice in Bangladesh2014/01/09
Democracy and Egypt: A "Brotherhood of Cains"2013/08/12
Islam and Islamism2013/07/23

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