William Katz
Editor, Urgent Agenda

William Katz has, during an extensive career, been an intern for a U.S. senator; an officer in the Central Intelligence Agency; an assistant to Herman Kahn, the nuclear-war theorist; an editor at The New York Times Magazine; a comedy writer for Bob Newhart; an interviewer for The Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson; and the author of ten novels published in many languages. A number of his books have been sold to Hollywood, about which nothing more need be said.

What do politics, the CIA, journalism, comedy writing, fiction, and Hollywood have to do with each other? Think about it.

In addition to running Urgent Agenda, William Katz actively blogs at Power Line. He's a graduate of the University of Chicago and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

He is married, with two daughters, neither of whom agree with him.

Writings by William Katz  (View Biography)

Title Date
The Stakes on November 2nd2010/10/05
Broken Premises2010/05/25
Will America Make It?2009/12/08
The Ultimate Weapon2009/10/08
Pushing the Reset Button2009/09/08
The Uncertain Trumpet2009/08/04
Is the Free Press Failing Us?2009/07/07
The Invitation Society2009/06/02
Losing Quietly2009/04/28
Tell It Like It Isn't2009/04/07
Iran: Strategic Rebuffs2009/03/24
The Money Myth2009/03/10
The Popularity Trap2009/02/25
Myths About The Bomb2009/02/12
The Negotiations Trap2009/02/03
Questions for Obama2009/01/20
In Defense of Freedom2009/01/13
Israel's P.R. War2009/01/06
New Year’s Thoughts for the News Media2008/12/23
Governments For Sale2008/12/16
Thoughts On World War II2008/12/09
On "The Politics Of Fear"2008/12/02
The World? The Whole World? Really?2008/11/25
One-Way Multiculturalism?2008/11/18
Media Mischief2008/11/11
What Free Speech?2008/11/05
Obama: Bigger Dreams, Bigger Problems2008/10/27

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