Muslim indifference

Reader comment on: Who is in More Trouble: Wilders or The Netherlands?

Submitted by Edward Cline, Apr 24, 2014 10:47

Timon Dias remarked: "Dutch Moroccan criminals are known to be highly indifferent to sentences in Dutch prisons, which are known for their comfort. In a majority, Dutch prisons are populated by Dutch Moroccans." It isn't just the Moroccans who are indifferent. I haven't read a single story about Muslims anywhere in Europe who have murdered non-Muslims, raped non-Muslims, robbed non-Muslims, beat or tortured non-Muslims and have expressed not remorse, but either indifference or laughing contempt for their victims. Just the other day there was a story of four Muslims in France who abducted a 16 year old French girl, stripped her, gang raped her, beat her, stole all her belongings, and left her for dead in a park. So, it isn't just Moroccans. It's Turks, Somalians, "Arabs," Pakistanis, and other ethnic Muslims. And there's another point to emphasize here: While critics of Islam are invariably called "racist" -- even though Islam is not a race, but an ideology subscribed to by different races around the globe -- it's Muslim criminals settled in the West who are racist, because the majority of their victims, whatever the crime committed against them, are white. Perhaps we should adopt a new term, "Caucasiaphobia," and counter-charge Muslims with it.

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