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Submitted by John, Apr 29, 2014 04:08

The Qu'ran, translated from Arabic to English, clearly states that Jews and Christians are to be either made submissive to Islam as 'lessor' citizens of any Muslim dominated country, pay a tax to Islam for the aforementioned status, convert, or eventually be killed for being an infidel. Radical fundamental Islam allied itself with Hitler in WWII as a way to have a hand in eliminating Judaism (Jews) that might eventually resettle to a Jewish state in Israel. They have taken that banner from the ashes of Nazism and added to it a wide religion that combines religious traditions and religious law that not only run contradictory to our laws, but our faith and politics as well. Islam clearly states that it will not leave the other religions alone to compete for adherents or believers, but will force under threat of death, all other religions and political systems to slowly be overcome by massive shifts in Muslim demographics (i.e., voters) supporting Sharia law.

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