what really bothers the Jew haters...

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Submitted by judithg, Apr 23, 2015 10:54

The Jew haters are going insane with frustration that the Jewish state of Israel continues not just to exist but to prosper. It is this Israel that contributes so enormously to the common good of the planet, whether it is through agricultural sciences that prevent starvation having saved a billion lives (billion with a B) or sciences that enable innovation like a breath analyzer that detects cancers, or medical advancements in every aspect of the field, or the technology the whole world utilizes every day.

This is the cause of Jew haters' anxiety and depression, and of course, their murderous intentions. On the bright side, these rages and hatreds could lead to their own demise. They all, for example, could have a stroke. This is something that would be at least a footnote of their most positive contributions, for which they would be well remembered.

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