Writings by Topic: Israel

Title Author Date
The ICC's War CrimesCaroline Glick2024/05/28
Defending Freedom: A Tribute to the Warriors of IsraelNils A. Haug2024/05/10
Israel's Newest Security Threat – Is the US Next?Robert Williams2024/05/08
The 'Palestinian State': Hamas Plays Westerners for Fools - AgainBassam Tawil2024/05/02
Iran-Israel: The Real WinnerAmir Taheri2024/04/21
Israel Under Attack – U.S. Administration Abandoning Its Ally?Majid Rafizadeh2024/04/20
Christians Prefer Living in Israel, Not the Palestinian AuthorityBassam Tawil2024/04/16
The Destruction of Iran's Terrorist Hub in Damascus Was Entirely JustifiedCon Coughlin2024/04/14
Israel: Standing Alone Against Multifaceted Threats, Thanks to the Biden AdministrationMajid Rafizadeh2024/04/13
How Biden is Sabotaging His Peace Deal Between Israel and Saudi ArabiaBassam Tawil2024/04/10
Tehran Flooding Judea and Samaria with Weapons, Iranian Officials Tell NYTJNS2024/04/10
The Biden Administration's War against the Government of IsraelCaroline Glick2024/04/09
Iran and Israel: Is the Denial Game Over?Amir Taheri2024/04/07
The Obama and Biden Administrations' Betrayal of America's Closest Ally in the Middle East: IsraelMajid Rafizadeh2024/04/06
The Israeli-Palestinian 'Two State Solution'Michel Calvo2024/04/04
Biden's Pier Is a Gift to Hamas TerroristsCon Coughlin2024/03/24
Schumer Warns Israel to Spare Hamas or Face SanctionsDaniel Greenfield2024/03/21
Israel Betrayed?Guy Millière2024/03/20
Hamas's Industrial Murder: Why Is Senator Chuck Schumer Not Demanding a Change of Leadership in Hamas and Iran?Lawrence Kadish2024/03/19
The Gaza War: The Real ProblemBassam Tawil2024/03/19
Biden Administration Seeking to Overthrow Israeli Government to Save HamasDaniel Greenfield2024/03/19
Biden Should be Threatening Qatar and the Terrorists, Not IsraelBassam Tawil2024/03/15
Palestinian Authority Forms United Front With Hamas To Fight IsraelDaniel Greenfield2024/03/13
'Ramadan - Month of Jihad' : Ramadan Will Not Stop Hamas From Killing JewsBassam Tawil2024/03/08
Escalation Towards an Independent Terrorist StateNils A. Haug2024/03/03
There Can Be No Ceasefire in Gaza with Hamas in PowerCon Coughlin2024/02/27
And the Winner Is — Hamas!Alan M. Dershowitz2024/02/18
A Hundred Days after Gaza's October 7 (Part 4 of 4)Gwythian Prins2024/02/16
Judicial Reform Controversy Emboldened Israel's EnemiesKhaled Abu Toameh2024/02/14
The Red Cross Still Hates the JewsRobert Williams2024/02/11
Israel's War on Hamas is the Least Deadly War in the RegionDaniel Greenfield2024/02/04
A Hundred Days after Gaza's October 7 (Part 3 of 4)Gwythian Prins2024/01/30
Civilian Deaths in Gaza: Relatively LowAlan M. Dershowitz2024/01/28
"Like...wtf": Israel's Arab Citizens Feel LuckyBassam Tawil2024/01/25
A Hundred Days after Gaza's October 7 (Part 1 of 4)Gwythian Prins2024/01/24
Biden Threatens Netanyahu's Drive to Destroy HamasCon Coughlin2024/01/22
The International Court Of "Injustice" Begins Its Blood Libel Trial Against IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2024/01/12
Why Christian Leaders Ignore Attacks on Their CommunityBassam Tawil2024/01/02
Who Supports Hamas?Alan M. Dershowitz2023/12/28
Biden Must Not "Go Wobbly" on IsraelCon Coughlin2023/12/26
Does Biden Want Israel to Lose the War?Robert Williams2023/12/22
The Biden Admin is Pushing for an Israel-Hezbollah DealDaniel Greenfield2023/12/21
UN and Hamas: Partners in CrimeRobert Williams2023/12/04
Why Belgium, Norway, Spain and Everyone Should Refrain from Recognizing a 'Palestinian State' Just NowDrieu Godefridi2023/12/03
Behind the Human Rights Watch Curtain: Hate and CorruptionGerald M. Steinberg2023/12/01
Hamas Also Slaughters MuslimsKhaled Abu Toameh2023/11/30
Palestinians: 'Extreme' Support for Terrorist Group Hamas, Israel's DestructionBassam Tawil2023/11/20
When Neutrality is Immoral: Israel, Hamas, and the Problem of Moral EquivalenceAndré Villeneuve2023/11/19
Israel, Iran and the Biden Administration: If America Does Not Win, Its Enemies DoGuy Millière2023/11/12
Anatomy of a Paris DemoAmir Taheri2023/11/12
Today's Nazis Are HamasAlan M. Dershowitz2023/11/07
A 'Humanitarian Pause' - To Save the Terrorist Group Hamas?!Bassam Tawil2023/11/06
'The Elephant in the Room': The Real Source of Jew-Hatred in the Middle EastLawrence A. Franklin2023/11/05
The 'Two-State' Solution to Murder JewsBassam Tawil2023/11/02
France and the European Union Are No Friends of IsraelAlain Destexhe2023/11/01
Hamas and the Ruse That May Be Its LastAmir Taheri2023/10/29
Blood Libel against Jews: Back with a VengeanceAlan M. Dershowitz2023/10/25
The European Union Rewards TerrorismRobert Williams2023/10/24
The Myth That Israel/Netanyahu Created/Funded HamasDaniel Greenfield2023/10/23
Palestine: A Cause or a State?Amir Taheri2023/10/22
As Biden Turns against Israel, Netanyahu Must Stand StrongCaroline Glick2023/10/19
The Hamas 'Inside Job' Truthers Don't Understand Israel or WarDaniel Greenfield2023/10/18
Iran's Direct Help to Hamas's October 7 War on IsraelCon Coughlin2023/10/17
The Choices of War: Hamas Using Kidnapped Israelis as Human Shields, What Should Israel Do?Alan M. Dershowitz2023/10/16
How Iran, the 'Head of the Snake,' Directly Helped Hamas's Assault on IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2023/10/16
Hamas's Deception - and Our Self-DeceptionCaroline Glick2023/10/15
Hamas and Israel: What Next?Amir Taheri2023/10/15
Jihad on Israel: Where Does Turkey Stand?Burak Bekdil2023/10/10
Palestinians' War on Israel and US Senators' Delusional 'Two-State Solution'Bassam Tawil2023/10/09
Palestinians Steal Water From Palestinians, Then Blame IsraelBassam Tawil2023/10/02
How the Biden Administration Is Trying to Bribe the PalestiniansBassam Tawil2023/09/13
Jericho is NOT a Palestinian Heritage SiteRobert Williams2023/09/12
UNESCO Vote Highlights Continued UN Bias Against IsraelPete Hoekstra2023/09/11
Human Rights Watch's Jihad Against IsraelBassam Tawil2023/08/31
After Destroying Lebanon, Iran-controlled Hezbollah Threatens War with IsraelBassam Tawil2023/08/21
Iran's Plan To Turn The West Bank Into A Terror BaseBassam Tawil2023/08/17
Biden Administration Abandoning Israel for Ruling Mullahs of Iran?Majid Rafizadeh2023/08/12
Iran's Plan To Drive Jews Out of 'Palestine'Bassam Tawil2023/07/10
Palestinians: We Prefer Terrorism to Peace with IsraelBassam Tawil2023/06/22
Manipulating Israeli Public OpinionNaomi Linder Kahn2023/06/08
The Real Threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque is From Muslims, Not JewsBassam Tawil2023/05/22
Who Wants to Destroy Israel? You Might Be Surprised.Guy Millière2023/05/15
Israel under Fire and The West's Pusillanimous ResponseRichard Kemp2023/05/14
Jordanian MP Lauded as "Hero" for Smuggling Weapons into IsraelBassam Tawil2023/05/04
How Some Americans Support Terrorism Against IsraelBassam Tawil2023/04/20
What Is Really Happening at Jerusalem's Holy Sites?Bassam Tawil2023/04/13
Intelligence Leaks and the Consequences of Israel's Resistance CoupJonathan S. Tobin2023/04/13
Why Palestinians Cannot Resume Peace Talks with IsraelBassam Tawil2023/04/11
Biden's Coup In IsraelDaniel Greenfield2023/04/04
Why Did the Biden Administration Oppose Israeli Judicial Reform?Jonathan S. Tobin2023/03/29
The EU's Lethal Obsession with IsraelBassam Tawil2023/03/09
How Biden Subverts Israeli DemocracyCaroline Glick2023/03/07
Israel Under Attack: Biden's Coup to Get Iran the BombGuy Millière2023/03/05
Biden Administration Funds Anti-Netanyahu Protest GroupDaniel Greenfield2023/02/22
Europe's Proxy War against IsraelBassam Tawil2023/02/13
How 'The Collective Voice of the Muslim World' Weaponizes the UN against IsraelBassam Tawil2023/02/06
Why Israelis Voted for Right-Wing PartiesBassam Tawil2023/01/17
The European Union's War on IsraelBassam Tawil2023/01/09
Netanyahu: The Unexpected ModerateAmir Taheri2023/01/08
Why Palestinians Want to Slaughter Jewish WorshippersBassam Tawil2023/01/05
The United Nations for Empowering TerroristsBassam Tawil2023/01/03
Democracy in IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2022/12/22
The Extremists the Biden Administration Does Not SeeBassam Tawil2022/12/14
The Apartheid Libel to Destroy IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2022/12/12
Democracy at Work: Supporting Israel Regardless of its GovernmentAlan M. Dershowitz2022/12/09
Turkey and Israel: 'On' Again, Only to Be 'Off' AgainBurak Bekdil2022/12/08
US Funds Arabs Who Want to Destroy IsraelBassam Tawil2022/12/05
A Big Difference between Israel and the PalestiniansAlan M. Dershowitz2022/11/13
Palestinians Vote For Terrorists, Then Claim Israelis Are 'Extremists'Bassam Tawil2022/11/07
Israel's 'Peace Partner' Is Slaughtering IsraelisKhaled Abu Toameh2022/09/26
Turkey and Israel: Dating with HateBurak Bekdil2022/09/21
Iran's Proxy War Against Israel Caused by Biden's WeaknessKhaled Abu Toameh2022/08/15
Why Biden's 'Gestures' to the Palestinians Will Not Bring Peace or StabilityBassam Tawil2022/07/12
The 'Two-State Solution' to Destroy IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2022/07/04
EU Signs Deal with Egypt and Israel to Boost Gas Exports to EuropeSoeren Kern2022/06/30
Iran's Plan to Foil Israeli-Arab Normalization and to Keep Expanding the RevolutionKhaled Abu Toameh2022/06/28
President Biden's Nobel Peace Prize?Pete Hoekstra2022/06/23
UN Will Justify a Mirror Image of Putin's WarRichard Kemp2022/06/08
Biden Is No Friend of IsraelCon Coughlin2022/06/03
Israel Needs a Statesman – NowGuy Millière2022/05/04
How Palestinians Desecrate Everyone's Holy Sites, Including Their OwnBassam Tawil2022/04/19
Why Palestinians Celebrate the Murder of JewsKhaled Abu Toameh2022/04/12
Will Biden Fund ISIS in Israel to Aid the Palestinians?Daniel Greenfield2022/03/31
Biden's Political Myopia Endangering Europe: Allow the EastMed PipelineBurak Bekdil2022/02/28
Biden Administration Kills Israel-to-Europe Gas PipelineSoeren Kern2022/02/15
Amnesty International Wants to End the Jewish StateRichard Kemp2022/02/02
Arab Racism and the 'Jewish State'Khaled Abu Toameh2022/01/13
Exposing the Lie of Israel ApartheidRichard Kemp2022/01/07
The Palestinian Authority Campaign Against Palestinian NGOsKhaled Abu Toameh2021/11/04
Jerusalem Consulate: A Nail in the Coffin of PeaceRichard Kemp2021/10/27
Why Palestinians Cannot Make Peace with IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2021/10/20
Why Palestinians Prefer To Work In IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2021/10/13
The Real Palestinian 'Heroes': TerroristsBassam Tawil2021/09/30
Mainstream Democrats Introduce Bill Endangering IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2021/09/26
The Squalid "Squad" Is Trying to Destroy Bipartisan Support for IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2021/09/23
Israel: Still the 'Strong Horse'Lawrence A. Franklin2021/09/04
The Failed State of Lebanon to Combat 'Normalization' with IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2021/08/30
BBC: Leading the World Against IsraelRichard Kemp2021/08/15
Fighting the Blight of DurbanRichard Kemp2021/07/29
Can a Bangladeshi Visit Israel Now?Mohshin Habib2021/07/27
Marxist, Extremist Support for Palestinian Terrorism Leads to Jew-Hate Throughout WestGuy Millière2021/07/11
Why Palestinian Leaders Are Really Inciting Violence Against IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2021/07/07
Recent Petitions Singling Out Israel for Condemnation Are Anti-SemiticAlan M. Dershowitz2021/07/02
Something is Sinking, and It's Not Just the Dead SeaNaomi Linder Kahn2021/06/29
Israel's New Government Is Among the Most Diverse in the History of DemocraciesAlan M. Dershowitz2021/06/17
Biden's Palestinian Mission is Doomed to FailCon Coughlin2021/05/26
Is the Biden Administration an Enemy of Israel and the Free World?Guy Millière2021/05/21
Arabs: Hamas Does Not Care About Palestinian SufferingKhaled Abu Toameh2021/05/20
Europe: Anti-Israel Protests Descend into Anti-SemitismSoeren Kern2021/05/20
Turkish Anti-Semites Celebrate Rockets against IsraelUzay Bulut2021/05/20
The "We-Must-Hate-Israel" Season Re-Opens in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2021/05/19
Responsibility for the Latest Upsurge in Arab-Israeli Violence Goes to US President Joe BidenCon Coughlin2021/05/17
Trumpets and Tank Engines: A Turning Point in Gaza?Richard Kemp2021/05/16
How To Assure Repetition of Hamas Rocket AttacksAlan M. Dershowitz2021/05/14
Iran's Proxy War Against IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2021/05/12
Palestinians: Our True Goal is to Destroy IsraelBassam Tawil2021/05/11
For Some Arabs, Preventing Peace with Israel Is More Important Than Combating CoronavirusKhaled Abu Toameh2021/05/10
A Palestinian State: What Would Ben Gurion Have Said?Amir Taheri2021/05/02
Why Abbas Does Not Want ElectionsBassam Tawil2021/04/30
Middle East: The Ghosts of Sovereigns PastNaomi Linder Kahn2021/03/11
The International Criminal Court Violates Its StatuteLawrence A. Franklin2021/03/04
The Duped Generation that Supports BDSRichard Kemp2021/02/23
Israel Policy in the Biden AdministrationPeter Schweizer2021/02/21
The International Criminal Court Threatens Middle East PeaceRichard Kemp2021/02/11
Is Palestine a State?Alan M. Dershowitz2021/02/09
Palestinians: No to Normalization with the 'Zionist entity'Khaled Abu Toameh2021/02/03
Turkey-Israel Reconciliation?Uzay Bulut2021/01/14
Media: Israel Must Be Denigrated for Its World-Beating Vaccination ProgrammeRichard Kemp2021/01/12
Turkey and Israel: Premature Optimism for NormalizationBurak Bekdil2021/01/06
Peace Agreements between Israel and Morocco: The Wisdom of a KingPierre Rehov2021/01/04
Germany's "Shameful" Two Years on the UN Security CouncilSoeren Kern2021/01/01
Palestinians: An International "Peace" Conference to Displace IsraelBassam Tawil2020/12/29
Palestinian Incitement Against Israeli JournalistsBassam Tawil2020/12/09
Muslims: Al-Aqsa Mosque Does Not Belong to PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2020/11/06
Palestinians Call for Boycotting Israel, Then Ask Israel To Save Their LivesBassam Tawil2020/11/05
The Future of Arab Normalization with IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2020/10/28
Toward a Transformational Peace in the Middle EastGuy Millière2020/09/26
Arabs: Israel Is Not Our EnemyKhaled Abu Toameh2020/09/17
The New Middle EastSara Al Nuaimi2020/09/16
A Great Step Forward for World Peace - and Who Seems Determined to Ignore ItRichard Kemp2020/09/03
UAE: We Are Not Traitors; Palestinian Leaders Are CorruptKhaled Abu Toameh2020/09/01
Turkey's Hostility to Israel-UAE Peace AccordUzay Bulut2020/08/27
Israel's "Settlers" Are Beneficiaries of the Israel-UAE AccordMalcolm Lowe2020/08/26
Israel-UAE Deal is a Win-Win for PeaceAlan M. Dershowitz2020/08/16
The Palestinian War on HistoryBassam Tawil2020/08/11
The Indigenous Rights of the Jewish People and the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous PeopleAlan Baker and Michel Calvo2020/07/20
Beinart's Final Solution: End Israel as Nation-State of the Jewish PeopleAlan M. Dershowitz2020/07/16
The Future of Israel's Borders: International Law and Islamic Law. Part IIDenis MacEoin2020/07/01
The Future of Israel's Borders: International Law and Islamic Law. Part IDenis MacEoin2020/06/30
Travesty of Justice at the International Criminal Court?Michel Calvo2020/06/17
Why Western Media is Biased Against IsraelBassam Tawil2020/06/03
Iran: The Ayatollah, Amid Coronavirus, Calls for Jihad Against the Jewish StateMajid Rafizadeh2020/05/26
Palestinians: Eating with a Jew is a CrimeKhaled Abu Toameh2020/05/22
Israel: The Settlements Are Not IllegalMichel Calvo2020/05/19
Why Hamas Loves Human Rights WatchBassam Tawil2020/05/15
International Kangaroo Court to Investigate Israel for War CrimesLawrence A. Franklin2020/05/13
Palestinians, Israel and the CoronavirusRichard Kemp2020/05/06
When Judges Rule: A Comparison between the US and IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2020/05/05
Coronavirus: More Palestinian Libels Against IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2020/04/24
Hamas: A New Pretext to Attack IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2020/04/08
Israel Helps Palestinians Prevent Coronavirus; Arabs Betray ThemKhaled Abu Toameh2020/03/16
Palestinians Revive Blood Libels as Israel Saves Their LivesKhaled Abu Toameh2020/03/09
Israel's Election: What Do the Iranians and Palestinians Want?Bassam Tawil2020/02/27
Speaking Clearly about the 'Deal of the Century'Naomi Linder Kahn2020/02/26
The Fortunate Arabs in the Middle EastBassam Tawil2020/02/24
Anti-Jewish Hatred Is Alive and WellGuy Millière2020/02/22
Palestinians: Arab Leaders Talking to Israel Are 'Traitors, Jews'Khaled Abu Toameh2020/02/07
The Real Reason Arabs in Israel Do Not Want to Live in 'Palestine'Khaled Abu Toameh2020/02/04
Trump Middle East Plan: Last Chance for the Palestinians?Alain Destexhe2020/01/31
Palestinians: Abbas Chooses Hamas Over Peace with IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2020/01/30
Arabian Gulf Citizens and Changing ViewsNajat AlSaied2020/01/29
The 'Crime' of Arabs Singing to Arabs in IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2020/01/21
Turkey Muscles-In on the Israel-Greece-Cyprus EastMed Gas Pipeline DealSoeren Kern2020/01/13
Austrian Parliament to Declare BDS Movement as Anti-SemiticSoeren Kern2019/12/16
Europe No Longer Hides Its Hostility to IsraelAlain Destexhe2019/12/10
Sanctuary for Gays: Ignored or Jeered at by WestKhaled Abu Toameh2019/12/06
Trump and Netanyahu: Both Being Investigated for Made-Up CrimesAlan M. Dershowitz2019/11/27
Iran's Palestinian Proxies: United Against IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2019/11/19
European Court Applies Double Standard against Israeli ProductsSoeren Kern2019/11/18
Sweden: The Church that Spreads HateNima Gholam Ali Pour2019/10/20
Does Angela Merkel Deserve a Prize for Zionism?Soeren Kern2019/10/19
"Anti-Normalization" With Israel: The True GoalBassam Tawil2019/10/03
Palestinians Steal Electricity, Then Blame IsraelBassam Tawil2019/10/01
Denying Jerusalem's Jewish History Despite Archaeological EvidenceLawrence A. Franklin2019/09/26
A "Guide" to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by the United Church of ChristDenis MacEoin2019/09/15
Turkey Faces "Almost a Revolution in the Middle East"Burak Bekdil2019/09/10
Iran Ready to "Wipe the Zionist Regime off the Map"Majid Rafizadeh2019/09/09
To European Leaders, Jewish Flesh Is CheapGuy Millière2019/08/30
Israel Faces a Serious Escalation in its Proxy War with IranCon Coughlin2019/08/29
Latest Antics from the Israel-Bashing IndustryAndrew Ash2019/08/20
Is the Palestinian Authority Preparing for a New Intifada?Bassam Tawil2019/08/16
The Longest-Lasting Conspiracy TheoryDenis MacEoin2019/08/15
Germany's Pro-Iran, Anti-Israel Foreign PolicySoeren Kern2019/08/11
Palestinians: In Need of a Mirror?Bassam Tawil2019/08/09
Palestinians: What Is Wrong With Building a Hospital?Bassam Tawil2019/08/02
Reasons Why Peaceful Resolutions for the Arab-Israeli Conflict Always FailTawfik Hamid2019/08/01
Arrow - and Israel - in AlaskaShoshana Bryen2019/07/30
Why Was a Saudi Attacked by Palestinians?Khaled Abu Toameh2019/07/24
The Hamas March to Destroy IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2019/07/15
Dublin's Anti-Israel Boycott Bill: Bad for Ireland, Worse for the Palestinians, Terrible for EveryoneLawrence A. Franklin2019/07/02
Mae Cannon & CMEP: The New Face of the Palestinian Authority's Antisemitic "Christian" LobbyJoshua Joseph2019/06/20
How Palestinian Leaders Butcher the TruthBassam Tawil2019/06/10
Making Real Arab-Israeli Peace at the Bahrain ConferenceShoshana Bryen2019/06/05
The Palestinians Miss Yet Another OpportunityAlan M. Dershowitz2019/06/05
Netanyahu Should Talk to European NationalistsAlan M. Dershowitz2019/05/31
Why is The New York Times Trying to Abort the Trump Peace Plan?Alan M. Dershowitz2019/05/24
Hamas and Islamic Jihad are Terrorist Organizations and Should be Treated as SuchGuy Millière2019/05/21
War Crime!: Placing a Note in the Western WallAlan M. Dershowitz2019/05/14
'Pinkwashing' and Israel: How to Work against Your Own Best InterestsDenis MacEoin2019/05/11
The European Union: Nurturing Instability and Terrorism in the Middle EastNaomi Linder Kahn2019/04/24
German Government: Anti-Israel, Pro-IranStefan Frank2019/04/17
What Is Behind the Opposition to Peace with Israel?Bassam Tawil2019/04/06
Jews Must Never Be Afraid to Use Their Well-Earned PowerAlan M. Dershowitz2019/03/27
Israel-Bashing Season Re-Opens in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2019/03/27
Ireland's Anti-Israel Drift: How Did It Come to This?Lawrence A. Franklin2019/03/17
Iran Inches Closer to its Goal: "Wipe Israel off the Map"Majid Rafizadeh2019/03/16
Israel vs. its Enemies in EuropeRuthie Blum2019/03/14
The United Church of Christ Wrongfully Attacks IsraelDenis MacEoin2019/03/02
Ireland's Raw BigotryPeter Baum2019/02/26
The Palestinian Jihad Against PeaceBassam Tawil2019/01/28
Time to Tell the Truth about the Palestinian IssueAlan M. Dershowitz2019/01/24
The New Palestinian 'Catastrophe': A Shopping Mall Hiring PalestiniansBassam Tawil2019/01/11
Palestinians: Shooting a Pregnant Woman and LyingBassam Tawil2018/12/17
Massive Missile Attack on Israel after Qatar Funds HamasBassam Tawil2018/11/13
Palestinian Threats to Arab Normalization with IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2018/11/07
New Palestinian "Concern" for International ConventionsBassam Tawil2018/10/30
UNESCO: Why the United States Needs to Watch OutShoshana Bryen2018/10/18
Israel's 'Nationality' Law and Palestinian LiesBassam Tawil2018/10/01
The Palestinians' Three No's: What They MeanBassam Tawil2018/09/26
The Grim Cost of the "Oslo War"Guy Millière2018/09/14
Jerusalem: Why Palestinian Leaders Say Don't VoteBassam Tawil2018/08/31
On Israel's Nation-State LawDenis MacEoin2018/08/22
In Islam, Jerusalem is not MeccaA. Z. Mohamed2018/08/16
UN Enabling Hamas's War MachineBassam Tawil2018/08/13
The Turkish-Palestinian Hate FestUzay Bulut2018/08/13
New Heights of Turkish HypocrisyUzay Bulut2018/08/09
The Secret Reason Arabs Reject the Jewish Nation-State LawBassam Tawil2018/07/31
Dignity for the PalestiniansDenis MacEoin2018/07/27
The Great British Foreign Office FantasyDouglas Murray2018/07/24
Ireland's Anti-Israel Bill and the Muslim BrotherhoodLawrence A. Franklin2018/07/23
How the World Really Views IsraelShoshana Bryen2018/07/18
Bishop Graham Tomlin and the Demonization of IsraelDenis MacEoin2018/06/24
Spain: Ground Zero for Europe's Anti-Israel MovementSoeren Kern2018/06/23
Gaza Media Coverage: Snipers and LiesRuthie Blum2018/06/18
Palestinians: No Place for GaysKhaled Abu Toameh2018/06/12
EU and Palestinian Illegal "Facts on the Ground"Bassam Tawil2018/05/31
Turkey and Israel: From Loveless to FracasBurak Bekdil2018/05/29
Why Does the Media Keep Encouraging Hamas Violence?Alan M. Dershowitz2018/05/17
VIDEO -- Behind the Smokescreen: Hamas Unrest in Gaza2018/05/14
Smoke & Mirrors: Six Weeks of Violence on the Gaza BorderRichard Kemp2018/05/14
Expected Upsurge in Gaza ViolenceRichard Kemp2018/05/13
Trump's Three Conditions for Fixing the Iran Deal Are Now ImperativeMalcolm Lowe2018/05/04
Palestinians: New Twist on an Old LieBassam Tawil2018/04/23
Palestinians: Abbas Targets Hamas, Then Condemns Israel for Targeting HamasBassam Tawil2018/04/06
Palestinians: A March to Destroy IsraelBassam Tawil2018/04/02
What Is a "Refugee"? The Jews from Morocco versus the Palestinians from IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2018/03/10
Is Greece about to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital?Maria Polizoidou2018/03/09
Do Western "Goodists" Really Care about Helping Syrians, Palestinians?Giulio Meotti2018/03/05
Trump the Deal-maker and the Middle EastAmir Taheri2018/03/04
Palestinians: The "Ugly Crime" of a School CurriculumBassam Tawil2018/03/01
Time for Jordan's King Abdullah to Stop Tolerating Genocide from Temple MountDexter Van Zile2018/01/25
The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Why No Peace?Richard Kemp2018/01/17
Arab Regimes Terrified by Israel's FreedomsGiulio Meotti2018/01/16
Debating BDS with Cornel WestAlan M. Dershowitz2017/12/29
Egypt's Paper-Peace with IsraelA. Z. Mohamed2017/12/21
The Conflict over Jerusalem Is ALL Obama's FaultAlan M. Dershowitz2017/12/19
Is It Really about Jerusalem?Bassam Tawil2017/12/19
The US Embassy Move to Jerusalem vs. The "Peace Process"Denis MacEoin2017/12/19
Turkey Mania: "Jerusalem is Muslim"Burak Bekdil2017/12/19
Jerusalem: An Opportunity for Islamic Reformation?Nonie Darwish2017/12/18
Trump's Jerusalem Declaration Long OverdueJohn R. Bolton2017/12/12
Newsflash: Jerusalem Not on Fire!Bassam Tawil2017/12/10
The Real Palestinian Response to Trump's Jerusalem SpeechBassam Tawil2017/12/07
Why Trump Is Right in Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's CapitalAlan M. Dershowitz2017/12/07
Europe's Collusion in Palestinian Illegal Land GrabRuthie Blum2017/11/15
The Iran-Hamas Plan to Destroy IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2017/10/23
The Big New Palestinian LieBassam Tawil2017/10/19
The Big Middle East LieBassam Tawil2017/10/02
Iran: See a Pattern?Shoshana Bryen2017/09/12
UN Chief Guterres, the Media and Palestinian Fake NewsBassam Tawil2017/09/01
Christians Who Libel Israel: The Iona CommunityDenis MacEoin2017/08/27
Palestinians: The Honeymoon with the US is OverBassam Tawil2017/08/15
The Palestinians' "Creativity for Hate"Khaled Abu Toameh2017/08/08
An Open Letter to Omar al-AbedDenis MacEoin2017/08/07
The Foreign Press Association's Unlimited BiasBassam Tawil2017/08/04
"The Battle over Jerusalem Has Just Begun"Bassam Tawil2017/08/01
What Is the World Council of Churches?Malcolm Lowe2017/07/30
Palestinians: The Metal Detector ScamKhadija Khan2017/07/29
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