Why even try?

Reader comment on: False Moral Equivalence as a Tool to Demonize Israel

Submitted by Carl, Apr 18, 2016 09:49

First of all, Jimmy Carter is on the Saudi payroll. He should have to register as their agent. As for the rest of them, you will never defeat anti-semitism in the world. Tutu has always been a Jew hater and will never change. Israel should stop worrying about world opinion and do what is necessary to win this war once and for all. The Palestinians are using Israels' humanity against them. Stop warning before the bombings. No more cease fires until they are defeated. An underground nuclear test would solve the tunnel problem once and for all as the tunnels are all linked. If it didn't kill the infiltrators, we would know who they were from the radiation burns. This has gone on long enough with no end in sight and the tide is turning against Israel due to the ultra liberal press and uninformed people such as the Jew hating Jew Bernie Sanders. Russia could care less about world opinion and they are being successful in Syria. The USA worries about it and have been totally unsuccessful in every endeavor since WWII.

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