A True Patriot Who Cares For His Country, Unlike So Many Others.

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Submitted by Jeff Page, Oct 24, 2016 07:02

Geert Wilders is a true patriot and a man who cares passionately for his country. When he became a politician he also became a guardian of the Dutch people. It seems as though the people in power are determined to Islamise Holland at all costs. To do that, they need to get opposition to their dreadful scheme discredited in any way they are able. They seem to conjure up new angles that distort the actual meanings and intent.

This is happening in virtually every country that has a large Muslim population. Most of the politicians, police, and the judiciary can't wait to fall to their knees before Islam. They deny their own Christian faith, and their own people and fully embrace an intolerant cult that is determined to rule the world and turn all into moronic Muslim braindead lunatics.

The Dutch people need to get behind Geert Wilders and make it clear to the judiciary and authorities that they will not stand for any more attacks on patriots who love and care for their country. No good will ever come of being ruled by a bunch of heathens, who have no tolerance for any other faith but Islam. A death cult that will see every woman covered, gays slaughtered on the streets, Christian churches pulled down or burnt to the ground to make way for more Mosques. No more roast pork, no more bacon sandwiches. The sound of som idiot howling and whining, calling people to prayer, having to pray 5 times a day. Then to have to abide by ramadan,or suffer the consequences. All breweries and pubs and night clubs closed. No more music, unless it is Arabic, and then only the men are allowed to dance!

Just what are these idiotic western politicians trying to achieve? Maybe they have a secret plan to stay in control when Europe becomes Islamic? It wouldn't surprise me for a second! They are hell bent on quieting all opposition to Muslims and the cult of Islam. Maybe they are beneficiaries of privileges courtesy of Saudi money. Nudge, nudge! Keep control and get rid of opposition to Islam and you'll be set for life! Nothing would surprise me with these treacherous politicians and the lilly livered lefties who will betray their own Mothers for a few coins!

Sickening behaviour, and the people need to rise up and oppose these treacherous people and throw them out of power!

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