Claiming the Right Not to Tolerate the Intolerant

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Submitted by Linda Goudsmit, Oct 25, 2016 06:40

If Dutch society accepts the court's argument, "The court's response was that although politicians are entitled to freedom of expression, they should 'avoid public statements that feed intolerance' and that the trial would determine where the border lies between politicians' freedom of expression and their obligation, as the court sees it, to avoid public statements that feed intolerance."

then Dutch society must demand that the Court absolve Geert Wilders of any wrongdoing in pointing out that the entire Koran is supremacist and anyone reciting it is making public statements that feed intolerance. The Court is using a dangerous double standard by allowing the intolerant speech of millions of Muslims and at the same time prosecuting the voice of one man who is pointing out the double standard.

Unlimited tolerance leads to the disappearance of tolerance. So, if the court insists upon unlimited tolerance of intolerant Islamic teachings then Dutch society will cease to exist as it surrenders and is consumed by Islam and its intolerant sharia law.

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