The ethnic cleansing of Jews from newly-formed Jordan

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Submitted by Scott Rose, Oct 29, 2016 09:44

In the context of the above article, we mustn't forget that the original British Mandate for Palestine included today's Jordan -- about 75% of the land area of the Mandate.

Mandatory bank notes were written in three languages; English, Arabic and Hebrew. The Hebrew said, in part, "The Land of Israel."

When Jordan became a country, in 1921, it was given not to self-identified "Palestinian Arabs" but to the Hashemite tribe of Saudi Arabia.

At that time, 1921, *all* Jews were expelled from Jordan, and it became illegal for *any* Jew to enter Jordan. (Jimmy Carter has never referred to Jordan's treatment of the Jews at that time as "apartheid", or even acknowledged that that happened).

The 1947 Partition Plan from the U.N. foresaw, in the remaining 25% of the Mandate, an Arab state, a Jewish state and Jerusalem/Bethlehem as an international protectorate with no one religion dominating another. Middle Eastern Jews accepted that proposal -- Muslim Arabs rejected it, and their only counter-offer was a war of annihilation with the announced intent of "driving the Jews into the sea."

They failed at that, but Jordan annexed Samaria and the Judean Hills along with the Eastern Sector of Jerusalem, expelled Jews from the historic Jewish Quarter of the city and then systematically destroyed evidence of the Jewish presence there. Some of the same Jews driven out of Jordan in 1921 got driven out of Jerusalem, Samaria and the Judean Hills in 1947 - 48.

If anybody can point us to any evidence that Obama has ever acknowledged all of that history, please let us know. As stands, Obama objects to any Jew living in the area of the former Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, which was demolished in the 21st century by Muslim Arabs. Obama also has not publicly criticized Iran for using its newfound liquidity from the Iran deal to resume funding of Islamic Jihad in Gaza and the West Bank.

The UNESCO votes described in the above article are more of the "same old, same old," yet Obama -- always so quick to harshly criticize Israel -- is silent.

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