How Muslim Imperialism and Globalism Intersect

Reader comment on: Muslim Imperialism Reaches the United Nations

Submitted by Linda Goudsmit, Oct 30, 2016 09:02

This is the natural and logical consequences of political correctness and its dangerous narrative of moral relativism that insists that Islam is like every other religion. Islam is no ordinary religion - it is an expansionist socio-political supremacist ideology with a religious wing governed by supremacist sharia law.

The great divide in the Western world is between those who live in objective reality and realize that the Islamization of Europe is no accident - and those who live in subjective reality and believe that the Islamization of Europe is the paradigm of multiculturalism.

The UN and every one of its international bodies is run by left-wing liberal globalist leaders who collude to deliberately foment and promote the social chaos that is necessary to achieve one-world government and the transfer of wealth that they seek. The Islamists and the globalists are both using each other to achieve the same goal of absolute and total control of the world.

The left-wing liberal lemmings who blindly follow their leaders are the "unaware and compliant" public that Hillary Clinton needs to get elected because if her constituents ever understood the consequence of Hillary's elitist global ambitions they would run to the polls to vote for Donald Trump no matter how many times he used coarse language.

Political correctness, censorship, moral relativism, and historical revisionism are all weapons of war used by BOTH Islamists and globalists to intimidate populations into submission. Muslim imperialism seeking world domination intersects with globalist one-world government ambitions in the servile corrupt international bodies of the UN.

Americans should be asking themselves if they really want to surrender home rule to corrupt globalist politicians like Hillary and the corrupt UN. The British woke up and voted for their own sovereignty when they passed BREXIT - Americans should do the same and vote for Donald Trump if they value self-rule and the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. The decision in November is fundamentally a choice between the Americanism of Donald Trump and the globalism of Hillary Clinton - it is not about swear words.

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