Christians versus and persecuted by Islam ,Marginal Christians and secular socialists; what else is new?

Reader comment on: Canada: Parliament Condemns Free Speech

Submitted by jeb, Nov 10, 2016 06:23

Christianity was already being censored in Canada before this measure.
Nature abhors a vacuum. Is the issue of sharia a secular political code dressed as religion a better partner for socialists than Christianity who moan when the atheist state doctrine state USSR collapsed?
There are a number of issues that Islam can not address, and wants carte blanche to eradicate so as not to deal with the holes of the Prophets teachings. Supposedly for "peace".
One is the problem of infinite regression, which reads like a meaningless philosophical opinion but is the basis of genocide in the ME today. And in the past, specifically the Ottoman Turks persecution of Armenians and Assyrian Christians
Stating that Islam is Christianity and Judaism is the objective of "moderate" Muslims. But speaking as a Christian who believes Jesus died on the cross was buried and rose again and ascended into heaven, which is the genuine teaching of the Gospels, the Prophet took his reading of Christianity from Gnostical teachings and as such is not representing Christians and the only way for Muslims to pretend their interpretation based on the Prophets writings are correct.
Marginal Christians assist this false presumption. In Canada, an Episcopal woman priest is suing so she may preach atheism from the pulpit and remain in the denomination. Here in the US I read where an Episcopal priest, coincidentally another woman preaches her sermon and then attends a Mosque and claims to be both Muslim and Christian.
This for me are heretical teachings when pretending to be the voice of Christianity. As an American I am opposed because the end game these Christian haters have set is an eradication of people who voice dissent.
Religion was defined by the eU as tolerant of criticism and ridicule. Because Islam and marginal Christians have a problem with the teachings of the early church and the Gospels on which it is based they simply want to burn all of tat to include believers, and they are doing under sharia blasphemy laws in the ME today to an extent that is genocidal.
Catholic Priests I met who were reared in Islamic nations have told me the Jesus of the New Testament is the same as the Koran, a blatant falsehood.
The bottom line is the Marxist Socialist post Nazi Muslim Brotherhood is not the authority to speak for any religion that they are the advocate of Sharia law is all I need to know. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and its teachings are more secular than religious. It should be no surprise their message resonates with secular Socialists and marginal Christians the latter being no better than pimps for the anti-Christ. Anti-christ that comes not in the form of a Hollywood character but as a true hater of Christian belief and the church.

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