America With Trump Must Stop The Rot.

Reader comment on: Canada: Parliament Condemns Free Speech

Submitted by Alfred Jingle, Nov 10, 2016 17:12

This is part of a plan that began in the 1970s during the oil embargo on the West by OPEC. It is a long and convoluted plot but in essence it is the merging of Islam and Europe into "Eurabia",or whatever other title is decided upon when the time is right.This has now expanded into a full blown capture of the West. Gradually ,at times not so gradually,the West has been subverted by the left/Islamic alliance in order to facilitate the full and unhindered propagation of Islam;unlimited Muslim migration being the main plank of the plan. Other parts of the general plan are also being put into place,many already have been. Mosque building,rewriting of western and Islamic history to create a false narrative that puts Islam at the very root of Western cultural and scientific development.Rewriting of school text books to flatter and extol Islam.The introduction ,often secretly, of Islamic dietary laws,the acceptance of shrouded women in most Western states. Islamic schools and propaganda in public places. Attacks on free speech through violence ,real or implied.Shariah courts which often act contrary to the rights of Islamic women in a Western country.The directing of public anger at Islamic terrorism away from Islam and instead excused by blatant lies or ,of course, blaming Israel.The propaganda war against Israel in the west is part of the plan in order to delegitimize Israel and the jews and insert a false Islamic history and narrative. The European and American left see Israel as a stumbling block to the utopian(dystopian)dream of a globalized Islamic/Western order. This fits with the concept of borderless federations of once nation states.
Islam being what it is, it was realized very quickly that its intolerant ,supremacist nature would alarm the Western public and lead to repercussions. Bearing in mind that the E.U ,U.N and OIC ,had already accepted that Western culture must and indeed should change drastically away from the concept of Nationalities and sovereign states,it was a short step to decide to ban free speech in anyway that might endanger the project.Because Islam is so unacceptable to most people of a Western background,and in many ways is a criminal enterprise when viewed through Western law and culture,the obvious step was to prohibit criticism of Islam in any way."Islamophobia" was invented precisely for this reason ,to shut down debate ,criticism or ridicule of Islam. Probably all European countries now follow this course to greater or lesser degrees. Now Canada is going down this route America alone remains able to push it back. This is why the election of Trump is ,or should be,a triumph for the Western world. America now must stop this rot from spreading. Read Bat Ye'or,"Europe,Globalisation And The Coming Of The Universal Caliphate" for a full and scholarly study into this subject.

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