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Reader comment on: Canada: Parliament Condemns Free Speech

Submitted by David Doncaster, Nov 16, 2016 14:34

My first experience with Islam was as a body guard for Turkish Embassy staff in the mid 1980's in Ottawa. They were being hunted by the Armenians all over the world and successfully assasinated and shot in Canada. I read to learn more and learned about the Armenian genocide in 1915 which was almost entirely successful. Later I had students in my class of recruits that were from the EAU. I puzzled over the fact they were already Seargents when they arrived for basic training in Canada, having never served a day in their country's police forece. They passed almost none of the standards and made little effort, although by the end of training one of them seemed to understand that more effort produced better results. I then learned that they had wealthy families and that is why they were given positions at the Seargent rank, had no previous training and came with the attitude that no effort was required. They already had the job regarless of their success in the program, which they did not pass.

Next I spent 6 months living in Jordan and working as an instructor to new students for the Iraqi natonal police force. Much the same, minimal effort and a fatalist view of their lot in lives as movement upward in status or rank was already written by Allah. Truly a collective mindset in that if one of them was a good shot, they all were by extenion. A tribal and collective way of thinking.

The main thing is the complete blue print for all things are in the Koran. Social, political, economic and global domination for lack of a better word. They do not think like us and they believe Islam will be the the one world religion and all will submit to the will of Allah. When you watch the news reports and see Mulsims pointing in the sky, it does not mean "we're number one". It means that everyone needs to submit to the will of Allah. Everything is as Allah wills it and nothing happens without it having been written as part of his plan. This means all murder, rape, theft, lying, taxes, destruction, deception etc. is permitted in the pursuit of the will of Allah.

Never before has a group seeking world domination presented us with an exact plan on what ultimate goal is and how it will be achieved for Islam via he Koran and Hadith.

Moderates are not the answer to softening the effect of Islam on the west. They are the support system for the greater goal, much like the serfs and pages were for the knights of old. There is a stated place for those who support the jihad for those who provide money, aid, or support of any kind and there is a stated sliding scale of their status within Islam for them based on that support.

Make no mistake, pretending it is not happening and that we will all be able to get along is a complete fallacy. Read the religous texts and most imporantly remember, they do not view the Koran as most westerners view the Bible. Not as an ancient text written long ago and needing modern interpretation. The Koran is the perfect book. The word of the one true God needing no improvement and that Mohommad is the last and most correct prophet of God. There is to be no softening of the message for modern day civilization. There are three choices for the non-believers: convert and submit, submit and pay the tax or death.

Don't take my word for it. Read the Koran and the Hadith and listen to their messages from the Imams.

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