One Law For Them, Another For The Rest Of Us!!

Reader comment on: Europe: Let's End Free Speech!

Submitted by Jeff Page, Nov 17, 2016 06:47

So the cards are on the table! It's fine and it's acceptable to those in authority for Muslims to go on the rampage, raping, assaulting, robbing people, burning cars, breaking windows, damaging property, but for a citizen to speak out against it is "xenophobic or Islamophobic". At least that seems to be the agenda being pushed out. This is all because the EU politicians and countries leaders have failed dismally to take control of the dangers they have unleashed on their own people. They will never admit to being wrong, and that to me is the greatest threat to our liberty that we are facing today!
Why on earth are the police allowing themselves to be the instrument of the crazy policies? Why are they prepared to arrest and confront their own?
I think the explanation is simple. The politicians know that the likelihood of a mass demonstration of their own people culminating in violence is remote, whereas in the case of the Muslim invaders, they are more than willing to face down the authorities in great numbers and will use all necessary violence when doing so! That's the difference and the authorities know this very well. Unfortunately, they are far too terrified to confront the Muslims so choose to make examples of those who speak out against them instead. This of course will eventually lead to more and more division and it will end up in more hatred being expressed. Then their is the rise of the opposition parties of which I support totally, they must do everything possible to get the politicians and local authorities out of power in order that a stronger approach is made against this invasive sub species. For too long now, the EU hierarchy have lauded over the rest of us, and in doing so are creating a living hell, or what will soon become one, for their own citizens. They have to be prevented from favouring Muslims over European citizens. If they don't, then they may well lose more than just their position in life! The law applies to all, there should be no favouritism towards the raping and rioting Muslims, while the rest of us are subject to persecution just because we oppose it! I never imagined that there could ever be so many crazy mixed up people as there is in the EU political classes.

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