Censorship has always been a province of the left not simply right wing fascists .

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Submitted by jeb, Nov 17, 2016 07:33

How does it happen that Islam is able to censor the freedoms of people living in the west?
This is a case where the left has risen to control democratic institutions and they are predisposed towards censorship anyways. Not because they believe they have the best answers, they believe they have the only answers, nothing else makes sense to them. Students beware if you have such a professor they will give you bad grades, single out a grammatical error and claim your expressed thoughts are unintelligible. It is a lie, they simply can not understand why or that people disagree with them, that can't be right. They do not even try to understand.
Example, I have a friend who supported Bernie and supported the violence against Trump, although I do not suppose he knows he did or refuses to believe it. He claimed he could understand why BLM, Occupier mind sets and the other union organizations who become violent at Trump rallies would be violent. Even unto murder. But the fact is he is from a small white upstate town and seldom has nay contact with minorities. He can only imagine he understands. But like most liberals and the ACLU "understanding " and "feeling" translates into approval of bad acts.
The emphasis from putting the onus on individuals to behave well to changing society so that people will not feel like behaving badly. And as opposed to the time of the French Revolution people are not being sent to the Bastille for stealing bread they have "existential" justifications.
the leftist have provided the bigots of Islam who respond to criticism and ridicule of Islam, with cause to feel justified to respond with violence.
It proves two things.
1. Liberals are idiots. Their concepts are based on machinations of failed socialist ideals.
2. Islam is not a religion. It is politics, a theocracy but it is not a religion and is not protected by laws that govern other religious beliefs that are much are accepting of other people and ideals. But in the socialism of the western liberal they have found easily duped like minded people they believe are determined by history to unite the world in sameness, sic.

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