Israel Alone.

Reader comment on: Obama's Betrayal of Israel

Submitted by Ron Hoffman, Jan 13, 2017 12:20

I would like to think that Dr Milliere's predictions are the thoughts of a deranged distopic mind. Unfortunately I cannot. I am afraid that at the moment, the West still led by a President who has failed miserably as a world leader supporting friends, democrscy and staying the course of resistance to Islamic Jihad has now turned completely against the only democratic and peace loving nation in the Middle East, Israel and is prepared to bend its knee to Islam's world view.
The rationale will be that it is Israel and Israel alone that is the cause of strife in that region and that it must be punished severely by limiting its territory dramatically. If Obama thought it possible he would move his partners in crime to reverse the UN decision in '48 creating Israel in the first place.
It is now crystal clear that Obama was never Israel's friend as should have been obvious with his trips to Cairo and Saudi Arabia evinced, and as his position on the "red herring" settlements. When in his farewell speech he mentions how America is a nation of immigrants and lists the ethnicities Jews going unmentioned one must wonder if he is a closet antisemite as well as an Islam lover. Now it is also clear why he refused to call Isis Islamic.
Obama has done and likely will continue to do more harm to the cause of peace in the Middle East as a lame duck president, a misnomer if ever there was one, than any good he may have achieved on the world stage in his 8 years in office.( other than Bin Laden was there any good?) He may have been born in The USA but that did not stop him from betraying American values and its allies when he had the the opportunity. I think Pipes was right. Israel alone can make peace but to do so it must utterly vanquish its enemies Hamas, Hezbollah and any others determined to wipe it off the map.

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