Obama and Betrayal

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Submitted by Juanita Skelton, Jan 13, 2017 13:30

Some settlements where there needed to be settlements in the disputed areas, someone with a name that seems Muslim(Obama), an America looking for progressive leadership(the election of 2008), the Arab Spring, and the rise of an organized caliphate Islamic army:this was eight years of a recipe for disaster! Now we have it!
Resolution 2334 is the "icing on the baked-cake" that Obama ordered, along with Hollande(France), Hamas, Abbas, Fatah, Russia, and Germany. They will infact "eat" of it and possibly a lot of innocent people will be forced to "eat" of it and succumb to it. If you "eat" too much, you can kill yourself. Of course, I am speaking metaphorically.
I was born October 23, 1948. The nation of Israel was birthed on that day! I count myself as a part of a historical process that defies the imagination. For my own sixty-eight years, I too have known unrivalled HATRED from those whom I needed. For sixty-eight years, I have had to stand alone while others seemed to need to gang up on me, just one person. I too was different. I was a siblings rival for parental favor that went on and on into adulthood. I lived alone with my children as wards of the generosity of America's taxpayers because to "go home" meant dangerous physical attacks and my babies were put in mortal danger by people I called "family". What is my point? I was struggling right along with the nation that was birthed on October 23, 1948...how similar are our trajectories and our treatment.
So, Israel, you are my fellow traveler in the constellation of fate. I share your pain, I share your fears,and I share your stance, which is alone.
I marvel, beautiful Israel, at how you have turned a desert into a plentiful place. I marvel, beautiful Israel, how you have reached OVER the treachery of those who wish to destroy you and taken Arab lives into your hospitals only to have them strap hidden bombs to their bodies to hurt you EVEN THOUGH YOU HEALED them! Yes, you are the place on earth where "turning the other cheek" is acted out...from tsuris to tzedekah! I couldn't be prouder to stand in my heart on YOUR side.
I can only give you a Gentiles imperfect sisterhood with all that entails. I won't even deign to know how you want to be as a nation: I don't know your lovely hopes for the future. I just know that I WILL FIGHT injustice to my best ability with my prayers for your safety, your sovereignty, your right to the borders G-d, Himself, gave you THROUGH battle, and your right to BE no matter who cares NOT about your right to BE!
LADY ISRAEL, may you continue to shine ever so brightly! Lady Israel, we, who honor your struggle, will NEVER LET you be "erased from the earth"! LADY ISRAEL, may you be strong and have courage as Moshe commanded you thousands of years ago!

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