The Destruction Of French Civilisation.

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Submitted by Jeff Page, Feb 4, 2017 07:34

All of these stupid individuals who are bending over and taking it up the bum are doing what many did in WW2 when they caved in and let the Germans just saunter into their country. This is a little worse because they are actively supporting the very people that will bring about the demise of France as a civilised society!
The people of France need to grow a pair and oppose these appeasers using force if necessary. For if they ignore the warning signs, then their cosy little existence will come crashing down around them and they will see a new set of rules being enforced by Muslims!
Too many European politicians are falling for the biggest con in humanities history. The weapons used are entirely different to what they are used to. This time, the laws of the country which gives all the right to worship their own religion are being used covertly by followers of a religion who have permission to lie and deceive to achieve their goal. Foolish people are walking half asleep into a well, laid, trap, and their, gullibility is being used as a weapon to destroy from within and by using laws that were intended to protect their own citizens. On top of that is their irrational fear of being labelled with the well rehearsed and now what has become the standard accusations of being Islamophobic, Racists, Xenophobic, the usual nonsense thrown at others simply because they can present no other valid argument! Sickening is the fact that many of the people caving into pressure from the Muslims are supposed "intellectuals" They are closely followed by politicians who instead of recognising a problem and then addressing it feel content to allow rape, intimidation, theft, multiple wives, multiple children, halal food, and god only knows what more to be inflicted on their own citizens in order that they can lay claim to being a humanitarian. And despite all that has happened to women and children at the hands of many of these Muslims, the politicians still turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the gravity of the situation. The Muslims rely on a climate of fear in order to gain more demands, and in most cases, our politicians have simply just caved in and given up. They now cross their fingers every moment of the day and hope that things do not change before their time in power is at an end!

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