Writings by Topic: France

Title Author Date
Condorcet Gets a KeffiyehAmir Taheri2024/05/12
Daily Jihad in FranceGuy Millière2023/12/15
Jihad on Churches in FranceRaymond Ibrahim2023/11/22
France: A Tale of Two DemosAmir Taheri2023/11/19
Anatomy of a Paris DemoAmir Taheri2023/11/12
France and the European Union Are No Friends of IsraelAlain Destexhe2023/11/01
Democracy and the Crisis of AuthorityAmir Taheri2023/09/03
France on the Verge of Chaos?Guy Millière2023/07/11
French Malaise Strikes AgainAmir Taheri2023/07/09
Riots Again in FranceAlain Destexhe2023/07/07
France: Submission to Islamism Quickly Gaining GroundGuy Millière2023/06/18
France: A 'Field of Ruins'Guy Millière2023/04/05
The French Model: Another CrisisAmir Taheri2023/04/02
France Sliding toward Barbarity and ChaosGuy Millière2022/11/08
Macron's Pessimistic MomentAmir Taheri2022/09/04
France: Dangerous for JewsGuy Millière2022/06/19
France: A Leap into the Unknown?Amir Taheri2022/04/24
French Presidential Election: Macron v. Le Pen... AgainYves Mamou2022/04/11
Migrants Desecrate More Than 2,000 Churches Just in GreeceRaymond Ibrahim2022/02/27
France and its SpecterAmir Taheri2022/02/20
Will France Wake Up and Defend Her Freedom – or Not?Giulio Meotti2022/02/06
Éric Zemmour: France's Last Chance for Survival?Guy Millière2022/01/23
France: Is Éric Zemmour an Anti-Semite?Yves Mamou2021/11/26
France: Nationalism Makes a ComebackAmir Taheri2021/11/14
France: Can this Journalist Become President and Save France?Guy Millière2021/10/31
Greek-U.S.-French Pact Is a Deterrent to Turkish AggressionBurak Bekdil2021/10/29
France: Can Éric Zemmour Be the Next President?Yves Mamou2021/10/25
France to Vote on the Great Replacement of Western CivilizationGiulio Meotti2021/10/17
French Judiciary Frees Extremist Antisemitic MurdererGuy Millière2021/05/30
France: Generals Warn of Civil War Due to Creeping IslamismSoeren Kern2021/05/04
France: Macron Gave Up Fighting RadicalismGuy Millière2021/04/11
"Kill Them; Kill Them All": The War against Police in FranceYves Mamou2021/03/18
The Religious Transformation of French SchoolsGiulio Meotti2021/01/23
France Is Still Under AttackGuy Millière2020/12/06
Are the American Media Legitimizing Terror Attacks in France?Giulio Meotti2020/11/22
Europe's Lax Security Aids Islamist TerroristsCon Coughlin2020/11/16
Report Warns of Islamic Radicalization in FranceJohn Richardson2020/11/04
The Real Enemy of IslamKhaled Abu Toameh2020/11/03
Western Lives Matter: Teacher Beheaded in ParisGiulio Meotti2020/10/20
Who Is Responsible for the 'Crisis' in Islam?Khaled Abu Toameh2020/10/19
France: Death to Free SpeechGuy Millière2020/10/18
Turkey: Erdogan Fueling Hostility Against the WestUzay Bulut2020/10/13
France: More Terrorism, More SilenceGiulio Meotti2020/09/27
"We Will Never Give Up": Charlie Hebdo Republishes Mohammed CartoonsGiulio Meotti2020/09/02
The French Wish List for LebanonAmir Taheri2020/08/30
The Reverse-Colonization of FranceGuy Millière2020/08/09
France's Cathedrals on Fire: 'The Final Stage of De-Christianization'?Giulio Meotti2020/07/25
For a Politically Corrected ParisAmir Taheri2020/07/05
France: Post-Pandemic Disaster?Guy Millière2020/06/08
France's Determination to End Free SpeechJohn Richardson2020/05/26
France's No-Go Zones: The Riots ReturnGuy Millière2020/05/10
Coronavirus: A French DisasterGuy Millière2020/04/13
Europe's New Academic FascismGiulio Meotti2020/02/23
France: Macron Vows Crackdown on Political IslamSoeren Kern2020/02/21
France Quietly Reintroducing the Crime of BlasphemyGiulio Meotti2020/02/09
France: Smoke Grass, Kill a Jew, Skip the Trial, Go FreeGuy Millière2020/01/22
Is the Sahel Region Becoming a New "Islamic State"?Alain Destexhe2020/01/17
France, The "Budding Islamic Republic"Giulio Meotti2020/01/10
A New French Leader: Joachim Son-ForgetGrégoire Canlorbe2019/12/26
France: "We Want to Regain Control of Our Migration Policy"Soeren Kern2019/11/29
France: An "Inverted Colonization"Guy Millière2019/11/15
France: The Headscarf Debate is Not about HeadscarvesAlain Destexhe2019/10/25
Terror Attacks in France: A Culture of DenialAlain Destexhe2019/10/15
France: More Death to Free SpeechGuy Millière2019/10/13
France's Homegrown TerrorismGiulio Meotti2019/10/11
France: President Macron Must Stop Appeasing Iran's MullahsMajid Rafizadeh2019/10/03
France Welcomes the Saudis, Condemns Critics of IslamGiulio Meotti2019/09/24
France: Macron Sides with Iran's MullahsGuy Millière2019/09/19
Killing Free Speech in France, Germany and on the InternetJohn Richardson2019/08/08
France Slowly Sinking into ChaosGuy Millière2019/08/03
France: The Real Emmanuel MacronGuy Millière2019/07/03
The Suicide of FranceGiulio Meotti2019/06/23
Turkey: Many Celebrate the Burning of the Cathedral of Notre DameUzay Bulut2019/05/18
The Burning of Notre Dame and the Destruction of Christian EuropeGuy Millière2019/04/22
European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched "Every Day"Raymond Ibrahim2019/04/14
Qatari School Books: What is Being TaughtJohn Richardson2019/03/26
A Project to Transform FranceGuy Millière2019/03/05
French Muslims and the Secular StateDenis MacEoin2019/02/23
Syria: French Count Returns as Russian ApparatchikAmir Taheri2019/02/10
Unrest in France: No End in SightGuy Millière2019/02/02
France and Germany: "We Are Committed to the Emergence of a European Army"Soeren Kern2019/01/25
France: I Am Angry, Therefore I AmAmir Taheri2019/01/20
Strasbourg: Capital of the EU and "The Future of Europe"Giulio Meotti2019/01/17
France in Free FallGuy Millière2019/01/06
Yellow Vest Riots Spread: Week FiveBruce Bawer2018/12/18
The Canary in the French MineAmir Taheri2018/12/16
France: A Revolt against Europe's Elites?Bruce Bawer2018/12/12
France's President Macron Effortlessly Destroys the Brexit DealMalcolm Lowe2018/12/03
France's Meltdown, Macron's DisdainGuy Millière2018/12/01
The Fracturing of FranceGiulio Meotti2018/11/24
Is Criticizing Terrorism "Mental Illness"?Guy Millière2018/10/04
Macron's Partition of France?Yves Mamou2018/08/25
France: The Rise and Fall of Emmanuel MacronGuy Millière2018/08/16
Qatar: France's Generous Financer of MosquesGiulio Meotti2018/08/15
A Month of Multiculturalism in France: June 2018Soeren Kern2018/07/26
France: A Second Jihad in the Bataclan?Guy Millière2018/07/15
France: Freeing ExtremistsYves Mamou2018/07/11
Is Tariq Ramadan a Victim of French Justice?Anne-Elisabeth Moutet2018/07/06
France: Macron Buries Plan to Rehabilitate 'No-Go Zones'Soeren Kern2018/05/24
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: April 2018Soeren Kern2018/05/19
Turkey Slams Proposed French Changes to QuranUzay Bulut2018/05/15
Is France Really an Ally of the United States?Guy Millière2018/05/13
Iran, Macromel and the Purloined LetterAmir Taheri2018/05/06
Turkey's Erdogan Threatens FranceUzay Bulut2018/04/19
Tariq Ramadan's Rape Trial: Blame the VictimGiulio Meotti2018/04/16
France: Soon with No Jews?Guy Millière2018/04/07
France: Free Speech on Trial - AgainRobbie Travers2018/03/21
France: Toward Total Submission to Islam, Destruction of Free SpeechGuy Millière2018/03/19
Iran: The French Soufflé Fails to RiseAmir Taheri2018/03/11
Macron and Islam: "Appeasement and Dialogue"Yves Mamou2018/02/20
Islamic Anti-Semitism in France: Toward Ethnic CleansingGuy Millière2018/02/16
Macron Vows to Reform Islam in FranceSoeren Kern2018/02/13
France: Migrant Crisis Spirals Out of ControlSoeren Kern2018/02/06
Prison in France: Terrorism and IslamismYves Mamou2018/01/23
France's War against Firefighters and PoliceYves Mamou2018/01/09
France's Macron Submits to the Arab WorldGiulio Meotti2017/12/25
"Court Jihad": How the French Justice System Assists IslamistsYves Mamou2017/12/22
France: Islamism in the Heart of the StateYves Mamou2017/12/05
France Submits to Terrorism, Muslim Anti-SemitismGuy Millière2017/11/28
France: Escalating Muslim Anti-SemitismYves Mamou2017/11/16
France: Muslims In, Jews OutGiulio Meotti2017/11/15
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: October 2017Soeren Kern2017/11/10
France: A Decomposing CivilizationGiulio Meotti2017/11/09
France: New Anti-Terrorism Law Takes EffectSoeren Kern2017/10/31
France: The New CollaboratorsGiulio Meotti2017/10/20
France: Facebook Islamists Hunt in PacksYves Mamou2017/10/13
Europe: The Great White Death?Drieu Godefridi2017/09/24
Has France Been Bought by a State Sponsor of Islamic Terrorism?Drieu Godefridi2017/08/31
Europe: The Censored Film They Do Not Want You to SeeStefan Frank2017/08/01
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: June 2017Soeren Kern2017/07/23
France: "Jihad by Court"Yves Mamou2017/07/10
France: Islamic Antisemitism, French SilenceGuy Millière2017/06/11
France: Macron, President of the Elites and IslamistsGuy Millière2017/05/26
France: No-Go Zones Now in Heart of Big CitiesYves Mamou2017/05/23
France: The Ideology of Islamic VictimizationYves Mamou2017/05/18
France: Emmanuel Macron, Useful Idiot of IslamismYves Mamou2017/05/07
France: What is the Presidential Campaign Really About?Yves Mamou2017/05/03
French Elections: Emmanuel Macron, a DisasterGuy Millière2017/05/01
Islam in the Heart of England and FranceDenis MacEoin2017/04/23
France: A Guide to the Presidential ElectionsSoeren Kern2017/04/22
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France and Belgium: March 2017Soeren Kern2017/04/18
Which Way Will France Go?Giulio Meotti2017/04/13
France's War to Delegitimize IsraelYves Mamou2017/04/12
French Elections: Populist Revolution or Status Quo?Soeren Kern2017/03/21
France: The Taboo of Muslim Racism and Anti-Semitism - Part IIYves Mamou2017/03/20
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: February 2017Soeren Kern2017/03/18
France: The Taboo of Muslim Racism and Anti-Semitism - Part IYves Mamou2017/03/09
France's Death SpiralGuy Millière2017/03/05
France's Fatal Attraction to IslamGiulio Meotti2017/03/04
France: Deradicalization of Jihadists a "Total Fiasco"Soeren Kern2017/02/26
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: January 2017Soeren Kern2017/02/23
France's Muslim Demographic FutureYves Mamou2017/02/20
France's New Islamist GuillotineDenis MacEoin2017/02/07
France: Le Pen Launches Presidential CampaignSoeren Kern2017/02/06
The French InquisitionYves Mamou2017/02/04
The Islamization of France in 2016Soeren Kern2017/01/17
French Ambassadors Declare War on IsraelYves Mamou2017/01/12
Secularism: Everyone Wants to Get Rid of ItYves Mamou2016/12/30
The EU vs. the Nation State?George Igler2016/12/28
France: Decomposing in Front of Our EyesYves Mamou2016/12/07
France: Islamists Target Transportation CompaniesYves Mamou2016/12/01
Islamists Won: Charlie Hebdo DisappearsGiulio Meotti2016/11/30
France's Politician DhimmisYves Mamou2016/11/29
France on the Verge of Total CollapseGuy Millière2016/11/24
France: Muezzins, not Church BellsGiulio Meotti2016/10/30
Interview with Majid OukachaGrégoire Canlorbe2016/10/08
France: The Ticking Time Bomb of IslamizationYves Mamou2016/10/03
France: 'The Jungle' Migrant CampSoeren Kern2016/09/30
France's New Sharia PoliceYves Mamou2016/09/29
France: What Is Hidden Behind the "Burkini Ban"Guy Millière2016/09/24
France: The Great Wall of CalaisSoeren Kern2016/09/23
France: Human Rights vs. The PeopleYves Mamou2016/09/22
Interview with Waleed Al-HusseiniGrégoire Canlorbe2016/09/20
France: On Its Way to Being a Jew-Free Nation?Robbie Travers2016/09/08
Europe Debates the BurkiniSoeren Kern2016/09/04
The Secession of French MuslimsYves Mamou2016/09/01
France: The Religious War Few Wish to FaceGeorge Igler2016/08/24
France Working to De-Radicalize Its MosquesJohanna Markind2016/08/10
Jihadis: Who Are Their Targets?Douglas Murray2016/07/27
Not Just "An Absurd Murder," Pope FrancisLawrence A. Franklin2016/07/27
France: After the Third Jihadist AttackGuy Millière2016/07/23
France: The Coming Civil WarYves Mamou2016/07/16
Stabbing Policemen, "Slut-Shaming" and New Death ThreatsYves Mamou2016/07/12
Brexit: The Nation is Back!Yves Mamou2016/06/25
What Does It Mean to Be French?Yves Mamou2016/06/17
Paris Becomes Massive Camp for Illegal MigrantsSoeren Kern2016/06/06
The French Appetite for AppeasementGeorge Igler2016/06/04
French Political Gymnastics and How to Help the PalestiniansShoshana Bryen2016/05/23
The French Peace Initiative: From de Gaulle to HaaretzFred Maroun2016/05/17
How Many Molenbeeks in France?Yves Mamou2016/05/03
France: Jihad Infecting Army, PoliceYves Mamou2016/03/16
France: Criticize Islam and Live under Police ProtectionGiulio Meotti2016/02/28
France's Relentless Hostility to the Jewish StateGuy Millière2016/02/18
The Islamization of France in 2015Soeren Kern2016/01/19
France's Thousand Year War Against the JewsSusan Warner2015/12/07
The New French "Résistance"Guy Millière2015/12/02
The Real Lesson of the Paris AttacksDouglas Murray2015/11/30
The City of Light Goes DarkDenis MacEoin2015/11/20
Arab Spring, French AutumnBurak Bekdil2015/11/17
France's Politically Correct War on Islamic TerrorSoeren Kern2015/11/16
What France and Europe Might LearnBassam Tawil2015/11/15
How Can Anyone Be Shocked?John Richardson2015/11/14
France, Iran and the "Peace Process"Shoshana Bryen2015/06/10
French Parliament Approves Sweeping Surveillance LawSoeren Kern2015/05/06
France, the West and the Islamist ChallengeAmir Taheri2015/04/07
France Declares War on Radical IslamSoeren Kern2015/03/25
What France Really Thinks of U.S. Iran PolicyAnne-Elisabeth Moutet2015/03/17
"Unity"? About What Exactly?Jeremy Havardi2015/01/22
European 'No-Go' Zones: Fact or Fiction? Part 1: FranceSoeren Kern2015/01/20
Jihad in France: It's Just BeginningGuy Millière2015/01/19
Europe Unable and Unwilling to Confront Islamic ExtremismPeter Martino2015/01/19
Open Letter to the French PresidentA Palestinian Journalist in Ramallah2015/01/14
Paris Terror Attacks: Hamas, Fatah Fooling EuropeBassam Tawil2015/01/12
Paris: Grand Mosque Open, Grand Synagogue ClosedLawrence A. Franklin2015/01/11
Censorship, "Mental Illness" Overrun FranceGuy Millière2015/01/01
The Islamization of France in 2014Soeren Kern2014/12/23
Will Germany Abolish Itself and France Commit Suicide?Peter Martino2014/12/03
Paris's KristallnachtGuy Millière2014/07/26
French Jihadist Arrested For Brussels Jewish Museum AttackSoeren Kern2014/06/02
France Submits to IslamGuy Millière2014/05/12
France Launches Anti-Jihadist PlanSoeren Kern2014/05/02
European Elections a Turning Point for Europe?Peter Martino2014/03/31
France in Free FallGuy Millière2014/02/25
Marine Le Pen's Worldview: Oppose America, Embrace IranPeter Martino2014/02/06
Europe's New Crowd-Pleasing Jew-HateGuy Millière2014/01/13
The Islamization of France in 2013Soeren Kern2014/01/06
France: The Looming Battle over Muslim IntegrationSoeren Kern2013/12/31
France: Muslim Woman Sues Over Burqa BanSoeren Kern2013/12/06
The French Critique FrancePeter Martino2013/11/25
France: Anti-Semitism Now MainstreamGuy Millière2013/10/30
France: A "Secularism Charter" in Every SchoolSoeren Kern2013/08/30
France: Muslims Attack Police for Enforcing Burqa BanSoeren Kern2013/07/25
France: Slouching Toward TotalitarianismGuy Millière2013/07/18
France's Blood Libel against IsraelGuy Millière2013/06/05
Europe: The Submission That Dare Not Speak Its NameGuy Millière2013/03/28
France, the Sick Man of EuropePeter Martino2013/02/11
Anti-Semitism in EuropeGuy Millière2013/01/31
The Islamization of France in 2012Soeren Kern2013/01/02
Islam Overtaking Catholicism as Dominant Religion in FranceSoeren Kern2012/11/02
Honing Anti-Semitism in France and SwedenShoshana Bryen2012/10/19
The Qatari Takeover of FrancePeter Martino2012/10/10
France Condemns the Holocaust and Antisemitic Atrocities of the PastMichael Curtis2012/09/21
France Seeks to Reclaim 'No-Go' ZonesSoeren Kern2012/08/24
The French Railroad and the HolocaustMichael Curtis2012/08/03
France's "Enemies of the People"Guy Millière2012/08/02
Mega-Mosques: "Building a French Islam"Soeren Kern2012/07/20
Anti-Semitism Sweeping FrancePeter Martino2012/07/18
France Penalizes Boycott of Israeli ProductsPeter Martino2012/07/12
Jew Hunting Season Open in FranceGuy Millière2012/06/19
Muslim Voters Change EuropeSoeren Kern2012/05/17
Elections in France, a Country in Sharp DeclineGuy Millière2012/05/02
Terrorism In FranceJulien Balkany2012/04/03
Jihad in France Just BeginningGuy Millière2012/04/02
Turkey Maintains France Sanctions Despite New Ruling on Genocide BillAK Group2012/03/07
France Goes HalalSoeren Kern2012/02/28
France Prepares for a Major Political RealignmentPeter Martino2012/02/28
Qatar Financing Wahhabi Islam in France, Italy, Ireland and SpainSoeren Kern2012/02/09
Turkey Rejoices as 'Genocide' Bill Put on Hold in FranceAK Group2012/02/02
Turkish Ties with France Face Crucial Test on 'Genocide' BillAK Group2012/01/24
Euro Taking E.U. Down With ItPeter Martino2012/01/17
France's Tottery Effort to Reverse Creeping IslamizationSoeren Kern2012/01/02
France: "This Mosque Is a Direct Obstacle to the Integration of [Muslims]"Soeren Kern2011/10/31
Turkey, France to Jointly Fight TerrorismAK Group2011/10/10
Turkey, France Set To Sign Anti-Terrorism AgreementAK Group2011/09/29
France Bans Muslim Street PrayersSoeren Kern2011/09/20
Islam Overtaking Catholicism in FranceSoeren Kern2011/08/18
France: "Islamically Correct"Guy Millière2011/05/02
France: Burqa Ban Goes Into EffectSoeren Kern2011/04/14
Muslims in France Ask to Use Empty ChurchesSoeren Kern2011/03/31
Why France Was So Keen to Attack LibyaSoeren Kern2011/03/23
Debate Heats Up Over Muslims In FranceSoeren Kern2011/03/17
France's Warning To AmericaRachel Marsden2010/11/30
Riots, Looting and Chaos in FranceGuy Millière2010/11/01
France: Sarkozy, Court Jews, and Disturbing Attitudes Toward IsraelPhilippe Karsenty2010/06/02
France and the BurqaM. A. Khan2009/12/28
France Surrenders to AhmadinejadAmil Imani2009/08/21
France: Thickening Anti-SemitismAnna Mahjar-Barducci2009/07/29
News Blackout: Violence In FranceTiberge2009/07/21
France: Rise in ViolenceThomas Landen2009/05/21
France: When Things Get HotNidra Poller2009/03/26
Obama Is Already The Elected President.... In France!Philippe Karsenty2008/10/28

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