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Submitted by Juanita Skelton, Feb 4, 2017 08:51

Anti-racism, what a wonderful concept when taken on face value. Who wouldn't want to exclaim that they were NOT racists!
To not take sides in any conflict is a very safe place to reside. Intellectually, in order to achieve that safety, you must limit your ability to ANALYZE! There is a time and place for objectivity, nonetheless!
In this very vast global universe, each and every person is going to have to CHOOSE. It isn't fun, or pretty, while you are in the "sandbox of life"(social society), to exclude anyone from your circle. Everyone's "circle" has different parameters. I, for one, like people who are intelligent, educated, thoughtful, gentle, respectful of proper manners and etiquette, as well as down to earth and able to laugh at themselves. In my sixty-eight years, I haven't found too many of those for my "sandbox circle".
What is my parochialistic point? If you no longer are allowed to critically analyze people, in general, then you just may have inadvertently entered a "no fly zone", meaning you are not as free as you thought....a horrible revelation!
Would I want to HAVE to include a group into my "sandbox circle" who kill their brothers or sisters out of some misunderstood sense of family honor? No! Would I want someone who believed that he had the responsibility to "kill or enslave a "kuffar"? No! Would I want someone who advocates polygamy in my sandbox circle? No! Would I want to be in the same room with some man who had a thirteen year old child bride? No! Would I want someone in just my sandbox who believes it is great if he or she ties a bomb to their bodies and enters a crowded market place and manages to kill, maim, or destroy everything? No!
It is not racism to decide to CHOOSE whom you will serve within your sandbox! This intellectual debate has reached the ridiculous! Islamophobia within any geographical area is based on proven misdeeds by an enormous, amorphous, group of religious adherents and the key identifyer is the lable THEY CHOOSE to call themselves:MUSLIM/ISLAMIST!
Now, I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the truth something other than what it is and has been since the fall of the Shah of Iran....but I can't! I certainly would not choose to insult the many families who have lost loved ones to this particular group.
Racism is action much more than words. I marched in Selma, AL. Does that make me a racist? Yes, to some degree I was acting against the Caucasians, my people, who were dehumanizing another race! So yes, I chose to be decidedly against certain behaviors and ideas. When the John Birch Society sent me, and my high school peers, pamphlets with diagrams depicting the negroid anatomy as similar to Gorillas, I thought for myself and acted!
Islamophobia is here to stay and is quite legitimate in view of ALL the different ways public safety has been compromised. We believe in the CITIZENS right to stand up, demonstrate, and advocate. I challenge Americans to focus on the word "CITIZEN": define it, then measure whether a huge mass of foreigners of Islamist practices conform to your definition of "citizen". A citizen is NOT an immigrant, a refugee, or a terrorist organization that wreaks havoc even if they have somehow gained citizenship!
"Let my people go"! Let my people decide for themselves, and judiciously decide who they want in their "sandbox"! It is NOT against the law of democratic freedom!

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