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Submitted by Paul, Feb 4, 2017 11:04

There is a missing component to the entire "Radical Islam" situation. A friend of mine tweaked me to it inadvertently the other day. He is generally outspoken about criticizing radicals of any bent or persuasion but never anything remotely related to Islam. I asked him why. He said: "Are you crazy, I don't want to get my throat slashed or my kids or myself killed"...."you don't f#@k with these guys..they are crazy". Well, he got me thinking, and this article has prompted me even further in that direction. George Bensoussan is on trial for political reasons only, as this article states. And he (Bensoussan) is correct in his assertions. He has simply publicly stated a well known "cultural" fact.

I firmly believe that this "fear of reprisal" is playing a huge (undeclared) role in the mindset and political responses to those who speak out. The politicos believe that this "monster in the closet" must never be acknowledged, because to do so would bring him to life. And this would cause untold damaging responses and reactions from many.

Can you imagine if any other group of people literally publicly burned alive their hostages, what the hue and cry would be?...the vilification would heard around the world.

In closing (and this is VITAL to know) I would like to say that when I have been challenged about my views I refuse to discuss the matter. That is until they agree to read the Koran, and not even all of it...just a few excerpts. Then go to the Palestinian web site (in Arabic) and read the children's school books. (some translated into English). And read for themselves where children are taught that Jews are descended from monkeys and pigs. That the US is the "Big Satan" and Israel is the "Little Satan". Guess what? Not a single person has continued to maintain their heretofore staunch defense of anything to do with Radical Islam. Radical Islam is like the school yard coward and bully who everyone sucks up to and is terrified of offending for fear of getting killed.
And they do know that the "free world" is terrified of offending them. So, no one does, and as we know, or should know:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

However, in this case, the world is actually facilitating, supporting, defending and providing credibility to the "evil".

God help us. And thank God for Gatestone.

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