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Submitted by Gea, Feb 4, 2017 13:57

In September 2016, I saw Paris turned into a city under siege, which had military patrols everywhere, unlike during my visit in summer 2009. France is committing suicide by Muslim invasion...and is continuing to fan free speech, while still pretending to be a county of lberte, fraternite, egalite...France reminds me of George Orwell animal farm, where pigs move into the master's house and proclaim that all animals are equal but some animals (the violent ones) are more equal then the others. Here is a repeat of 1895 Dreyfus trial, which led to modern Herzl/Norday political Zionist movement and creation of Israel in 1948. France is losing its grip on reality again, and Jews are leaving Europe to be safe from jihadis who are invading it!

Where are Zolas of France to stop this insanity in France, Germany, and EU, all of which are committing cultural suicide by encouraging Islamic invasion and prosecuting those who tell the truth about the totalitarian, supremacist, apartheid and imperialistic IDEOLOGY of Islam, for which many EX-Muslims had warned Westerners is WORSE THAN Nazism, Communism and Fascism. Islam ITSELF also condones pedophilia, polygamy, rape, misogyny, slavery, FMG, boys molesting and mass murder, as Mohamed committed all those crimes against humanity and he is a role model for ALL 1,600 millions of Muslims who consider this criminal the "most perfect human being who ever lived" and their "beloved prophet".

Hopefully, Hollande will soon be gone and somebody who loves France and its Western culture will protect French from ISLAM, which is worse than Nazism and needs to be treated as such, as mosques are creating new terrorists daily by memorization of hateful verses of Koran, Hadith and emulating criminal role model, Mohamed, whose life is described in the Muslim "holly book" Sira-lfie of Mohamed (

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