So. Best Case Scenario?

Reader comment on: France's Muslim Demographic Future

Submitted by Sarah, Feb 20, 2017 06:01

So at this stage, should an accurate census be taken that looks for information on these factors that the French currently deny record, unlike other Western nation's - I would imagine that the resulting shock within France would be palpable.

Its almost like knowing you have a mass in your abdomen but refusing to see a Doctor or have any scans etc. You know its there, deep down you have a bad gut feeling about it, but you hope that ignorance will prove to not only be bliss, but to maintain the status quo.

France is in for a series of highly unpleasant rude shocks, I would think. I would also think that being informed on such basic notion's as the demographic makeup of their society, would not only be sensible, would not only prevent any shocks in the future from being too intense but would also assist (most importantly) with the future planning of France as a nation.

By all means, if France decided, post census, to continue on the same path with migration and multiculturism, that is their right. But for God's sake, at least be informed and aware of the facts! The very idea of a first world, developed nation not knowing what its racial makeup consists of, baffles me. This is not divisive in any way. If anything, it would help with lessening any division because of better abilities to plan in ways that would benefit each section of their society!

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