Non-Discrimination Laws

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Submitted by Peter D Gardner, Feb 20, 2017 20:42

Much anti-discriminatory law derives from conflict between the Christian churches and the state and between branches of Christianity. The intention was to unify the people within a state in order to strengthen the nation, even if one side gained an advantage over the other in the process and nobody had in mind that one of the religions in question would antithetical to the whole concept of democratic secular nation state. Then we had racial and gender discrimination etc, continuing on broadly similar reasoning. After the Siege of Vienna Islam was no longer seen as an immediate threat and by the 1900s was not seen as a threat at all.

The situation now is completely different and these laws are not only inadequate but positively harmful. If the eventual impact of Islam on Western civilisation is truly to reduce it to the level of what we can observe in Islamic countries around the world there is great cause for genuine alarm. There is also the growing realisation that it is almost too late to prevent it without considerable cost in terms of social unrest, political upheaval and danger to life and limb. Our political leaders fear to do what is necessary in the hope the impacts will not be too apparent until after their time in power and therefore resort to denial.

But governments' collective failure to respond effectively will cause increasing resentment and, unless the inappropriately designated right wing parties do not exert sufficient influence to achieve adequate corrective action, people concerned for the future of their civilisation will increasingly take the law into their own hands. The argument will be, well if the authorities turn a blind eye or even facilitate Sharia courts and practices, and do nothing to prevent Sharia enforcement patrols by vigilantes in the streets, then we can do the same. There is even a defence in law in some countries of acting in the public interest.

The situation is unprecedented and heretofore unacceptable changes to the law must now be made and enforced to protect Western civilisation. Crimes such as sedition must be reintroduced.

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