The Puppet Of Islam.

Reader comment on: What is a Killer Imam Doing in Public Libraries in Canada?

Submitted by Jeff Page, Feb 21, 2017 07:03

Justin Trudeau, the puppet of Islam is betraying all of his people in Canada. At least all of them who aren't Muslims. Why are there no demonstrations against this fool? What are the Canadian people waiting for? Do they want to actively encourage the imposition of Sharia? What's wrong with the men, don't they want to protect their wives and daughters from this evil, pseudo, religion, that is fully committed, despite arguments to the contrary, to destroying Christianity in the West, and turning it into another Islamic Caliphate? And there's an idiot of a PM who is sanctioning the proposed takeover. Of course, the same old argument will come out, the accusations of "Islamophobia" and the best of all "Racists", directed at all who show or voice any opposition. It seems from all accounts and the actions of government, that Islam has all the backing to enable a smooth transfer of power. Trudeau is showing his true colours, well colour, yellow!

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