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Submitted by Terence Curry, Mar 4, 2017 06:46

Yet another small wedge in their quest to subjugate the world. No doubt as soon as they are able, they will re-write history. I wonder how they will get round the plain and simple fact that Islam stifles invention and progress, using the catch all phrase un-Islamic. The historical facts are, that Islam was spread at the point of a sword. Submit to our God, or we will kill you, and as a side line rape your women.(they often put that one in) An oxymoron in itself for this God of theirs. My God is merciful, all forgiving, and loving. Theirs is anything but. Oh, and by the way, if you decide to stop being a Muslim, we'll kill you, so don't even think about it. Anyway they were stopped at the very gates of Vienna and elsewhere, when western technology became superior to theirs. For some centuries thereafter the Status Quo was maintained, as western technology advanced, and theirs stayed at the sword and camel stage. Then oil was discovered, not by Muslims of course, drilled for, and processed, again by non Muslims, but the revenues made them super rich. Able to purchase all the modern weaponry they wanted, being unable to develop it for themselves. Now they have to be placated at all junctures. Upset them, and they will withhold their oil. As they have done before now. I never dreamed when I worked for ARAMCO that oil would be their trump card in their now openly stated intention of Islamifying the world. I won't see it, but I would love to see them try to take over China, Russia, and even India. They have failed to take over Israel several times. That will be the rock they will perish on. I just cannot see the Chinese, or the Russkis swallowing it.

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