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Reader comment on: European Parliament Censors Its Own Free Speech

Submitted by Jeff Page, Mar 11, 2017 09:07

The EU is turning out to be the totalitarian regime that many British people were very wary of. It's almost as if the EU politicians are getting the house in order for the day when they hand the reins of power to the totalitarian rule of Sharia with a completely Muslim council controlling everything. Of course, if it ever were to happen, we all know that it would be very short lived because the experience of democracy doesn't exist within the Muslim mind.

Within a few years, it would be completely broke and the whole of Europe in a state of chaos. The erosion of free speech has been happening for the last 5 years or so, and as the Muslims get braver because of their numbers and the shouting becomes louder, the cowards in the EU shake with fear and pretend that what they are doing is in the name of humanity. Humanity is something that is completely alien to Muslims. They not only want to rid the world of all other religions but their different sects cannot even live side by side. This is a disaster waiting to happen and the EU are doing their utmost to aid in the takeover.

It was obvious just what Donald Trump was on about when he signed the order regarding Muslims from certain countries entering the US, and it was also obvious what he meant by "fake news". He was referring to the news about the rapes and vicious attacks across European countries that, the world's press turned a blind eye to, and pretended wasn't happening. This goes on all the time in the EU parliament, they refuse to accept that their policy towards mainly Muslim "refugees" was and still is wrong! Part of that process is to conjure up new laws to shut any opposition up! But, that is never going to work. There are millions of us that will be only too happy to pass on the truth about this mass immigration of Muslims into Europe. Thank god Britain is getting out of this club!

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