The "duct tape" of EU censorship

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Submitted by Edward Cline, Mar 11, 2017 09:43

I loved the one time when Marine Le Pen more or less took Angela Merkel "to the cleaners" in the EU Parliament by criticizing Merkel's disastrous immigration policies right to her face. Doubtless the lifting of Le Pen's immunity from prosecution is a tactical device to shut up Le Pen during the forthcoming elections in France. Can you imagine Nigel Farage or Geert Wilders delivering highly "inflammatory" remarks about the EU's opposition to Brexit, and about EU regulations, and how the EU is totalitarian in nature, now that the EU can "silence" him.?

The EU Parliament has now adopted a tyrannical "need to know" policy by keeping Europeans ignorant of what is said in the Parliament, with the ruse of censoring "hate speech" or "inflammatory, racist, or xenophobic" speech. The EU is deathly afraid that Le Pen and Wilders will win the upcoming elections and will inspire opposition leaders in other member states to speak out, and is doing what it can to scuttle their campaigns.

Clamping down on freedom of speech is just another tool of oppression employed by the EU. It isn't their only aim. They want to shut people up and keep them in the dark. This has been an observable tactic of news organizations such as CNN to "suddenly" have "technical difficulties" when a guest during an interview abruptly goes silent and the mike is lost if he mentions the connection between "refugees" and crime rates.

Perhaps the EU is taking lessons from CNN and the rest of the MSM on how to stifle unwelcome information and guests. I'm sure that's a ubiquitous practice among European TV broadcasters, and I'm sure the European print media (the private, non-government ones) operate under the Damocles sword of news regulations. Look at how Sweden and Germany censor information about the rape rates attributable to Muslim "refugees" so that their citizens remain ignorant of how bad and perilous things are.

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