Writings by David P. Goldman  (View Biography)

Title Date
The Muslim Brotherhood Builds a Totalitarian State in Egypt2012/08/21
Bread Shortages Appear in Egypt: From Al-Ahram2012/08/20
Weekly Call at "The Gate" blog: Israel's Options After the Debacle of US Foreign Policy2012/08/20
Obama Administration "Caused Serious Damage to Israel's Deterrence toward Iran"2012/08/16
Saudi newspaper warns Muslim Brotherhood2012/08/13
Caroline Glick comes to the same conclusion as our August 12 Call2012/08/13
Qatar's Check to Muslim Brotherhood Makes Egyptian Stability LESS Likely2012/08/13
Erdogan's Growing Economic Woes2012/08/09
Saudis to Muslim Brotherhood: Drop Dead2012/08/08
Will Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Orient to Saudi Arabia or Iran?2012/08/05
Turkey's trade deficit reveals an economy in deep trouble2012/08/03
A Russian-Saudi-Turkish-Chinese alliance to contain the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama?2012/07/31
Egypt's Trade Deficit is Now $35 billion a Year2012/07/31
Addendum on Turkey's External Debt Bubble2012/07/31
The Call for July 30, 2012: Why All Players Are Weak and No-One Wants to Win2012/07/30
Remember, You Heard It From Us First2012/07/25
Lee Smith Thinks Assad is Going Down2012/07/25
Turkey's Humiliation in Syria2012/07/23
The Call for July 22, 2012: "Russian Ambitions in the Middle East'2012/07/23
Wheat at record is the worst thing that could happen to Egypt2012/07/20
Intel for the FSA2012/07/20
The Call: A New Blog2012/07/16
"SILEX": Iran's Undetectable Nuclear Enrichment Technology?2012/05/31
Short Supply, Not Middle East Tensions, Push up Oil Prices2012/04/06
The United Nations: The Devil's Jury2011/11/24