If you want to talk, talk; don't shoot

Reader comment on: Palestinians: The Third Intifada Has Begun

Submitted by Sharon, Dec 17, 2012 06:09

Mr. Khaled Abu Toameh,

You are a very clever political analyst of the Palestinians (I have read all your analyses). However, it would be wise to also take note of the great change of awareness taking place among the majority of Israelis, namely, the final realization that the Palestinians and the Arab/Muslim world will never (well, not in the near future) accept a Jewish presence in the Middle East. Need I elaborate on the ramifications of this realization? I'm not implying anything violent, especially not initiated by us, but I would say that with all due sorrow and respect that the "peace talks" are a thing of the past. Moreover, we will not be further embarrassed to do (within legal frameworks) what we have to do to survive. When our Arab neighbors are ready to make peace with us, we will extend our hands in peace.

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