Writings by Topic: Palestinian Authority

Title Author Date
Christians Prefer Living in Israel, Not the Palestinian AuthorityBassam Tawil2024/04/16
New 'Revitalized' Palestinian Authority, Same as the Old Palestinian AuthorityBassam Tawil2024/04/05
Palestinian Authority Forms United Front With Hamas To Fight IsraelDaniel Greenfield2024/03/13
Palestinians: 'Revitalized' Means Unity with Hamas TerroristsBassam Tawil2024/03/12
'Ramadan - Month of Jihad' : Ramadan Will Not Stop Hamas From Killing JewsBassam Tawil2024/03/08
Palestinians' Musical Chairs: Replacing One Mohammed with Another MohammedKhaled Abu Toameh2024/03/01
Palestinians Need New Leaders, Not New GovernmentsKhaled Abu Toameh2024/02/26
Palestinian Leaders Have Brought a Nakba to Their PeopleKhaled Abu Toameh2024/02/23
Palestinian Terrorists, Hospitals, and Plans for Palestinian StateBassam Tawil2024/02/01
Biden Administration's 'Pathway' to a Palestinian Terror StateBassam Tawil2024/01/18
Why The Palestinian Authority Is No Better than HamasBassam Tawil2024/01/04
Can the Palestinian Authority Be 'Revitalized'? Can the Cat Guard the Cream?Bassam Tawil2023/12/05
Why Belgium, Norway, Spain and Everyone Should Refrain from Recognizing a 'Palestinian State' Just NowDrieu Godefridi2023/12/03
Palestinians: 'Extreme' Support for Terrorist Group Hamas, Israel's DestructionBassam Tawil2023/11/20
The Biden Administration's Dangerous Solutions For GazaBassam Tawil2023/11/16
The 'Two-State' Solution to Murder JewsBassam Tawil2023/11/02
The Palestinian Authority's Responsibility for Hamas's October MassacreBassam Tawil2023/10/31
Hamas, Israel and the Hypocrisy of Arab and Muslim LeadersKhaled Abu Toameh2023/10/19
Hamas's Deception - and Our Self-DeceptionCaroline Glick2023/10/15
The International Day of Persecuting Palestinian JournalistsBassam Tawil2023/10/05
Palestinians Steal Water From Palestinians, Then Blame IsraelBassam Tawil2023/10/02
Where Are the Palestinian Concessions for Peace?Bassam Tawil2023/09/28
How the Biden Administration Is Trying to Bribe the PalestiniansBassam Tawil2023/09/13
Human Rights Watch's Jihad Against IsraelBassam Tawil2023/08/31
The Washington Post's 'Good' TerroristsBassam Tawil2023/08/24
Iran's Plan To Turn The West Bank Into A Terror BaseBassam Tawil2023/08/17
Palestinians: Prime Minister Shtayyeh's Straight-Faced Lies to Official US DelegationsBassam Tawil2023/08/15
The Real Reason Palestinians Do Not Have a Free MediaBassam Tawil2023/08/09
Pakistan: 'Eye-for-an-Eye' Repercussions on Christians from Sweden Burning the QuranNasir Saeed2023/08/08
Palestinian 'Unity' To Destroy IsraelBassam Tawil2023/07/31
The EU-Funded Education for Jihad and MartyrdomBassam Tawil2023/07/25
Pakistan: Kidnapping, Forced Marriages, Forced ConversionUzay Bulut2023/07/13
The Palestinians No One Talks AboutBassam Tawil2023/06/27
Palestinians: We Prefer Terrorism to Peace with IsraelBassam Tawil2023/06/22
Palestinians' Preferred Candidates: Terrorists Who Want To Kill JewsBassam Tawil2023/06/05
Palestinians: The Real Human Rights ViolationsBassam Tawil2023/04/25
What the Palestinian Terrorist's Mother Told Him...Stephen M. Flatow2023/04/17
Why Palestinians Cannot Resume Peace Talks with IsraelBassam Tawil2023/04/11
Biden's Anti-Israel Policy Empowers Iran, Palestinian TerroristsBassam Tawil2023/04/04
Biden Administration's Delusional Plan to Combat Palestinian TerrorismBassam Tawil2023/03/16
The EU's Lethal Obsession with IsraelBassam Tawil2023/03/09
The Palestinian Authority for the Rights of Terrorists!Bassam Tawil2023/03/06
The Palestinians' New Terror GroupsBassam Tawil2023/02/28
Killing Jews Brings Light into The Hearts of PalestiniansBassam Tawil2023/02/21
Why Israelis Voted for Right-Wing PartiesBassam Tawil2023/01/17
Palestinians Recruit Minors as Terrorists, Then Condemn Israel for Shooting 'Innocent Children'Bassam Tawil2023/01/12
Why Palestinians Want to Slaughter Jewish WorshippersBassam Tawil2023/01/05
The United Nations for Empowering TerroristsBassam Tawil2023/01/03
The Death of Christianity in BethlehemRaymond Ibrahim2022/12/25
Biden Administration and the Two-State DelusionBassam Tawil2022/12/19
The Extremists the Biden Administration Does Not SeeBassam Tawil2022/12/14
US Funds Arabs Who Want to Destroy IsraelBassam Tawil2022/12/05
Biden Rewards Palestinians for Terrorism, IncitementBassam Tawil2022/11/30
A Big Difference between Israel and the PalestiniansAlan M. Dershowitz2022/11/13
What the Palestinians Need NowKhaled Abu Toameh2022/11/10
Palestinians Vote For Terrorists, Then Claim Israelis Are 'Extremists'Bassam Tawil2022/11/07
Palestinians: Why Are Attacks on Christians Being Ignored?Khaled Abu Toameh2022/10/31
How Americans, Europeans Embolden Palestinian TerrorismBassam Tawil2022/10/27
Palestinians' New Enemy: British Prime Minister Liz TrussKhaled Abu Toameh2022/10/12
Iranian Mullahs Target Women, the West; Palestinians Target JewsBassam Tawil2022/10/04
Israel's 'Peace Partner' Is Slaughtering IsraelisKhaled Abu Toameh2022/09/26
Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian TerroristsBassam Tawil2022/09/15
The Palestinians and the World Do Not Need Another Corrupt, Failed Terrorist Arab StateKhaled Abu Toameh2022/09/13
Palestinians: The Arrests and Torture No One Talks AboutKhaled Abu Toameh2022/08/29
Why No One Cares When Palestinians Kill PalestiniansBassam Tawil2022/07/21
Why Arabs Are Fed up With the PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2022/07/12
Why Biden's 'Gestures' to the Palestinians Will Not Bring Peace or StabilityBassam Tawil2022/07/12
The 'Two-State Solution' to Destroy IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2022/07/04
Palestinians Lie to Murder Jews; U.S. Rewards ThemBassam Tawil2022/05/11
The Palestinian State Bill: Palestinians Ask That More Arab Repression Not Be AllowedKhaled Abu Toameh2022/05/05
Biden Administration Ignores What the Palestinians Are Really SayingKhaled Abu Toameh2022/04/26
How Palestinians Desecrate Everyone's Holy Sites, Including Their OwnBassam Tawil2022/04/19
Why Palestinians Celebrate the Murder of JewsKhaled Abu Toameh2022/04/12
Will Biden Fund ISIS in Israel to Aid the Palestinians?Daniel Greenfield2022/03/31
Palestinians: The 'Criminal' Pastor Who Met with the RabbiKhaled Abu Toameh2022/03/24
Palestinians: The Human Rights Violations No One Talks AboutKhaled Abu Toameh2022/02/08
Why Palestinian Leaders Ignore Arab AtrocitiesKhaled Abu Toameh2022/01/20
Arab Racism and the 'Jewish State'Khaled Abu Toameh2022/01/13
Palestinians: We Are Proud of TerroristsBassam Tawil2022/01/04
The Palestinian School of TerrorismBassam Tawil2021/12/22
For Palestinians, Terrorism or Peace? Abbas Wants It Both WaysKhaled Abu Toameh2021/11/29
How Palestinian Leaders Inflict Pain on Their People; EU ShrugsKhaled Abu Toameh2021/11/10
The Palestinian Authority Campaign Against Palestinian NGOsKhaled Abu Toameh2021/11/04
Why Biden's Palestinian Policies Will Not Bring PeaceKhaled Abu Toameh2021/11/02
Palestinian Prisoners No One Talks AboutKhaled Abu Toameh2021/10/25
Why Palestinians Cannot Make Peace with IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2021/10/20
Biden Ignores Palestinian Support For TerroristsBassam Tawil2021/10/04
The Real Palestinian 'Heroes': TerroristsBassam Tawil2021/09/30
Palestinians: Why Biden's Aid Will Not Bring PeaceKhaled Abu Toameh2021/09/08
The Failed State of Lebanon to Combat 'Normalization' with IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2021/08/30
'Violations' the UN Security Council Does Not Care AboutKhaled Abu Toameh2021/08/03
How Palestinian Leaders Are Deceiving AmericansBassam Tawil2021/07/13
Why Palestinian Leaders Are Really Inciting Violence Against IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2021/07/07
The Palestinian Police StateKhaled Abu Toameh2021/06/30
Something is Sinking, and It's Not Just the Dead SeaNaomi Linder Kahn2021/06/29
The US-Backed Palestinian Human Rights ViolationsKhaled Abu Toameh2021/06/21
Palestinians: The Battle to Steal Reconstruction FundsKhaled Abu Toameh2021/06/14
The Middle East: An Alarm Bell to the Biden AdministrationKhaled Abu Toameh2021/06/03
Biden's Palestinian Mission is Doomed to FailCon Coughlin2021/05/26
The Palestinian Voices Blinken Won't HearKhaled Abu Toameh2021/05/24
Palestinians: Our True Goal is to Destroy IsraelBassam Tawil2021/05/11
A Palestinian State: What Would Ben Gurion Have Said?Amir Taheri2021/05/02
Why Abbas Does Not Want ElectionsBassam Tawil2021/04/30
US, EU Help to Suppress Journalists, Political ActivistsKhaled Abu Toameh2021/04/23
How Palestinian Leaders Treat Their RefugeesKhaled Abu Toameh2021/04/15
Palestinian Elections: What the Biden Administration Does Not Want to KnowKhaled Abu Toameh2021/04/12
Biden Administration to Support Palestinian DictatorshipKhaled Abu Toameh2021/04/09
Palestinians: US Taxpayer Money Going to TerroristsBassam Tawil2021/04/06
Terrorists All Set to Win Palestinian ElectionsBassam Tawil2021/03/30
Palestinian Terrorists to Biden: Do Not Believe the Palestinian LeadershipBassam Tawil2021/03/02
The Duped Generation that Supports BDSRichard Kemp2021/02/23
Palestinians: EU Facilitating Hamas VictoryBassam Tawil2021/02/19
Palestinians: What Real Education MeansKhaled Abu Toameh2021/02/16
Palestinians: More Corruption as Biden Resumes Financial AidBassam Tawil2021/02/12
The International Criminal Court Threatens Middle East PeaceRichard Kemp2021/02/11
Is Palestine a State?Alan M. Dershowitz2021/02/09
Palestinians: No to Normalization with the 'Zionist entity'Khaled Abu Toameh2021/02/03
Arab Medical Apartheid - Where Is the Outrage?Bassam Tawil2021/01/28
The Palestinian Plan to Dupe the Biden AdministrationBassam Tawil2021/01/22
Palestinians: Victims of an Arab CountryKhaled Abu Toameh2021/01/21
Palestinians: An International "Peace" Conference to Displace IsraelBassam Tawil2020/12/29
Palestinian Incitement Against Israeli JournalistsBassam Tawil2020/12/09
Muslims: Al-Aqsa Mosque Does Not Belong to PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2020/11/06
Palestinians Call for Boycotting Israel, Then Ask Israel To Save Their LivesBassam Tawil2020/11/05
Palestinians: What Failure Looks LikeKhaled Abu Toameh2020/10/22
Why Palestinians Will Not Accept Advice from ArabsKhaled Abu Toameh2020/10/14
Saudi Arabia: We, Too, Are Fed Up with the PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2020/10/12
Erdogan's Plan to Take Over the Palestinian AuthorityKhaled Abu Toameh2020/10/02
The Dangerous New Iran-Qatar-Turkey-Hamas AllianceKhaled Abu Toameh2020/09/28
UAE: We Are Not Traitors; Palestinian Leaders Are CorruptKhaled Abu Toameh2020/09/01
Why Some Palestinians Support the Israel-UAE AccordKhaled Abu Toameh2020/08/27
It's Official: Palestinians Join Iran-led Anti-Peace CampKhaled Abu Toameh2020/08/18
The Palestinian War on HistoryBassam Tawil2020/08/11
Palestinians: We Support China's Muslim Concentration CampsKhaled Abu Toameh2020/08/06
Palestinians' Chief Negotiator or Chief Liar?Bassam Tawil2020/08/03
Palestinians: The Priorities of Muslim 'Scholars' During COVID-19Khaled Abu Toameh2020/07/27
Palestinians: Abbas Signs His Own Death WarrantKhaled Abu Toameh2020/07/14
How Palestinians Terrorize Their Own PeopleBassam Tawil2020/07/06
EU Still Trying to Fund Palestinian Terror-linked NGOsKhaled Abu Toameh2020/07/01
The Future of Israel's Borders: International Law and Islamic Law. Part IIDenis MacEoin2020/07/01
Palestinians: The 'Un-Islamic' Family Protection LawKhaled Abu Toameh2020/06/22
Palestinians: Pursuing War on Their MediaKhaled Abu Toameh2020/06/15
Palestinians: The Problem with 'Peace'Khaled Abu Toameh2020/06/08
Why Western Media is Biased Against IsraelBassam Tawil2020/06/03
Abbas's Precious Gift to Iran: HamasKhaled Abu Toameh2020/05/23
"A Black Day for Palestinian Journalism"Khaled Abu Toameh2020/05/20
Palestinian Leaders: A Policy of Piracy, Blackmail and PlunderKhaled Abu Toameh2020/05/11
Palestinians, Israel and the CoronavirusRichard Kemp2020/05/06
Palestinians: Using Coronavirus to Silence CriticsBassam Tawil2020/05/06
PLO's Program of Deception and LiesBassam Tawil2020/05/01
Coronavirus: More Palestinian Libels Against IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2020/04/24
The Palestinian Virus: Abbas's Role ModelsBassam Tawil2020/04/20
Coronavirus: Why Palestinian Leaders Are Not Helping Gaza to Combat ItBassam Tawil2020/04/01
Palestinians: Fighting against Coronavirus, for Freedom of SpeechKhaled Abu Toameh2020/03/23
Palestinians Revive Blood Libels as Israel Saves Their LivesKhaled Abu Toameh2020/03/09
Who's Attacking Palestinian Christians?Bassam Tawil2020/03/08
Who Is Preventing Palestinians From Voting?Khaled Abu Toameh2020/03/03
Israel's Election: What Do the Iranians and Palestinians Want?Bassam Tawil2020/02/27
The Fortunate Arabs in the Middle EastBassam Tawil2020/02/24
Palestinians Condemn US for Offering to HelpKhaled Abu Toameh2020/02/21
Islamists' Response to Peace PlanBassam Tawil2020/02/18
Palestinians: After Inciting Violence, Abbas Comes to New York To Fight a Peace PlanBassam Tawil2020/02/10
Palestinians: Arab Leaders Talking to Israel Are 'Traitors, Jews'Khaled Abu Toameh2020/02/07
Trump Middle East Plan: Last Chance for the Palestinians?Alain Destexhe2020/01/31
Palestinians: Abbas Chooses Hamas Over Peace with IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2020/01/30
Palestinian Elections: How Abbas and Europe Are Trying to Blame IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2020/01/27
The Palestinians and Europe's Secret AgendaKhaled Abu Toameh2020/01/16
Palestinian 'Moderates' Celebrate TerrorBassam Tawil2020/01/03
Why Palestinian Leaders Fear Opinion PollsKhaled Abu Toameh2019/12/27
"Silent Night": Persecuted Palestinian Christians Kept Out of SightRaymond Ibrahim2019/12/22
Europe No Longer Hides Its Hostility to IsraelAlain Destexhe2019/12/10
Sanctuary for Gays: Ignored or Jeered at by WestKhaled Abu Toameh2019/12/06
Are Palestinians Not Entitled to Human Rights?Bassam Tawil2019/11/25
The 4,006 Palestinians the Europeans Have Not Heard OfBassam Tawil2019/11/13
The Palestinian Christmas ShowBassam Tawil2019/11/12
What Are Palestinian Leaders Afraid Of?Khaled Abu Toameh2019/10/31
Israel Blocks Terrorists, Palestinians Block CriticsBassam Tawil2019/10/30
Sweden: The Church that Spreads HateNima Gholam Ali Pour2019/10/20
Palestinians Steal Electricity, Then Blame IsraelBassam Tawil2019/10/01
Why Egypt Does Not Want to Help GazaKhaled Abu Toameh2019/09/11
To European Leaders, Jewish Flesh Is CheapGuy Millière2019/08/30
Palestinians: Why Allow Facts to Get in the Way?Bassam Tawil2019/08/28
How a US Congresswoman Can Help PalestiniansBassam Tawil2019/08/21
Is the Palestinian Authority Preparing for a New Intifada?Bassam Tawil2019/08/16
Palestinians: In Need of a Mirror?Bassam Tawil2019/08/09
Palestinians: What Is Wrong With Building a Hospital?Bassam Tawil2019/08/02
How Palestinian Leaders 'Guarantee' Freedom of ExpressionKhaled Abu Toameh2019/07/29
Why Palestinians Do Not Trust Their LeadersKhaled Abu Toameh2019/07/11
The Palestinian War on BusinessmenBassam Tawil2019/07/05
Palestinians: "Hamas Is Not Afraid of Elections"Khaled Abu Toameh2019/07/01
Palestinians and the Bahrain Conference: Condemning Arabs While Asking for Arab MoneyKhaled Abu Toameh2019/06/24
Palestinian 'Moderates:' Rifles, Hand Grenades and TerrorismBassam Tawil2019/06/21
Mae Cannon & CMEP: The New Face of the Palestinian Authority's Antisemitic "Christian" LobbyJoshua Joseph2019/06/20
The Palestinian Leaders' War on Preventing CorruptionKhaled Abu Toameh2019/06/17
The Suppressed Plight of Palestinian ChristiansRaymond Ibrahim2019/06/13
How Palestinian Leaders Butcher the TruthBassam Tawil2019/06/10
The Priorities of Palestinian LeadersKhaled Abu Toameh2019/06/07
The Iranian-Palestinian Plan to Thwart Trump's Peace PlanKhaled Abu Toameh2019/06/05
The Palestinians Miss Yet Another OpportunityAlan M. Dershowitz2019/06/05
The Palestinian War on the Trump Peace PlanKhaled Abu Toameh2019/05/29
Why Palestinians Oppose Economic ProsperityBassam Tawil2019/05/17
Palestinians: No Freedom of Expression Under New GovernmentKhaled Abu Toameh2019/05/15
How Palestinian Leaders Punish PatientsBassam Tawil2019/05/13
Palestinian Leaders and Inconvenient TruthsKhaled Abu Toameh2019/05/04
The Palestinians' Own GoalsKhaled Abu Toameh2019/04/29
How Palestinian Leaders Encourage TerrorismBassam Tawil2019/04/24
The European Union: Nurturing Instability and Terrorism in the Middle EastNaomi Linder Kahn2019/04/24
Palestinian Authority Targets StudentsKhaled Abu Toameh2019/04/09
Palestinian Leaders Punish Gaza, Blame IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2019/03/28
Palestinians: The Other Peace DealKhaled Abu Toameh2019/03/21
Palestinians: Abbas Stands 'Trial' for TreasonKhaled Abu Toameh2019/03/13
Palestinians: Arresting, Torturing JournalistsKhaled Abu Toameh2019/03/07
Palestinians: No Peace or Reconciliation with the 'Infidels'Khaled Abu Toameh2019/03/04
Palestinians: Marching Backwards as Israel Prepares for ElectionsKhaled Abu Toameh2019/03/01
Palestinians: "The Slap of the Century"Khaled Abu Toameh2019/02/21
Palestinians: "Journalism" Hamas StyleKhaled Abu Toameh2019/02/14
Why Palestinians Oppose an Anti-Iran CoalitionKhaled Abu Toameh2019/02/09
Preparing for Peace - The Palestinian WayKhaled Abu Toameh2019/01/29
The Palestinian Jihad Against PeaceBassam Tawil2019/01/28
Time to Tell the Truth about the Palestinian IssueAlan M. Dershowitz2019/01/24
Palestinians: The 'Political Detainees' No One Talks AboutKhaled Abu Toameh2019/01/23
The UN, the "State of Palestine" and the Torture of WomenKhaled Abu Toameh2019/01/15
The New Palestinian 'Catastrophe': A Shopping Mall Hiring PalestiniansBassam Tawil2019/01/11
Palestinians: While Abbas and Hamas were Hurling Insults at Each Other...Khaled Abu Toameh2019/01/09
The Palestinians' Uncivil WarKhaled Abu Toameh2019/01/07
Palestinians' New Year's ResolutionsBassam Tawil2019/01/02
Palestinians: The Real "Crimes"Bassam Tawil2018/12/26
Palestinians: Shooting a Pregnant Woman and LyingBassam Tawil2018/12/17
The Hamas Plan to Take the West BankKhaled Abu Toameh2018/12/13
Palestinians: We Cannot Accept Anything from TrumpKhaled Abu Toameh2018/11/22
Palestinians Arresting Women; Where are the Media?Bassam Tawil2018/11/19
Why Renewed US Sanctions on Iran are Good News for PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2018/11/15
The "Separate" Palestinian StateKhaled Abu Toameh2018/11/12
Palestinian Threats to Arab Normalization with IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2018/11/07
New Palestinian "Concern" for International ConventionsBassam Tawil2018/10/30
Palestinian 'Support' for Saudi ArabiaKhaled Abu Toameh2018/10/23
Why Palestinians Do Not Have a ParliamentKhaled Abu Toameh2018/10/18
The Palestinian Battle against a Plan that Does Not ExistKhaled Abu Toameh2018/10/15
How Palestinians Lie to EuropeansBassam Tawil2018/10/11
Mahmoud Abbas: Fresh American Blood on His HandsBassam Tawil2018/09/17
The Grim Cost of the "Oslo War"Guy Millière2018/09/14
Palestinians: Spitting in the WellBassam Tawil2018/09/07
Abbas: The Same Mistakes as ArafatA. Z. Mohamed2018/09/06
Palestinian Journalists: We Do Not Have a Free MediaKhaled Abu Toameh2018/09/04
US Aid, Palestinian WakahaBassam Tawil2018/08/27
Abbas's Responsibility for Gaza CrisisBassam Tawil2018/08/21
The Turkish-Palestinian Hate FestUzay Bulut2018/08/13
Palestinian Authority Silences StudentsBassam Tawil2018/07/25
Palestinians' Latest "Apartheid Fatwa"Bassam Tawil2018/07/17
Why Do Palestinian Leaders Oppose Helping Their People?Bassam Tawil2018/07/12
Palestinians Beat Female Journalists; World "Sees No Evil"Bassam Tawil2018/07/03
What Prince William Did Not See in RamallahBassam Tawil2018/06/28
Palestinians: The Only Acceptable Peace PlanBassam Tawil2018/06/25
Palestinians: How to Achieve a Better LifeBassam Tawil2018/06/21
Palestinians: No Place for GaysKhaled Abu Toameh2018/06/12
Palestinians: A Story You Have Not Heard in the WestBassam Tawil2018/06/05
EU and Palestinian Illegal "Facts on the Ground"Bassam Tawil2018/05/31
Palestinian "Treason"Bassam Tawil2018/05/30
Palestinians: Americans Now Legitimate TargetsBassam Tawil2018/05/23
Pro-Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Shaft Palestinians and Human RightsBassam Tawil2018/05/21
Western Taxpayers Funding Abuse of PalestiniansBassam Tawil2018/05/14
Palestinians: The Best Path to PeaceBassam Tawil2018/05/09
Palestinians: New Twist on an Old LieBassam Tawil2018/04/23
Palestinians: Abbas Targets Hamas, Then Condemns Israel for Targeting HamasBassam Tawil2018/04/06
UK: Funding Textbooks That Teach Children to Blow Themselves UpDouglas Murray2018/04/04
The Secret World of the Palestinian AuthorityBassam Tawil2018/03/29
Palestinians: Why Hamas Will Not DisarmKhaled Abu Toameh2018/03/26
Palestinians Tortured; Media SilentBassam Tawil2018/03/23
Fundamentalist Terrorists Benefit from "Fundamental Fairness"Sandra Parker2018/03/14
What Is a "Refugee"? The Jews from Morocco versus the Palestinians from IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2018/03/10
Palestinians: The Arabs Do Not Care about UsKhaled Abu Toameh2018/03/07
Trump the Deal-maker and the Middle EastAmir Taheri2018/03/04
Palestinians: The "Ugly Crime" of a School CurriculumBassam Tawil2018/03/01
Palestinians: Hamas and Fatah - United against TrumpKhaled Abu Toameh2018/02/20
Palestinians: Abbas's Lies and Falling MaskBassam Tawil2018/02/14
Palestinians: The Atrocities No One Talks AboutKhaled Abu Toameh2018/02/06
Palestinians: Arbitrary Arrests, Administrative Detentions and World SilenceKhaled Abu Toameh2018/02/02
Palestinian Blackmail: US Is Our EnemyBassam Tawil2018/01/30
Palestinians: Silencing and Intimidating JournalistsBassam Tawil2018/01/26
Palestinians: No Difference Between Fatah and HamasBassam Tawil2018/01/22
Palestinians: Abbas's Big Bluff - AgainBassam Tawil2018/01/18
The Palestinian Terror Party: Celebrating MurderBassam Tawil2018/01/13
Palestinians: Always on the Wrong SideBassam Tawil2018/01/03
How Palestinians Silence PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2017/12/30
Palestinians: Another "Reconciliation" Bites the DustKhaled Abu Toameh2017/12/22
Is It Really about Jerusalem?Bassam Tawil2017/12/19
What Is Really to Blame for Palestinian Violence?Ruthie Blum2017/12/18
Palestinians: Arab Rulers are Traitors, CowardsKhaled Abu Toameh2017/12/14
Violence Should Not Determine PolicyAlan M. Dershowitz2017/12/08
The Real Palestinian Response to Trump's Jerusalem SpeechBassam Tawil2017/12/07
Palestinians: More Missed OpportunitiesBassam Tawil2017/12/04
The Great Palestinian Shakedown: Have the Arabs Had Enough?Bassam Tawil2017/11/30
Palestinians vs. Trump: The Battle BeginsBassam Tawil2017/11/25
Palestinians: If You Do Not Give Us Everything, We Cannot Trust YouBassam Tawil2017/11/21
Europe's Collusion in Palestinian Illegal Land GrabRuthie Blum2017/11/15
The U.S. Middle East Peace Plan?Bassam Tawil2017/11/13
The Iran-Hamas-Hezbollah ConnectionKhaled Abu Toameh2017/11/08
Palestinians: Meet Abbas's New PartnersBassam Tawil2017/11/03
Militias vs. Palestinian "Reconciliation"Khaled Abu Toameh2017/10/27
The Big New Palestinian LieBassam Tawil2017/10/19
Palestinian "Reconciliation": Hamas Free to Fight but Now Abbas AccountableBassam Tawil2017/10/06
Palestinians: A State Within a State?Khaled Abu Toameh2017/10/04
The Big Middle East LieBassam Tawil2017/10/02
Palestinian 'Reconciliation': Jihad is Calling!Bassam Tawil2017/09/25
The True Enemies of the PalestiniansBassam Tawil2017/09/20
The Palestinians' "Jewish Problem"Bassam Tawil2017/09/13
Palestinians' War on ArtBassam Tawil2017/09/11
The Forgotten PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2017/09/06
UN Chief Guterres, the Media and Palestinian Fake NewsBassam Tawil2017/09/01
Palestinians: Destroying the JudiciaryKhaled Abu Toameh2017/08/28
Palestinians: Taking Journalists HostageKhaled Abu Toameh2017/08/23
The Palestinian Authority is a Genocidal Terrorist Entity and Should be Treated as SuchGuy Millière2017/08/17
Palestinians: The Honeymoon with the US is OverBassam Tawil2017/08/15
The Real Lessons from CharlottesvilleRuthie Blum2017/08/15
Palestinians Escalate War on JournalistsBassam Tawil2017/08/12
The Palestinians' "Creativity for Hate"Khaled Abu Toameh2017/08/08
An Open Letter to Omar al-AbedDenis MacEoin2017/08/07
The State Department's Report on Terrorism Should Be DiscreditedA. Z. Mohamed2017/08/02
Palestinians: The Metal Detector ScamKhadija Khan2017/07/29
Palestinians: Abbas's Security DoubletalkBassam Tawil2017/07/25
Metal Detectors and Palestinian LiesBassam Tawil2017/07/22
Abbas: Shut Up or I will Arrest You!Khaled Abu Toameh2017/07/17
Abbas's Lies and Palestinian Child VictimsBassam Tawil2017/06/30
Palestinians: Why Abbas Cannot Stop Funding TerroristsBassam Tawil2017/06/26
The Ongoing Drama of Palestinian LiesBassam Tawil2017/06/22
Palestinians Praise Terror AttackBassam Tawil2017/06/19
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