Writings by Khaled Abu Toameh  (View Biography)

Title Date
Palestinians' Musical Chairs: Replacing One Mohammed with Another Mohammed2024/03/01
Palestinians Need New Leaders, Not New Governments2024/02/26
Palestinian Leaders Have Brought a Nakba to Their People2024/02/23
Hamas: Palestinian Civilians Are Also Terrorists2024/02/19
Judicial Reform Controversy Emboldened Israel's Enemies2024/02/14
Hamas Creates New Terrorist Group to Destroy Lebanon2023/12/11
Hamas Also Slaughters Muslims2023/11/30
Why the Arabs 'Betrayed' the Palestinians2023/11/27
Hamas, Israel and the Hypocrisy of Arab and Muslim Leaders2023/10/19
How Iran, the 'Head of the Snake,' Directly Helped Hamas's Assault on Israel2023/10/16
Hamas and Iran: Slaughtering Jews for Decades2023/10/12
Why is Hamas Sending Palestinians to Die at the Border with Israel?2023/09/26
Why Arabs Do Not Trust the Biden Administration2023/06/19
Biden Administration Pushing Arabs Towards Iran2023/03/21
Iran's Newest Commitments2023/01/23
The Apartheid Libel to Destroy Israel2022/12/12
Qatar's Double Game: Funding Islamists While Pretending to Be America's Ally2022/11/21
Egyptians: We Do Not Want the Islamists to Return to Power2022/11/16
What the Palestinians Need Now2022/11/10
Palestinians: Why Are Attacks on Christians Being Ignored?2022/10/31
Biden Embraces America's Fiercest Enemies: Whose Side Is He On?2022/10/24
Arabs: Biden Emboldening Iran, Harming US Interests2022/10/18
Palestinians' New Enemy: British Prime Minister Liz Truss2022/10/12
Biden Administration's Nuke Deal: Ensuring Russian and Iranian Terrorist Hegemony Over the Whole Arab World2022/10/06
Israel's 'Peace Partner' Is Slaughtering Israelis2022/09/26
Palestinians Cuddle up with Arabs Who Kill Palestinians2022/09/20
The Palestinians and the World Do Not Need Another Corrupt, Failed Terrorist Arab State2022/09/13
What Iran's Terrorist Proxies Will Do with Biden's Concessions and Billions2022/09/08
Arabs to Biden: Do Not Sign the Iran Deal, It Will Start a War2022/09/06
Palestinians: The Arrests and Torture No One Talks About2022/08/29
Iran Prepares to Take Out Israel – Right after Iran Deal Is Signed2022/08/24
Biden Drops More Crucial Demands to Get Iran Deal2022/08/22
Biden Administration and Iran Empowering Rushdie's Attackers2022/08/18
Iran's Proxy War Against Israel Caused by Biden's Weakness2022/08/15
Palestinians Commit Suicide as Their Leaders Live in Hotels and Villas2022/08/03
Lebanon's Leaders 'Out of Touch with Reality'2022/08/01
Arabs: 'US President Decided to Tamper with [Middle East] Security for No Reason...'2022/07/26
Why Arabs Are Fed up With the Palestinians2022/07/12
What the Arabs Expect from Biden's Visit to the Middle East2022/07/11
The 'Two-State Solution' to Destroy Israel2022/07/04
Iran's Plan to Foil Israeli-Arab Normalization and to Keep Expanding the Revolution2022/06/28
Arabs to Biden: Shut Down Iran's 'Expansionist Project'2022/06/22
Palestinians: The House Demolitions and Land-Grabs No One Talks About2022/06/16
Iran Not Waiting for Nuclear Weapons to Destabilize the Middle East2022/06/01
Iran Trying to Force the US to Meet All Its Demands2022/05/19
The Palestinian State Bill: Palestinians Ask That More Arab Repression Not Be Allowed2022/05/05
Biden Administration Ignores What the Palestinians Are Really Saying2022/04/26
Why Palestinians Celebrate the Murder of Jews2022/04/12
'When Will Biden See That His Mistakes Are Harming America's Interests?'2022/04/07
Arabs: Biden Administration Harming US interests2022/03/30
Palestinians: The 'Criminal' Pastor Who Met with the Rabbi2022/03/24
America's New Terrorist Allies: 'The Mother of all Disasters'2022/03/22
A Final Warning from Arabs to Biden2022/03/16
Palestinians: US Weakness Facilitates the Rise of Jihad and Fundamentalism2022/03/10
Biden's 'Capitulation' To Iran Endangers Arabs, Middle East, U.S.2022/03/02
Why Arabs Do Not Trust the Biden Administration2022/02/23
The Palestinian Leaders' Five-Star Jihad2022/02/17
The Real Apartheid in the Middle East2022/02/10
Palestinians: The Human Rights Violations No One Talks About2022/02/08
"It Is No Secret that the Current US Administration Is Encouraging the Houthis to Be More Aggressive"2022/01/31
Iran's Palestinian Proxy: Jihad against Israel and America2022/01/25
Why Palestinian Leaders Ignore Arab Atrocities2022/01/20
Arab Racism and the 'Jewish State'2022/01/13
Arabs 'Frustrated' With Biden's Iran Policy2022/01/11
Lebanon: Do Not Let the Palestinians Destroy Our Country2021/12/29
The Arab Apartheid No One Talks About2021/12/13
Arabs to Biden: Do Not Let Iran Play You for a Fool2021/12/09
Sorry, Everyone, Hamas is Still a Terrorist Group2021/12/05
For Palestinians, Terrorism or Peace? Abbas Wants It Both Ways2021/11/29
Why Palestinians Are Fleeing the Gaza Strip2021/11/15
How Palestinian Leaders Inflict Pain on Their People; EU Shrugs2021/11/10
The Palestinian Authority Campaign Against Palestinian NGOs2021/11/04
Why Biden's Palestinian Policies Will Not Bring Peace2021/11/02
The Role of Iran's Palestinian Mercenaries2021/10/28
Palestinian Prisoners No One Talks About2021/10/25
Why Palestinians Cannot Make Peace with Israel2021/10/20
Why Palestinians Prefer To Work In Israel2021/10/13
Why Arabs Are Annoyed With the Europeans2021/10/06
Palestinian Leaders: No to Solving Economic Crisis2021/09/28
Why Arabs No Longer Trust the Muslim Brotherhood2021/09/20
Why Arabs Do Not Trust the Biden Administration2021/09/15
Palestinians: Why Biden's Aid Will Not Bring Peace2021/09/08
The Failed State of Lebanon to Combat 'Normalization' with Israel2021/08/30
Arabs: Biden Brings Extremism, Terrorism Back to Life2021/08/24
Iran's Renewed 'Promise' to the Palestinians2021/08/18
Arabs Celebrate Downfall of Tunisia's Islamists2021/08/10
'Violations' the UN Security Council Does Not Care About2021/08/03
Will Lebanon Fall into the Hands of Iran?2021/07/26
Arabs Warn Biden: The War on Terrorism is not Over2021/07/20
Why Palestinian Leaders Are Really Inciting Violence Against Israel2021/07/07
The Palestinian Police State2021/06/30
The Palestinian Jihad Summer Camps2021/06/24
The US-Backed Palestinian Human Rights Violations2021/06/21
Palestinians: The Battle to Steal Reconstruction Funds2021/06/14
The Poisonous Fruit of Appeasing Iran's Mullahs2021/06/09
Arabs: Hamas and Iran Turned Gaza into Cemetery for Children2021/06/07
The Middle East: An Alarm Bell to the Biden Administration2021/06/03
The Palestinian Voices Blinken Won't Hear2021/05/24
Arabs: Hamas Does Not Care About Palestinian Suffering2021/05/20
How President Biden Emboldened Hamas, Islamic Jihad2021/05/19
Iran's Proxy War Against Israel2021/05/12
For Some Arabs, Preventing Peace with Israel Is More Important Than Combating Coronavirus2021/05/10
Iran's 'Drug Terrorism' Against Arabs2021/05/07
Arabs Warn West: Do Not Let Iran Fool You2021/05/05
US, EU Help to Suppress Journalists, Political Activists2021/04/23
How Palestinian Leaders Treat Their Refugees2021/04/15
Palestinian Elections: What the Biden Administration Does Not Want to Know2021/04/12
Biden Administration to Support Palestinian Dictatorship2021/04/09
Arabs' Real Enemies: Iran and Turkey2021/04/05
Arabs: A Warning to Biden about Iran's Mullahs2021/03/25
How Arabs Discriminate Against Palestinians2021/03/19
Palestinians: Why Terrorists Support Mass Murderers2021/03/12
Arabs Warn Biden: We Do Not Want Another Obama2021/03/04
Why Iran Considers Biden a 'Weak' President2021/02/22
Palestinians: What Real Education Means2021/02/16
Human Rights Violations No One Talks About2021/02/05
Palestinians: No to Normalization with the 'Zionist entity'2021/02/03
Iran Turns Gaza Into Storehouse for Weapons2021/01/29
Palestinians: Victims of an Arab Country2021/01/21
Lebanon Wants an End to Iranian Occupation2021/01/15
Egypt: The European Union Should Stop Lying2021/01/07
Arabs: An Extremely Important Voice for Peace2021/01/04
Why the US Needs to Help Morocco2020/12/22
Iran's Plan to Topple Arab Leaders2020/12/17
Hezbollah's Great Diversion2020/12/11
Arabs: Why Is the EU Mourning This Iranian Scientist?2020/12/04
Arabs Warn Biden: Do Not Embolden Hezbollah2020/12/02
Why Palestinians Owe Arabs an Apology2020/11/26
Arabs Warn Biden: Do Not Embrace Islamists2020/11/19
Showdown in the Western Sahara2020/11/15
Arabs: "Westerners Must Stop Appeasing Islamists"2020/11/13
Why the Muslim Brotherhood Came Out of Its Hole2020/11/11
Muslims: Al-Aqsa Mosque Does Not Belong to Palestinians2020/11/06
The Real Enemy of Islam2020/11/03
Palestinians: What Needs to Be Done2020/10/25
Palestinians: What Failure Looks Like2020/10/22
Who Is Responsible for the 'Crisis' in Islam?2020/10/19
Erdogan Declares War on Arabs2020/10/16
Why Palestinians Will Not Accept Advice from Arabs2020/10/14
Saudi Arabia: We, Too, Are Fed Up with the Palestinians2020/10/12
Erdogan's Plan to Take Over the Palestinian Authority2020/10/02
The Dangerous New Iran-Qatar-Turkey-Hamas Alliance2020/09/28
Arabs: "Palestinians Repeat the Same Mistakes"2020/09/21
Arabs: Israel Is Not Our Enemy2020/09/17
How Hamas Plans to Destroy Lebanon2020/09/14
The 'Merchants of the Palestinian Issue'2020/09/11
Turkey's 'Filthy War' Against Syria, Libya2020/09/08
The Real Palestinian Tragedy2020/09/04
UAE: We Are Not Traitors; Palestinian Leaders Are Corrupt2020/09/01
Why Some Palestinians Support the Israel-UAE Accord2020/08/27
Arabs and Muslims to Turkey's Erdogan: "Why Don't You Protest Against Yourself?"2020/08/25
Arabs Are Fed Up With the 'Ungrateful' Palestinians2020/08/19
It's Official: Palestinians Join Iran-led Anti-Peace Camp2020/08/18
Palestinians: Jews, Christians Are Our Enemy2020/08/13
Palestinians: We Support China's Muslim Concentration Camps2020/08/06
Palestinians: Accept Western Funds, Vote for Jihad2020/07/29
Palestinians: The Priorities of Muslim 'Scholars' During COVID-192020/07/27
Palestinians: Victims of Arab Racism2020/07/24
The Hamas-Houthi Plan to Attack Arabs as Well as Israel2020/07/20
Lebanon's New 'Great Satan'2020/07/16
Palestinians: Abbas Signs His Own Death Warrant2020/07/14
Why are Palestinians Committing Suicide?2020/07/09
EU Still Trying to Fund Palestinian Terror-linked NGOs2020/07/01
Palestinians: Is It Really about 'Annexation'?2020/06/25
Palestinians: The 'Un-Islamic' Family Protection Law2020/06/22
The Palestinians No One Tells You About2020/06/19
Palestinians: Pursuing War on Their Media2020/06/15
Palestinians: The Problem with 'Peace'2020/06/08
Palestinians in Turkey: What Erdogan Says vs. What Erdogan Does2020/06/05
Palestinians: The Home Demolitions No One Talks About2020/05/27
Abbas's Precious Gift to Iran: Hamas2020/05/23
Palestinians: Eating with a Jew is a Crime2020/05/22
"A Black Day for Palestinian Journalism"2020/05/20
Palestinian Leaders: A Policy of Piracy, Blackmail and Plunder2020/05/11
Apartheid and Coronavirus in the Middle East2020/05/08
Palestinians and the Virus of Normalization2020/04/27
Coronavirus: More Palestinian Libels Against Israel2020/04/24
Why Is Turkey Embracing Hamas?2020/04/17
Why Does No One Care About These Palestinians?2020/04/14
Hamas: A New Pretext to Attack Israel2020/04/08
Palestinians: Despite Coronavirus, Jihad Against Israel Continues2020/03/31
Palestinians: Fighting against Coronavirus, for Freedom of Speech2020/03/23
Palestinian Leaders Use Coronavirus to Attack Israel2020/03/20
Israel Helps Palestinians Prevent Coronavirus; Arabs Betray Them2020/03/16
Palestinians Revive Blood Libels as Israel Saves Their Lives2020/03/09
Who Is Preventing Palestinians From Voting?2020/03/03
Palestinians Condemn US for Offering to Help2020/02/21
Palestinians: The Dangers of Singing2020/02/11
Palestinians: Arab Leaders Talking to Israel Are 'Traitors, Jews'2020/02/07
The Real Reason Arabs in Israel Do Not Want to Live in 'Palestine'2020/02/04
Palestinians: Abbas Chooses Hamas Over Peace with Israel2020/01/30
Palestinian Elections: How Abbas and Europe Are Trying to Blame Israel2020/01/27
The 'Crime' of Arabs Singing to Arabs in Israel2020/01/21
The Palestinians and Europe's Secret Agenda2020/01/16
Why Some Palestinians Love Soleimani2020/01/15
Palestinians in Syria: Another Year of Death and Misery2020/01/06
Why Palestinian Leaders Fear Opinion Polls2019/12/27
Palestinians: 'Foreigners' in an Arab Country2019/12/24
Hamas, Thirty-Two Years Later2019/12/18
Iran's Plan to Foil the Gaza Ceasefire2019/12/13
Sanctuary for Gays: Ignored or Jeered at by West2019/12/06
How Palestinian Leaders Sabotage Palestinians' Interests2019/12/03
Iran's Palestinian Proxies: United Against Israel2019/11/19
Hamas Joins Iranian Plan to Foil Arabs' Anti-Corruption Protests2019/11/05
What Are Palestinian Leaders Afraid Of?2019/10/31
Why Hamas Supports Erdogan's War2019/10/22
Why Are Palestinians 'Disappearing' in Saudi Arabia?2019/10/17
What Iran's Friends Are Doing in Gaza2019/10/07
Do Palestinian Leaders Want a Better Life for Their People?2019/09/20
Why Egypt Does Not Want to Help Gaza2019/09/11
Why Arabs Hate Palestinians2019/09/09
Palestinians: Victims of Arab Discrimination, Racism2019/08/24
Can Palestinians in Gaza Revolt Against Hamas?2019/08/13
Hamas, Islamic Jihad: "The Circle of Fire is Expanding"2019/08/06
How Palestinian Leaders 'Guarantee' Freedom of Expression2019/07/29
Why Was a Saudi Attacked by Palestinians?2019/07/24
The 'Slow Death' of Palestinians in Lebanon2019/07/19
The Hamas March to Destroy Israel2019/07/15
Why Palestinians Do Not Trust Their Leaders2019/07/11
Palestinians: "Hamas Is Not Afraid of Elections"2019/07/01
Palestinians and the Bahrain Conference: Condemning Arabs While Asking for Arab Money2019/06/24
The Palestinian Leaders' War on Preventing Corruption2019/06/17
Arabs' Nightmare: Absorbing Palestinians2019/06/12
The Priorities of Palestinian Leaders2019/06/07
The Iranian-Palestinian Plan to Thwart Trump's Peace Plan2019/06/05
The Palestinian War on the Trump Peace Plan2019/05/29
Palestinians: The New Hamas List of 'Traitors'2019/05/23
Palestinians: No Freedom of Expression Under New Government2019/05/15
The Middle East Anti-Peace Movement2019/05/09
Palestinian Leaders and Inconvenient Truths2019/05/04
The Palestinians' Own Goals2019/04/29
The Persecution of Palestinians No One Mentions2019/04/23
Hamas's Honesty and the Deal of the Century2019/04/17
What Happens to Palestinians Who Demand a Better Life?2019/04/12
Palestinian Authority Targets Students2019/04/09
Why Palestinians are Fleeing Lebanon2019/04/01
Palestinian Leaders Punish Gaza, Blame Israel2019/03/28
Palestinians: The Other Peace Deal2019/03/21
Palestinians: Abbas Stands 'Trial' for Treason2019/03/13
Palestinians: Arresting, Torturing Journalists2019/03/07
Palestinians: No Peace or Reconciliation with the 'Infidels'2019/03/04
Palestinians: Marching Backwards as Israel Prepares for Elections2019/03/01
Palestinians: "The Slap of the Century"2019/02/21
Palestinians: "Journalism" Hamas Style2019/02/14
Why Palestinians Oppose an Anti-Iran Coalition2019/02/09
Preparing for Peace - The Palestinian Way2019/01/29
Palestinians: The 'Political Detainees' No One Talks About2019/01/23
The UN, the "State of Palestine" and the Torture of Women2019/01/15
Palestinians: While Abbas and Hamas were Hurling Insults at Each Other...2019/01/09
The Palestinians' Uncivil War2019/01/07
Palestinians: Silencing and Intimidating Critics2018/12/27
Palestinian Children: Victims of Arab Apartheid2018/12/20
The Hamas Plan to Take the West Bank2018/12/13
Palestinians: No Difference Between Hamas and Fatah2018/12/06
Palestinians: We Cannot Accept Anything from Trump2018/11/22
Why Renewed US Sanctions on Iran are Good News for Palestinians2018/11/15
The "Separate" Palestinian State2018/11/12
Palestinian Threats to Arab Normalization with Israel2018/11/07
Palestinian 'Support' for Saudi Arabia2018/10/23
Why Palestinians Do Not Have a Parliament2018/10/18
The Palestinian Battle against a Plan that Does Not Exist2018/10/15
How Iran Plans to Take Gaza2018/10/09
Palestinian Journalists: We Do Not Have a Free Media2018/09/04
Why Iran Supports Palestinian Terror Groups2018/07/19
Palestinians: Victims of Arab Apartheid2018/06/18
Palestinians: No Place for Gays2018/06/12
Palestinians: The Real Gaza Blockade2018/05/02
220 Airstrikes on Palestinians; World Yawns2018/04/26
Palestinians: Why Hamas Will Not Disarm2018/03/26
Palestinians: The Arabs Do Not Care about Us2018/03/07
Palestinians: Hamas and Fatah - United against Trump2018/02/20
Palestinians: The Atrocities No One Talks About2018/02/06
Palestinians: Arbitrary Arrests, Administrative Detentions and World Silence2018/02/02
How Palestinians Silence Palestinians2017/12/30
Arab Apartheid Targets Palestinians2017/12/27
Palestinians: Another "Reconciliation" Bites the Dust2017/12/22
Palestinians: Arab Rulers are Traitors, Cowards2017/12/14
The Iran-Hamas-Hezbollah Connection2017/11/08
Militias vs. Palestinian "Reconciliation"2017/10/27
The Iran-Hamas Plan to Destroy Israel2017/10/23
Palestinians: A State Within a State?2017/10/04
Palestinians Imprison Journalists for Exposing Corruption2017/09/18
The Forgotten Palestinians2017/09/06
Palestinians: Destroying the Judiciary2017/08/28
Palestinians: Taking Journalists Hostage2017/08/23
Palestinians: When Suicide Attacks Are Bad2017/08/21
The Palestinians' "Creativity for Hate"2017/08/08
Abbas: Shut Up or I will Arrest You!2017/07/17
Palestinians: Mohammad Dahlan, the New Mayor of the Gaza Strip?2017/07/03
Palestinians' Real Tragedy: Failed Leadership2017/06/15
Palestinians: Embattled, Weak Abbas Comes to White House2017/05/01
Palestinians' Real Enemies: Arabs2017/04/17
Palestinians: Abbas's Empty Promises2017/03/20
Palestinians: Arab Idol or Arab Apartheid?2017/03/06
Palestinians: Why a "Regional Peace Process" Will Fail2017/02/27
Palestinian Assault on Freedoms2017/02/16
Palestinians' Fort of Torture2017/01/30
Palestinians of Syria: A Year of Killings and Torture2017/01/23
Hamas's Fatah and the No-State Solution2017/01/03
UN, Obama Further Radicalize Palestinians2016/12/29
Palestinians: The Nightmare of Christians2016/12/24
The Palestinian Jihads against Israel2016/12/13
Palestinians: The 'Wall of Shame'2016/11/28
Iran, Hamas and the Dance of Death2016/11/23
Palestinians: The Message Remains No and No2016/11/16
Palestinians: When Fatah Becomes the Problem2016/11/08
Palestinians: Back into Bed with Hamas2016/11/01
Palestinians: Jihadi-Style Child Abuse2016/10/27
Palestinians: Fatah Prepares for War with Israel2016/10/19
Palestinians: Abbas "The Jew"2016/10/07
Europe's "Good Terrorists": Because They Might Destroy Israel?2016/10/05
Abbas to Arab Leaders: Go to Hell!2016/09/26
Palestinians: "The Mafia of Destruction"2016/09/21
Palestinians: Jibril Rajoub and the "Merry Christmas Group"2016/09/16
Palestinians: Bad News for Israel-Haters2016/09/12
Palestinians: "Women are Witches"2016/09/08
The Invisible (Female) Palestinians2016/09/05
The "Other" Palestinians2016/08/31
Palestinians: When the Mountain of Fire Erupts2016/08/25
Hamas, Palestinian Authority Target Journalists Ahead of Election2016/08/23
"No Room for the Zionist Entity in the Region"2016/08/18
Hamas: Vote for Us or Burn in Hell2016/08/12
The "Anti-Normalization" Campaign and Israel's Right to Exist2016/08/08
A Guide to the Palestinian Lexicon2016/08/01
The Palestinians: Refugee Camps or Terrorist Bases?2016/07/21
Palestinians: The Power Struggle between Young Guard and Old Guard2016/07/18
ISIS Comes to Gaza2016/07/11
Can the Palestinians Hold Free and Fair Elections?2016/07/06
The Palestinian Authority's Crackdown on Journalists2016/06/28
President Mahmoud Abbas: The Palestinian "Untouchable"2016/06/23
"Selling a House to a Jew is a Betrayal of Allah"2016/06/20
Palestinians: Anarchy Returns to the West Bank2016/06/16
Who Is Threatening Israeli Journalists and Why?2016/06/10
Palestinians: The Fatah Mess2016/06/07
Palestinians: Sex in Gaza City2016/06/01
Palestinians and Jordan: Will a Confederation Work?2016/05/25
How Terrorists and Dictators Silence Arab Journalists2016/05/19
Palestinians: The "Battle for Succession"2016/05/16
Palestinian Leaders and Child Sacrifice2016/05/13
Iran's Plans to Control a Palestinian State2016/05/09
Palestinians: Preparing Their People for Statehood?2016/05/03
Palestinians: University Students Vote For Terror2016/04/28
Palestinians: Insulting Religious Minorities2016/04/26
Palestinians: When in Doubt, Try Intimidation2016/04/22
Celebrating Terrorism, Palestinian Style2016/04/19
Palestinians: We Will Not Accept a Jewish Israel2016/04/15
Palestinians: Erasing Christian History2016/04/12
Hamas's New Way of Poisoning the Minds of Palestinian Children2016/04/08
Why the Palestinians Are Calling to Overthrow Abbas2016/04/06
Palestinians: Presidents for Life, No Elections2016/04/01
Palestinian Campuses "More Hamas than Hamas"2016/03/25
More Palestinian Empty Threats2016/03/21
Palestinians: Laughing Their Heads Off2016/03/14
Palestinians: Have The Donors Finally Woken Up?2016/03/08
Palestinians: We Want Our Own Knesset2016/03/01
U.S., Europe Fund Torture by Palestinian Authority2016/02/26
Palestinians: Kerry and the Game of Obfuscation2016/02/22
Palestinian Leaders: Who Are They Fooling?2016/02/17
Israel's Arabs: A Tale of Betrayal2016/02/11
Iran Infiltrates the West Bank2016/02/08
Hamas: The "Merchants of War" Who Seek to Destroy Israel2016/02/02
Palestinians: Is Abbas Losing Control?2016/01/26
Palestinians: Western Media's Ignorance and Bias2016/01/21
How (and Why) Palestinian Leaders Scare the World2016/01/15
ISIS Followers Plan to Take over Gaza Strip2016/01/12
Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Responsible for Torture2016/01/08
Palestinian Leaders Promise a New Year of Violence and Death2016/01/04
Palestinians' Biggest Tragedy: Failed Leadership2015/12/11
Who Is Stealing Palestinian Land?2015/12/04
When Will Obama and the West Listen to Hamas?2015/11/10
Why Palestinians Do Not Want Cameras on the Temple Mount2015/11/03
Iran's New Palestinian Terror Group: Al-Sabireen2015/10/28
Abbas Calls for Murder, Palestinians Attack2015/10/07
Abbas's Trap: The Big Bluff2015/10/02
Egypt's War on Terrorism Bears Fruit2015/09/23
UN Gives Palestinians Flags, But No Democracy2015/09/17
Jordan: We Do Not Want Palestinians2015/09/12
Does It Really Matter Who the Next Palestinian President Is?2015/09/08
Palestinians: Turning Refugee Camps into Weapons Warehouses2015/09/01
Egypt and the Hamas "Cockroaches"2015/08/26
Palestinians Flock to Islamic State2015/08/21
What Are Palestinians Doing With U.S. Money?2015/08/19
The Secret Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians2015/08/10
Who Is Destroying the Palestinian Dream?2015/08/03
Hamas's Child Abuse Camps2015/07/30
Palestinians: A Rare Voice of Sanity2015/07/30
Iran Deal Empowers Enemies of Peace2015/07/20
Why Palestinians Cannot Make Peace with Israel2015/07/13
When Palestinians Die in Jail2015/07/06
Who Is Damaging Relations Between Arabs and Jews?2015/07/03
Palestinians: Why Salam Fayyad Lacks Popular Support2015/06/30
The Palestinians' Real Strategy2015/06/22
BDS and Hamas: The New Partnership2015/06/12
Who Is Blocking Palestinian Elections?2015/06/04
Egypt's Blockade of Gaza2015/05/29
How Anti-Israel Incitement Backfires2015/05/25
Fatah's Armed Militias Warn Israelis: "You Must Leave!"2015/05/20
Palestinians' Anti-Peace Campaign2015/05/14
Palestinian Authority's "Crimes of High Treason"2015/05/12
Palestinians Need Reforms, Not Elections2015/05/04
The Palestinians No One Talks About2015/04/29
Palestinians Vote for Iran's New Ally: Hamas2015/04/24
Why Arabs Loathe Hezbollah2015/04/21
Hamas's Plan: A Hamas State of Palestine in Gaza (For Now)2015/04/17
Gaza: Egypt Responsible For Weapons Shortage2015/04/13
Why Palestinians in Yarmouk Are Unlucky2015/04/10
Arabs Blast "Obama's Deal" with Iran2015/04/04
Abbas Wants Arabs to Bomb Gaza Strip2015/03/31
Abbas Paving the Way to Turn West Bank into an Islamist State2015/03/20
Israelis prepare to vote; Palestinians prepare to fight2015/03/16
Palestinians: We Want Democratic Elections, Too2015/03/13
The Palestinians Want... Peace?2015/03/09
"Arab Joint Force": A Vote of No Confidence in the West2015/03/03
Arabs: Why is Obama Siding with Supporters of Terrorism?2015/02/26
Empowering Women, Palestinian-Style2015/02/24
Hamas's New Army of Children2015/02/18
The Palestinians' EU-Funded Campaign Against Israel2015/02/16
The Palestinians and Israeli Elections2015/02/10
Islamic State Joins Hamas, PA in Threatening Palestinian Journalists2015/02/05
U.S. Seen in Middle East as Ally of Terrorists2015/02/04
Why Is Hamas Smiling?2015/01/30
How Iran Is Encircling the Gulf and Israel2015/01/27
Islamic State Deepens Grip in Future Palestine2015/01/23
Hamas Forms "Liberation Army" in Gaza, Thanks to EU Support2015/01/21
Hamas, Palestinian Authority Step Up Human Rights Violations2015/01/09
What about Arab War Crimes against Palestinians?2015/01/05
Why Palestinians Opposed Abbas's Statehood Bid2014/12/31
What the Palestinian Authority Did Not Tell the UN Security Council2014/12/29
EU Gives Hamas Green Light to Attack Israel2014/12/22
EU Backs Palestinian Dictatorship2014/12/18
Palestinians Flee Hamas, Ask Israel to Imprison Them2014/12/12
ISIS in Gaza2014/12/05
Why a Palestinian State Will Become a Source of Instability2014/12/01
Hamas: Rebuild Gaza or We'll Attack Israel2014/11/24
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PA Tortures Journalists2008/12/17
Mahmoud Abbas: Crimes Against Humanity?2008/11/24
Palestinian Hot Winter2008/11/07
The Palestinians: Step By Step2008/10/29

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