My heritage is first generation and fifth generation from Baghdad

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Submitted by Gracie Hayeem Lerno, Dec 28, 2012 03:42

I was born in Bombay, India. My mother arrived with her father from Baghdad to marry my father. My father was already an established Baghdadian family five generations before. I have no knowledge of how his ancestors arrived. We believe it was by the same way my mother arrived, by boat. There was free connection and a lot of trade with Baghdad, Basraa, Bombay, and other cities in India. David Sasson, a prominent Baghdadian Jew, established great trade between Baghdad and Bombay. He is well known in Bombay and around the world. He was knighted by Queen Victoria and became known as Sir David Sasson. The David Sasson Library is now over 100 years old, as is the Bombay docks also named after him. There are many books written about him.

I am so very glad that Nabil Al-Hadairi represented the Jewish people. My mother had to escape from Iraq. Her uncle "Shafeek Adaas" was hung in the city square with many other Jews during the last part of the second war. My mother, who was already living in Bombay for ten years, cried a lot when she heard the sad news.

I think the cause you are standing for is so important. I would like to know more. There are many Iraqi Jews in Israel, London, Australia, America, and perhaps in many more countries of the world. I think in Homkong too.

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