Writings by Topic: Iraq

Title Author Date
Biden Must Abandon Plans to Withdraw US forces from Syria and IraqCon Coughlin2024/02/02
Iraq and Tehran's IllusionsAmir Taheri2023/06/11
Turkey Targeting Iraq, Syria, Cyprus, GreeceUzay Bulut2022/06/10
Iran Not Waiting for Nuclear Weapons to Destabilize the Middle EastKhaled Abu Toameh2022/06/01
Turkey Committing War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity – AgainUzay Bulut2022/03/07
Turkey's Airstrikes in Syria, IraqUzay Bulut2021/10/08
How Arabs Discriminate Against PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2021/03/19
Iraq: Turkey Set to Attack the Yazidis?Uzay Bulut2021/03/08
The Iran Mediation BazaarAmir Taheri2021/02/21
The Real Palestinian TragedyKhaled Abu Toameh2020/09/04
Iraq: Turkish Airstrikes Terrorize Christian and Yazidi NativesUzay Bulut2020/06/28
The Palestinians No One Tells You AboutKhaled Abu Toameh2020/06/19
ISIS Terrorists Cannot Be Allowed to Reclaim IraqCon Coughlin2020/06/18
Iran's Expanding Influence into Iraq's Christian AreasUzay Bulut2020/06/11
Forcing US Troops from Iraq Will be a Victory for ISIS, IranCon Coughlin2020/01/09
Iran Can No Longer Rely on Shia Militias to Fight its WarsCon Coughlin2020/01/02
Palestinians: 'Foreigners' in an Arab CountryKhaled Abu Toameh2019/12/24
Old Tricks and the Iraqi GenieAmir Taheri2019/11/17
The High Risks of Soleimani's Solution for IraqAmir Taheri2019/11/10
Middle East: The Anti-Iran Revolution is Well UnderwayCon Coughlin2019/11/07
In Middle East: Pull Down FacadesAmir Taheri2019/11/03
Iraq: Indigenous Christians Latest in Battle for Better Society, New GovernmentUzay Bulut2019/10/27
Israel Faces a Serious Escalation in its Proxy War with IranCon Coughlin2019/08/29
The Extinction of Christians in the Middle EastGiulio Meotti2019/08/18
Iran's Trojan Army Faces Challenge in IraqAmir Taheri2019/07/21
America's Loyal Syrian Kurdish Allies Evade AnnihilationMalcolm Lowe2018/12/31
Life Returning Slowly to Christian Homeland in IraqKenneth R. Timmerman2018/11/01
The Annihilation of Iraq's Christian MinorityRaymond Ibrahim2018/10/28
Years after Genocide, Yazidis Urgently Need HelpUzay Bulut2018/06/27
Iraq: The Banker, the Mullah, the Militia and the CookAmir Taheri2018/06/24
Iraqi Election Opens New ChapterAmir Taheri2018/05/20
Iraq Election: Weak Government, Strong SocietyAmir Taheri2018/05/11
Iraq's Christians: Eighty Percent Have "Disappeared"Giulio Meotti2018/04/01
Why Christians Need Self Rule in IraqUzay Bulut2018/03/30
Iraq: An Election of Conflicting InterestsAmir Taheri2018/02/25
Time for an Assyrian Regional Government in IraqUzay Bulut2017/11/05
Thanks to Obama, America is two steps behind Iran in Middle EastJohn R. Bolton2017/10/24
The Case for Assyrian IndependenceAmir George2017/10/22
Independence for KurdistanJohn R. Bolton2017/10/10
Kurdish Secession and Mysteries of IdentityAmir Taheri2017/10/08
Kurdish Referendum: What is the Lowdown?Amir Taheri2017/10/01
The Kurdish Referendum ImbroglioAmir Taheri2017/09/24
Strides in the Struggle for an Independent KurdistanLawrence A. Franklin2017/08/24
Tehran's New Scheme for IraqAmir Taheri2017/07/31
After Mosul: Iraq Faces Three ChallengesAmir Taheri2017/07/11
America Needs a Post-ISIS StrategyJohn R. Bolton2017/06/30
Looking the Wrong Way on IranShoshana Bryen2017/06/27
"The Judeo-Christian Community"Amir George2017/04/30
Turkey's Land-Grab Wish ListBurak Bekdil2016/10/20
Turkey's Dangerous Moves in IraqBurak Bekdil2016/10/11
Mideast Christian Suffering, U.S. DenialRaymond Ibrahim2016/01/31
5000-year-old Assyrian Culture Facing DevastationUzay Bulut2015/11/29
Who Ends Up with Iraq?Lawrence A. Franklin2015/03/10
Baghdad's DilemmaLawrence A. Franklin2014/12/31
Iraq: Iran's "Boots on the Ground"Lawrence A. Franklin2014/12/17
Encircling Baghdad: The Country that Became a City-StateLawrence A. Franklin2014/11/11
Britain's Female JihadistsSoeren Kern2014/09/21
Will Oil Make or Break the Islamic State?Ben Cohen2014/09/18
Extreme Wahhabism on Display in Shrine Destruction in MosulIrfan Al-Alawi2014/08/04
Who Checks the Fact-Checker?Peter Huessy2014/07/30
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Message as CaliphAymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi2014/07/02
U.S. Should Not Send Iraqi Jewish Archives to be Destroyed in IraqNabil Al-Haidari2013/12/18
The Redacted Iraqi JewsNabil al-Haidari2012/12/27
How to Help IraqHarold Rhode2012/04/16
PKK Encryption Team Caught in Northern IraqAK Group2012/03/19
The Implications of the Final US Withdrawal from Iraq for IsraelDore Gold2012/01/03
Ankara Advises Restraint in Iraq as Arrest Warrant Promises Further ConflictAK Group2011/12/23
Attacks against Christians in Iraq ContinueSuleyman Gultekin2011/12/19
"The Strongest Tribe" in IraqHarold Rhode2011/11/07
Neutrality No Option in Anti-PKK Fight, Turkey Tells Iraqi KurdsAK Group2011/11/01
U.S., Turkey Mull Post-Pullout for IraqAK Group2011/10/28
Turkish Jets Strike at PKK in IraqAK Group2011/08/23
Female Genital Mutilation "An Obligation" According to Iraqi Muslim ClericIrfan Al-Alawi2011/08/18
Demonstrations in Iraq: More Democracy or Less?Eli Amarilyo2011/07/25
Iraqi Kurds Inspired by Secession of South SudanAK Group2011/07/22
The Iraqi Government: Iranian Satrap or American Puppet?Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi2011/07/07
Iraqi Kurdistan Passes Law Against FGMIrfan Al-Alawi2011/06/27
Iraq: Will Sadr's Mahdi Army Return?Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi2011/04/25
The Aftermath of the Iraq War RevisitedAymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi2011/02/28
Iraqi Kurdistan Confronts Female Genital MutilationIrfan Al-Alawi2010/12/06
How Iraq Is Torpedoeing Its EconomyAymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi2010/12/01
Border Between Turkey and Iraq to be Drawn AgainAK Group2010/11/14
Iraq's Oil IndustryAymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi2010/10/11
Was the Iraq War Worth It?Richard Miniter2010/09/02
Iraq's FutureAymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi2010/07/16
For America, it's really all about IraqMichael Young2010/05/14
A Liberal, Secularist “Sadr” for Iraq?Kamal Richa2010/03/24
Iraq: Rumors SwirlNibras Kazimi2009/08/06
Iraq: Once Again, Who Is The Enemy?Nibras Kazimi2009/07/31
Iraq: Who Is In Charge?Nibras Kazimi2009/07/24
Iraq: Alliances GaloreNibras Kazimi2009/07/17
Iraq: Letter To AmericaJabr Al Jabouri2009/07/14
Iraq's BureaucracyNibras Kazimi2009/06/18
Iraq: A Landscape of Mass GravesNibras Kazimi2009/05/21
Iraq: Maliki Stuck?Nibras Kazimi2009/05/14
Dodging 'Democracy' in IraqNibras Kazimi2009/05/08
Iraq: Trouble for MalikiNibras Kazimi2009/04/24
Who is Pushing for an Arab-Kurd Escalation in Iraq?Nibras Kazimi2009/04/16
Iraq Withdrawal: Wishful ThinkingNibras Kazimi2009/03/05
Iraq's Provincial Election Results: Going by the NumbersNibras Kazimi2009/02/12
Iraq: Will Maliki Complete His Term in Office?Nibras Kazimi2009/01/29
Iraq's Provincial Elections (III of III)Nibras Kazimi2009/01/22
Iraq's Provincial Elections (II of III)Nibras Kazimi2009/01/15
Iraq’s Provincial Elections (I of III)Nibras Kazimi2009/01/08
Iraq: The Trailblazer CandidateNibras Kazimi2008/12/04
Iraq: Withdrawing The Bureaucrats And The MediaNibras Kazimi2008/11/20
Next Step: Which Definition of Iraqi Patriotism?Nibras Kazimi2008/10/30

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