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In Muslim enclaves of Sydney, Australia, Christians are regularly warned not to wear Christian symbols. A Greek Orthodox man wearing a crucifix necklace was recently violently assaulted on a train in Sydney by four Muslim men who ripped the cross from around his neck, threw it to the ground and stomped on it, while yelling "F*** Jesus"; this from an exhaustive monthly overview of the persecution of Christians by Muslims, written by Gatestone's Raymond Ibrahim and published this week.

Across Europe, jihadists who are openly dedicated to murdering "infidels" and destroying Western civilization are collecting millions in social welfare payments – what Britain's infamous Anjem Choudary described as his "Jihad seeker's allowance"; so writes Gatestone's Soeren Kern in an in-depth report published today.

The surge in violent assaults against Jews in Europe, with Muslims being the chief perpetrators, has led to alarming poll results: Almost 50% of French Jews have considered emigrating because they feel imperiled in their own country; for Germany the figure is 25%, and for Sweden and Britain it is just under 20%; so reports Bruce Bawer for Gatestone, in a sobering dispatch on anti-Semitism in Europe, published last week.

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