In matters the media may have not reported on this week, just in case you missed it, were thoughts from Timon Dias on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency [UNRWA], whose support of the Palestinians not only enables the continuance of an education soaked in violence, but is likely preventing peace: "If the entire Palestinian Authority leadership lives off an international welfare check that arrives only because the conflict still exists, "Dias asks, "where is the incentive for ending the conflict?"

In the U.S., in 1968, when the inner cities were on fire - -"Burn, Baby, Burn" -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then working at the White House, apparently let it be know that as federal funds were limited, they would only go to the cities that acted the most responsibly. All riots stopped that instant. What if the U.S. and other funders adopted the same policy?

The Europeans, says Ali Salim , do not really care about the Palestinians unless intervening can be accompanied by "Jew-bashing. " There almost never is, he says, any mention in reports on the Middle East of the treatment of women and children; discrimination; exploitation; slavery and other crimes against humanity.

More and more, Raymond Ibrahim points out, governments run by radical political Islamists are using threats against persecuted Christians and other minorities to force them to vote for leaders who will only keep on persecuting them. Countries holding these sham elections should probably be downgraded for shamminess, rather than upgraded for providing merely the illusion and false hope of democratic reform.

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