I am 42 yr old Saudi female physician, divorced, and mother of three teenagers, and arrived back in Saudi Arabia on 3/2007, after obtaining higher medical training in the USA and working full time at a top private center. Since 3/2007, I never boarded a plane.

I wrote an article back in July 2009, using a cover up name and managed to remove travel ban obstruction opposed by my ex-husband after nearly two years. Then I applied for a replacement of lost passport in the fall of last year.

I also sent out several letters to the Ministry of Interior requesting a replacement passport without need of male guardian.There was no luck obviously, and response was "need male guardian, regardless of age, education, job title, or marital status."

Officials were nice enough to accept my teenage son as male guardian; things were okay till my Father who is retired, showed up and protested that he retains higher male guardian authority (I live with my Mother and mother's side brothers) and he declared that he has my lost passport -!- and simply does not want to issue a passport for me, although several of my father 's side bothers and sisters are abroad studying. I feel like a ball being thrown from one side to the other.

I cannot renew my medical license without attending conferences or seminars; also I am sending my son to college, supporting him financially and definitely want to be there for him step by step till he settles.

I am also financially supporting my mother and covering up for my kids' needs. This is outrageous: I am in charge of human lives, but not my own life. Jailed in simply because I am divorced from the person my father chose for me. In spite he is married now with new kids. My father who is in his late 60s, disliked by my other brothers for his outrageous interference in our lives, is holding this on me. And when my other brothers and family members tried to help, he wrote a letter with alot of nonsense wanting me to sign, and he may or may not grant me my passport.

Is there any way out?

Comments on this website, below, would be so appreciated.

There are a lot like me, but do not have the courage to express.


Dr. Fadha Sultan

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