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The United States administration regularly refers to Turkey as a "strategic partner." Yet the U.S. administration suspended the sale of arms to Turkey after having been influenced by the Jewish lobby in the U.S. Congress. Turkey's ambassador in Washington, Namık Tan, said the Obama administration did not send the agreement on the sale of Reaper and Cobra helicopters to the U.S. Congress, making it impossible for Turkey to receive the arms.

According to Tan, the U.S. decision came after the voting on Iran and the crisis with Israel. Tan said Turkey informed the U.S. State Department about its unhappiness over the matter.


The United States will not be participating in the "Anatolian Eagle" exercise hosted by the Turkish Air Forces from Oct. 11-22 because the drills will be conducted at the national level, an embassy spokesperson said Wednesday.

"We were part of the planning conferences for Anatolian Eagle 10/3. However, there were no other international participants and because our aircraft were assigned for other missions, we will not be able to participate in the exercise," the spokesperson told the Hürriyet Daily News.

Some news reports in the Turkish press claimed that the United States told Turkey it would not attend the exercise if Israel were not invited, citing Turkish military officials who expressed concerns that other international participants would hesitate to join the drills if Washington withdrew.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry, however, denied the claims, saying they did not reflect the truth of the matter. "We were not informed of such a development by the United States," a senior diplomat told the Daily News.

The multinational NATO "Anatolian Eagle" exercise is hosted by the Turkish Air Forces and is aimed at boosting aerial cooperation and training air forces of other participatory countries. The exercises have been performed since the first Anatolian Eagle, or AE-01, in June 2001. Two of the three planned Anatolian Eagle exercises for 2010 took place in April and June. The remaining one, Anatolian Eagle 10/3, will run from Oct. 11 to 22.

"The United States historically participates in two international exercises in Turkey each year. This year we have already done the two," said the U.S. embassy spokesperson.

The United States sent aircraft to Turkey for Anatolian Falcon 2010/02 exercise in central Anatolia and participated in the Anatolian Eagle 10/2 exercise. Both took place in June.

"We were also part of the planning conferences for Anatolian Eagle 10/3 in October," said the spokesperson, clarifying the reason for the U.S.' non-participation in the October drills were the lack of international participants and U.S. aircrafts' other missions.

It was, however, not immediately clear if the Anatolian Eagle exercise in the fall will be multinational. Turkish officials told the Daily News that no invitation has been extended to Israel.

"We have a clear stance regarding our relations with Israel. Our expectations continue," said an official, referring to Turkey's earlier demands for an apology and compensation from Israel after its deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.

The government decided to freeze all military exercises with Israel in response to the killing of nine people by Israeli commandos in May. Last year, Ankara excluded Tel Aviv from the same exercise, which prompted other NATO countries, the U.S. and Italy, to withdraw from the drills. Turkey had to conduct the exercise on a national instead of an international level.

As last year's event occurred before the Mavi Marmara crisis, the government's opposition to the Israeli participation in the 2009 exercise was linked to its Gaza offensive and came as a result of government pressure on the military to postpone the drills.


Turkey's term presidency at the United Nations Security Council begins Wednesday. The council's agenda in September is heavily loaded. Turkey will chair two high-level meetings at the council.


The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Wednesday hailed the resumption of direct talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians to find a solution to the Middle East dispute.

"We welcome the commencement of direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians as a result of U.S. efforts, following a long deadlock in the Middle East peace process," said a written statement released by the ministry.

The ministry, however, warned against any unilateral actions, saying they could hamper the delicate process.

"It is highly important that throughout the talks, unilateral actions which could negatively affect the process are avoided and the situation on the ground is improved. In this framework, constructive contributions to the process by the international community as well as regional countries are essential," it said.

The ministry also emphasized that Turkey, as in the past, will continue to support all efforts that seek to establish a just, durable and comprehensive peace in the Middle East


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan commented on the headscarf issue again and made a call to Republican People's Party (CHP) chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. "We are talking about the freedom of education and faith with you. If you are honest and sincere, Sept. 13 is the earliest possible date. Let us sit down, make a decision and take a step," Erdoğan said.


Denmark has filed its first lawsuit against the terrorist PKK's media outlet, Roj TV, on the claim that the channel supports terrorism. Danish prosecutor Lise Notte Nilas said Roj TV's broadcasts eulogizing the PKK constituted the grounds for the case filed against the TV channel.

After the case was announced, police conducted an operation on the Roj TV headquarters. Authorities are now expected to suspend the TV channel's broadcasts until the case is concluded.

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