Writings by AK Group

Title Date
Assad Makes Tactical Move By Pledging Peace, Erdogan Says2012/03/30
Syria Accepts Annan Plan To End Strife2012/03/29
Turkey Pushes Syrian Dissidents For Unity2012/03/28
SNC Could Become Syria's Representative, Dissident Says2012/03/27
U.S. Helping Turkey Reduce Dependence on Iranian Oil2012/03/26
U.S. Exempts 11 Nations From Iran Sanctions, But Not Ally Turkey2012/03/23
Report Slams Turkey On Religious Rights2012/03/22
Turkey Eyes Uniting Divided Dissidents2012/03/21
No Plans To Swap Turkish Journalists For Syrian Generals, Foreign Minister Says2012/03/20
PKK Encryption Team Caught in Northern Iraq2012/03/19
Assad Regime Gains Momentum As Opposition Shows Signs Of Division2012/03/16
Syria Laying Mines Near Lebanon, Turkey Borders2012/03/15
Journalists Freed After 375 Days Behind Bars2012/03/14
Annan Exits Syria Without Deal, But Leaves Behind 'Concrete Proposals'2012/03/13
Explosives Discovered in Cities Hint at PKK's Bloody Plans for Nevruz2012/03/12
Turkey Seeks Parliamentary Authorization to Avert Syrian Threat2012/03/09
Erdogan Calls for Humanitarian Aid Corridors into Syria2012/03/08
Turkey Maintains France Sanctions Despite New Ruling on Genocide Bill2012/03/07
People Hungry for Justice in New Constitutional Charter2012/03/06
Russia, Iran Must Yield to Syria Peace Efforts, Gul Says2012/03/05
Turkish, Azerbaijani, Iranian Foreign Ministers to Gather For Tripartite Meeting2012/03/02
Syrian Regime Wants to Save Itself by Pledging Democracy, Turkey Says2012/03/01
New CHP Road Map Vows More Freedom2012/02/29
Republican People's Party Strives for 'New CHP'2012/02/28
Row May Hurt Turkish Intel's Credibility, Parliamentary Speaker Says2012/02/27
CPJ Slams Legal Treatment of Scribes in Turkey2012/02/24
Turkey Violated Free Speech in Defamation Ruling, European Court Says2012/02/23
Turkish Intel Crisis Devised to Manipulate Politics, Research Company Head Says2012/02/22
No One Should Pray for a Crisis, Erdogan Says2012/02/21
Turkey Passes Bill to Shield Agents from Prosecution2012/02/20
First Islamic Version of Facebook Aims to Create 'Halal' Field for Muslims2012/02/17
Turkey Sticks with Iran Oil after Saudi Talks2012/02/16
Ankara Divided Over Legal Shield for Intel2012/02/15
NATO to Iran: Don't Worry about Missile Shield, Unless Planning Attack2012/02/14
Government Shields Intel by Changing Law2012/02/13
Turkey Calls for International Conference on Syria2012/02/10
Turkey's Intel Chief a Suspect in Terror Case2012/02/09
Israel Undecided on Attacking Iran2012/02/08
If Armenian 'Genocide' Proven, Turkey will Apologize, Bagis Says2012/02/07
French Army Change Route After Turkey Ban2012/02/06
Turkey Warns Europe Against Mounting Racism, Islamophobia2012/02/03
Turkey Rejoices as 'Genocide' Bill Put on Hold in France2012/02/02
Yerevan Wants Turkey Out of Karabakh Solution Process2012/02/01
Number of Imprisoned Journalists Increases in Turkey2012/01/31
Debate on Free Press Heats up in Ankara2012/01/30
Amnesty International Says French Genocide Bill Threatens Free Speech2012/01/27
UN Cyprus Talks Yield No Result2012/01/26
UN Pushes for Cyprus Deal Before Mid-Year2012/01/25
Turkish Ties with France Face Crucial Test on 'Genocide' Bill2012/01/24
Thousands Protest Dink Murder on Fifth Anniversary2012/01/23
Government Forces to Make Overhaul in Judiciary2012/01/20
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Could be Planning Attack in Turkey2012/01/19
U.S. Vendors Near Monopolies in Turkey's Arms Acquisitions2012/01/18
Investigation a Shame for Democracy, CHP Leader Says2012/01/17
Turkey Not Bound by U.S. Sanctions on Iran2012/01/16
CHP Lawmakers Follow Leader in Immunity Protest2012/01/13
Erdogan Defends Chief of General Staff, Bashes BDP2012/01/12
Norwegian Prime Minister Slams Turkey Over Free Press2012/01/11
U.S. Official in Ankara as Iran Tensions Soar2012/01/10
Prominent Investigative Journalists on Trial for Alleged Links to Ergenekon2012/01/09
Davutoglu Warns of 'Regional Cold War'2012/01/06
Israel, Palestine Hold 'Positive' Talks2012/01/05
Constitution Drive Set to Dominate 2012 Agenda2012/01/03
Showdown between U.S., Iran Over Hormuz Worsening2012/01/02
U.S., EU Rebuff Iran's Hormuz Passing Threat2011/12/30
Syria Hiding Detainees from Observers, Human Rights Watch Says2011/12/29
Azerbaijani Gas Deal will Tighten Turkey's Energy Corridor Role2011/12/28
Turkish Warships Shell Narrow Water Between Israeli, Cypriot Gas Fields2011/12/27
'Genocide' Bill Passes Despite Low Turnout2011/12/26
Ankara Advises Restraint in Iraq as Arrest Warrant Promises Further Conflict2011/12/23
Turkey Reaffirms Its Support for Palestinian Cause2011/12/22
'Legal Shield' for Input in Charter Works Rejected2011/12/21
Deputy Prime Minister Denies Reports of PKK Contact2011/12/20
High Military Council Discusses Readiness for Combat2011/12/19
Salehi Comforts Ankara Over NATO Shield Threats2011/12/16
Russia Eyes Joint Drive with Turkey on Rights2011/12/15
First Europe, Then Turkey, Sarkozy Says2011/12/14
AKP's Insistence on Passing Match-Fixing Law Causes Frustration2011/12/13
Tensions Escalate Along Turkish-Syrian Border2011/12/12
Charter Panel Wants Input from Minority Spiritual Leaders2011/12/09
Syria Reports Gunbattle on Turkish Border2011/12/08
Syrian Regime Holds War Games in Show of Force2011/12/07
Regional Free Zone Attempt Nixed With Turkish Sanctions on Syria2011/12/05
Dissidents from Syria Reveal Action Strategy2011/12/02
Turkey Unveils Sanctions on Syria2011/12/01
Turkey to Impose 'Step-by-Step' Sanctions on Syria2011/11/30
Turkey to Declare Sanctions on Syria2011/11/29
Technocrat Governments Risk Democracy, Turkey's EU Minister Says2011/11/28
Israel a Burden on its Allies, Turkish President Says2011/11/25
Court Refuses to Free Scribes2011/11/24
Turkish Journalists Stand Trial2011/11/23
Al-Assad Vows No Exit as Arab Deadline Passes2011/11/22
Main Opposition Seeks to Contain Dersim Row2011/11/21
BDP Recruiting for PKK, Erdogan Says2011/11/18
Freedom of Speech under European Scrutiny2011/11/17
Syrian Opposition Deepens Turkish Ties, Awaits Arab League Recognition2011/11/16
Turkey Calls for Unity Against Syrian Regime2011/11/15
Erdogan Cites Kemalism on Solving Kurdish Issue2011/11/14
Ahmadinejad: 'We Do Not Need a Bomb,' Denies Iran in Possession of One2011/11/11
Parties Agree on Road Map for Turkey's New Charter2011/11/07
Let Them Come: Defiant Iran Challenges Israel2011/11/04
Erdogan Says Syria's 'Glorious Resistance' Will Succeed2011/11/03
Arab Spring Risks Bearing Islamist Fruit, CHP Warns2011/11/02
Neutrality No Option in Anti-PKK Fight, Turkey Tells Iraqi Kurds2011/11/01
Tunisia Uses Turkey as Model for Democracy2011/10/31
U.S., Turkey Mull Post-Pullout for Iraq2011/10/28
Disagreements Hold up Charter Sub-Panel2011/10/27
Aid Teams Reach Earthquake Zone2011/10/26
217 Dead, More Than 700 Wounded in 7.2 Earthquake in Eastern Turkey2011/10/25
Turkey Steps up PKK Offensive2011/10/24
Ankara Vows 'Immense Revenge' for PKK Attacks2011/10/21
Turkish Charter Panel Convenes as Cracks Emerge2011/10/20
CHP Holds EU Responsible for Democracy in Turkey2011/10/19
President Gul Visits Border Troops2011/10/18
Reconciliation Commission Meeting Postponed a Week2011/10/17
NATO Radar Will Lure Iran to the Negotiation Table, Henry Kissinger Says2011/10/14
Turkish Government, Opposition Join in Slamming Sarkozy2011/10/13
Charter Panel to Start Work on Turkey's New Constitution2011/10/12
Radar Deal Triggers Benefits in Weaponry for Turkey2011/10/11
Turkey, France to Jointly Fight Terrorism2011/10/10
Turkish Prime Minister Slams Israel, Syria2011/10/07
Turkish Parliament to Vote on Cross-Border Raids2011/10/06
Political Parties Asked to Pick Charter Panel Names2011/10/05
PKK Attacks Despite Peace Efforts, NATO Says2011/10/04
Erdogan Sets New Charter Target for 20122011/10/03
Turkey Snubs EU; U.S. Calls for Cyprus Thaw2011/09/30
Turkey, France Set To Sign Anti-Terrorism Agreement2011/09/29
Turkey Seeks Simultaneous Drilling Halt2011/09/27
Turkish Prime Minister Calls for 'Pressure' on Israel to Make Peace2011/09/26
Turkish Prime Minister Cuts All Ties with Syria2011/09/23
Erdoğan 'Like a Rock Star,' Obama's Trade Guru Says2011/09/22
Fifteen Injured in Explosion in Downtown Ankara2011/09/21
Turkey Blocks Israeli Bid for Opening NATO Office2011/09/20
BDP Signals Boycott End2011/09/19
Greek Cyprus Vows to Block Turkey-EU Energy Talks in Gas Row2011/09/16
Illegal Tape Alleges Secret PKK Talks2011/09/15
Turkish Prime Minister Will Not Visit Gaza2011/09/14
Erdogan Visits Cairo, Israel Not Interested in Conflict2011/09/13
Turkish Minister: Israel Acts Like Somali Pirates2011/09/12
Israel Says Turkey Row Will Pass2011/09/09
U.S. Concerned with Turkish-Israeli Relations, Spokeswoman Says2011/09/08
Turkish Prime Minister Faces Hurdles Over Gaza-Planned Visit2011/09/07
Ex-General's Alleged Tape Scandal Deepens2011/08/29
Turkey to Libya: Don't Destroy New Country2011/08/26
Davutoglu Delivers Promised Aid to Libyan Opposition2011/08/25
Turkish Spokesman Says Latest Operations Successful2011/08/24
Turkish Jets Strike at PKK in Iraq2011/08/23
Turkey Security Council Recommends Drastic Measures in Anti-Terrorism Fight2011/08/22
Turkish Government Strikes PKK After 9 Killed in Attack2011/08/19
Iranian, U.S. Envoys Flock to Prime Minister's Office2011/08/18
Erdogan Warns PKK Tougher Measures to Come After Ramadan2011/08/17
Iran Claims Capture of Wanted Terrorist, Ankara Put on Alert2011/08/16
Syrian Troops Storm Town Near Turkish Border2011/08/15
Syria Withdraws Tanks from Hama, Turkey Still Cautious2011/08/12
Turkish Foreign Minister Receives Chilly Welcome in Syria2011/08/11
New Turkish Charter Must Last Test of Time, Speaker Says2011/08/10
Turkish Premier Sending Foreign Minister to up Pressure on Syria2011/08/09
President Gul Approves Turkey' New Top Military Brass2011/08/08
Turkey Trading 'Soldier's Bayonet' for PM's 'Truncheon,' CHP Says2011/08/05
Top Council Tries to Solve Army Quandry2011/08/04
Erdoğan presses for power shift from army2011/08/03
Turkish Government Set to Reshape Army2011/08/02
Journalist Punished for Writing Corruption Story2011/08/01
Turkish PM Seeks Apology From Armenian President2011/07/29
Turkey, Iran Step Up Fight Against PKK, PJAK2011/07/28
Syrian Government to Adopt Multi-Party System2011/07/27
Further Chill in Store if Israel Rebuffs Apology2011/07/26
Iraqi Kurds Inspired by Secession of South Sudan2011/07/22
Top AKP Official Calls for Curb on Spending in Turkey2011/07/21
New CIA Chief Holds Terror Talks in Turkish Capital2011/07/20
Israel Defense Officials Want Turkish Ties Repaired, Report Says2011/07/19
Erdogan Expresses Hope for Consensus with BDP on Oath-Taking2011/07/15
Turkey Reiterates Conditions to Mend Israel Ties2011/07/14
Turkish Opposition Lawmakers Take Parliamentary Oath2011/07/13
Turkish President Puts De Facto End to Oath-Taking Crisis2011/07/12
Turkey, Israel Still at Table Despite Deadlock2011/07/11
UN Report on Mavi Marmara Postponed; Israel, Turkey Fail to Reach Consensus2011/07/08
Emphasis Placed on Word Choice in Turkish-Israeli Negotiations2011/07/07
Ankara Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Libyan Government2011/07/06
U.S. Presses for Opposition Dialogue With Assad, Report Says2011/07/05
Mavi Marmara Inquiry Hasn't Reached Israel2011/07/01
U.S. Spokesperson: Turkey-Syria Border Needs to Stay Open2011/06/30
Israel Warms to Turkey After Flotilla Withdrawal2011/06/29
Ankara Urges Palestinian Groups to Unite to Keep Leverage2011/06/27
Ankara Hosts Talks on Palestinian Unity2011/06/24
U.S. Shares Turkey's Concern Over Syria2011/06/23
Syrians: Assad Did Not Keep His Word2011/06/21
Turkey Gives Syria Final Warning for Reform2011/06/20
Syria Calls on Refugees in Turkey to Return2011/06/17
Refugees Suffer as Turkey Presses Syria2011/06/16
Turkey's New Lawmakers to Take Office in June2011/06/15
Results of the Turkish Elections2011/06/14
U.S. to Turkey: Bomb Libya2011/06/13
Turkey Calls for 'Peaceful Transition,' Readies for Syrian Exodus2011/06/10
"AKP [Ruling Party] Trying to Write Its Own Constitution"2011/06/09
Opposition: "We Dream of a Turkey Where Everyone Can Say What They Think Freely"2011/06/08
Erdogan a "Fragile, Domineering and Authoritarian Leader"2011/06/07
"Religious Unity" instead of "Ethnic Identity"2011/06/03
"596 People Put on Trial for Expressing Their Thoughts. How Can Such a Country Be Democratic?"2011/06/02
"We Are All Waiting for the Allegations To Be Made Public"2011/06/02
Why Not Deliver Aid to Gaza Through Legitimate Crossings?2011/05/31
Turkish Election Polls2011/05/31
Turkish Ruling Party Tries to "Protect" Young People (to Age 24) from Alcohol Consumption2011/05/31
"Are the Tapes Made and Leaked by Foreign Intelligence Services?"2011/05/26
"Polygamy Should be Legal"2011/05/25
Turkish Government Not Taking action to Find Perpetrators2011/05/24
AKP Accused of Threatening to Cancel Social Aid2011/05/23
Turkey Issues Threat to the US2011/05/19
Business World Scared of Authoritarian Government2011/05/18
Thousands Rally Against Censorship in Turkey2011/05/17
Rift Appears Over Gaza Flotilla Report2011/05/16
Prize to Gulen from the United States2011/05/13
Ahmadinejad: "We Are Ready For Contact"2011/05/12
"Secular Societies" Key for Mideast Transition, Says US Congressman2011/05/11
Turkish Foreign Minister Promotes Marxist Values2011/05/10
Erdogan Criticizes Media for Terrorist Propaganda2011/05/09
Deadly Attack on Motorcade of Turkish PM2011/05/06
Turkey Urges Gadhafi To Leave Libya2011/05/05
Turkey Raids Offices of Opposition Leader, Seizes Documents, Makes Arrests2011/05/04
Turkish Premier Says Turkey Does Not Want the Separation of Syria2011/05/03
Turkey Could Abolish Controversial Law on the Military2011/05/02
US Asks Turkey for Help against Iran and Libya2011/04/29
Turkish NGOs Protest Syria's Al-Assad2011/04/28
Turkey's Top Court Chief Highlights Election-Threshold Concerns2011/04/28
Turkish Daily Press - April 25, 20112011/04/26
No Vehicles Could be Found to Transport [journalist Sik] from Jail to the Courthouse2011/04/25
Turkey Got Tired2011/04/22
Turmoil in Turkey: "There is No Law"2011/04/21
For Iranian Firms, Turkey Replacing Dubai2011/04/20
Turkey Opens New Border Crossing With Iran2011/04/19
Turkish PM Says U.S. State Dept Made His Daughter Take Off Her Headscarf to Get a Visa; State Wobbles in Response2011/04/15
Israel Asks Turkey to Stop Gaza-Bound Flotilla2011/04/14
Turkey Prepares New Gaza Flotilla2011/04/13
Turkey to Mediate Between Hamas and Fatah2011/04/12
Taliban Gets Approval to Open Turkish Office2011/04/11
Turkey 'More Democratic' Than Some EU Members2011/04/08
Turkish Intelligence Agency Seeks 'The Mole Within'2011/04/06
Austria Demands Recall of Turkey's Ambassador2011/04/05
Turkey's Top Banker Resigns After Criticizing Islamist Government's 'Police Tactics'2011/04/04
Ergenekon Prosecutor Suddenly Re-Assigned2011/04/01
Turkey and Iran Will Form Partnership, Deputy PM Says2011/03/31
'Secret Evidence' published in pro-government dailies as defense team denied access2011/03/30
Turkey's Core Doctrine of 'Secularism' to be Rewritten2011/03/29
Turkish Police Raid Printing House, Erase Unpublished Book2011/03/28
Turkey Sought to Mediate Between Gadafi and Rebels2011/03/25
French, Russian Leaders Faulted for Using the Word 'Crusade'2011/03/24
Turkey Sets 4 Conditions on Libyan Air Operations2011/03/23
Turkey's PM: Gadhafi Should Have Stepped Aside2011/03/22
In a Controversial Move, Islamist Party to Run Candidates in Headscarves2011/03/21
Allegedly Carrying Nuclear Weapons, Iranian Plane Forced to Land in Turkey2011/03/18
Relative of Muslim Brotherhood Founder Says Turkey is 'Not a Model' for Arab Democracies2011/03/17
Tunisia Won't Use Islamist-Led Turkey as a Model, Rebel Leader Says2011/03/16
While Thousands Protest, Former Turkish PM Faults Islamist Government2011/03/15
Evidence, Denied to Jailed Journalists, is Published in Pro-Islamist Dailies2011/03/14
Accused Held on 'Secret Evidence' in Turkey2011/03/11
Turkish Women Protest Honor Killings2011/03/10
Turkish Crackdown on Critics of Islamist Government Widens2011/03/09
Turkish Journalists Suspected of "Thought Crimes"2011/03/08
Islamist Ruling Party is Turning Turkey Into "A Police State," Opposition Leader Says2011/03/07
Turkey's Islamists Order Police Searches of Opposition Leaders2011/03/04
Turkey Opposes No-Fly Zone Over Libya and U.N. Sanctions2011/03/03
Turkish PM Erdogan: No Role for NATO in Libya2011/03/03
Turkish PM: "Islamophobia is a Crime Against Humanity as Much as Anti-Semitism is"2011/03/01
Libyan Snipers Take Aim as Turkey Begins Record Evacuation2011/02/25
Turks Launch Massive Evacuation From Libya2011/02/24
Erdogan Declares Opposition "Defeated" Before Election Begins2011/02/23
3,000 March to Protest Islamist Government in Turkey2011/02/22
Opposition Leaders and Journalists Are Among the 3,000 Illegally Wiretapped by Islamist Government2011/02/18
Turkey Arrests Opposition Journalists Amid Furor2011/02/17
Turkish Banks Urged by President to Ignore U.S. Embargo of Iran2011/02/16
Turkish President: The "Whole Islamic World Needs Reform"2011/02/15
Key Leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Visits Turkey2011/02/14
Turkish Parliament Adopts Islamist Court-Packing Plan2011/02/11
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Border Between Turkey and Iraq to be Drawn Again2010/11/14
Turkish Daily Press - November 11, 20102010/11/12
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