Once again, conservative Muslims and Islamists believe that the West hates Islam and Muslims. For example, Alaa Al-Aswani, an Egyptian Islamist, asks in an article for the German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung (July 10) “Does the West hate Islam?” and answers the question with a big “YES”.

Publishing Al-Aswani’s article in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung is typical of German mainstream media. They publish such propagandistic articles. On the other hand, articles filled with naked facts about Islam and radical Muslims are rejected. They might “scratch the sensitive feelings of Muslims”.

However, Westerners informed about Islam would dismiss Al-Aswani’s article as sheer propaganda.

The truth of the matter is nobody hates Islam or Muslims as long as they act peacefully and abide by the law. Everyone is entitled to believe in whatever they please.

The evidence for Al-Aswani is clear. A German Russian, Alex W., killed a Muslim woman, called Marwa Al-Sherbini. According to Al-Aswani, Alex killed the woman because she was a Muslim wearing a headscarf (hijab). Demonstrators in Egypt and imams at Al Azhar University hailed Al Sherbini as a “martyr of Hijab”.

Al-Aswani concludes, Westerners hate Islam and Muslims because they are ill-informed; “Westerners” have “a distorted picture of Islam” he alleges. They only know Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban. These radicals, according to Al-Aswani, do not represent “true” Islam.

What is then true Islam? Al-Aswani claims that “Islam is a message of freedom, justice, and equality.”

However, the Koran and Hadith are filled with passages inciting to hatred, violence, and discrimination against women and non-Muslims. Radical Muslims are simply applying what Islam incites to.

In more than 200 verses, the Koran “preaches” maiming, fighting, and antagonizing the Jews and Christians, and all the “unbelievers”, i.e. non-Muslims. Muslims who turn their back to Islam are branded as apostates and deserve to be killed. Muslim men are urged to beat their wives if they do not obey them. The Hadith describes women as deficient in intelligence and religion.

For further details, check out “Is Islam a Violent Faith”, link: http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.2287/pub_detail.asp and “Women in Hadith” link: http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.2752/pub_detail.asp

What kind of “freedom, justice, and equality” is Al-Aswani talking about?

The epitome of fact-twisting is when Al-Aswani alleges that Aisha was nineteen years old and not nine when the prophet Muhammad married her. Since the inception of Islam, Muslim historical scriptures stress repeatedly that Aisha was nine when Muhammad married her.

It is not Westerners who are ill-informed, it is Al-Aswani himself.

Al-Aswani also states that Muhammad was such a “mellow, peaceful, tolerant man”. He used to allow his grandsons Hassan and Hussain to climb on his back while he was praying. Again, it is not Westerners who are not properly informed, it is Al-Aswani. Had he read the Koran and the Hadith, he would have found that Muhammad waged bloody egregious wars against his enemies, killing women, children and elderly people.

Undoubtedly, killing Marwa Al-Sherbini was a crime. But it has nothing to do with Islam and hate of this faith. Lots of such crimes happen daily against Christians, Jews, Hindus, and so on, and nobody would come across the idea of branding the killers as anti-Christian, or anti-Jewish.

Most recently, a Muslim Turk killed a (Christian) woman in Minden, Germany, but nobody claimed that the man murdered the woman because Muslims hate Christianity and Christians.

Three German (Christian) soldiers were lately killed by Muslim Taliban, but nobody claimed that they were murdered because Muslims hate Christians.

To add insult to injury, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and her foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier rushed to apologize to the Egyptian government for a crime committed by a German “fanatic” against a Muslim woman. This kind of apology underlines the Islamist claim, “the crime was motivated by hatred against Islam.”

In other words, killing a Christian is an ordinary crime. But killing a Muslim is motivated by hatred against Islam.

Playing the victim as an Islamist propagandistic strategy is working in the West in a bid to advance the agenda of radical Islam. All, schools, courts, politics, and the mainstream media are slowly but steadily being intimidated by this strategy: critics of Islam and Islamists are muzzled and indicted as “racist”.

Radical Muslims are irrational and fanatic, following stone-aged tenets. Yet many Westerners - for petrodollars and geopolitical interests - are prepared to condone all that in favor of a cemetery peace.

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