Writings by Topic: Germany

Title Author Date
Global Prospects: A German ViewAmir Taheri2022/12/18
Germany Selling Critical Infrastructure to ChinaJohn Richardson2022/11/03
When German Environmentalists and Putin's Government Had a Burning Love AffairDrieu Godefridi2022/09/08
Ukraine War: The Moral Corruption of Germany's Political EliteSoeren Kern2022/04/13
Germany, in Historic Reversal, Abandons Pro-Putin Russia PolicySoeren Kern2022/03/01
Germany's New Government: Business as Usual with ChinaSoeren Kern2021/12/31
Germany's Multicultural SuicideGiulio Meotti2021/12/08
Germany's Coalition Agreement: A "Lowest Common Denominator" DealSoeren Kern2021/11/30
Germany: Cologne Mosques to Begin Outdoor Broadcasting of Muslim Call to PrayerSoeren Kern2021/10/14
Biden Administration "Surrenders" to Germany on Russian Gas PipelineSoeren Kern2021/08/04
Germany's Ban of the Hamas Flag: "A Superficial Measure"Soeren Kern2021/07/01
Germany's Failed Hezbollah BanSoeren Kern2021/06/16
Germany: New Strategy to Combat 'Political Islamism'Soeren Kern2021/05/27
Germany: Covid-19 Triggers New Wave of Anti-SemitismSoeren Kern2021/02/24
Germany: Meet Angela Merkel's Second SuccessorSoeren Kern2021/01/27
Germany's "Shameful" Two Years on the UN Security CouncilSoeren Kern2021/01/01
U.S. "Driving Stake Through Heart" of German-Russian PipelineSoeren Kern2020/12/28
See No Evil: Europe Supports Genocidal Regime in IranBenjamin Weinthal2020/10/28
Germany's Continuing Anti-Semitism ProblemJohn Richardson2020/07/04
Germany: U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell's Legacy of SuccessSoeren Kern2020/05/28
Germany Takes Back its Sovereignty from the European UnionSoeren Kern2020/05/18
Germany Allows Mullahs' Terror Banks Amid CoronavirusMajid Rafizadeh2020/05/04
Germany's Partial Ban of Hezbollah: A Half-MeasureSoeren Kern2020/05/02
Germany: Still Too Much Free Speech, Says the European Commission Against Racism and IntoleranceJohn Richardson2020/04/16
Germany: "Hate-Postings Day"John Richardson2020/03/26
Coronavirus: Germany Whips Up Anti-AmericanismSoeren Kern2020/03/19
German Court Rejects Attempt to Enshrine Sharia LawSoeren Kern2020/02/29
Germany's Selective Fight against Anti-SemitismJohn Richardson2020/01/28
Germany's Middle Eastern Criminal ClansJohn Richardson2020/01/04
Germany Puts Its Head in Russia's Energy Pipeline NooseSoeren Kern2019/12/30
Germany: A "Latent Sense of Insecurity"John Richardson2019/12/28
German Parliament: Its Resolution to Ban Hezbollah is Just a Legal Charade - Part IISoeren Kern2019/12/26
German Parliament: Its Resolution to Ban Hezbollah is Just a Legal CharadeSoeren Kern2019/12/23
Germany: All EU Members Must Take in MigrantsSoeren Kern2019/12/05
Germany: "We Expect Imams from Abroad to Speak German"Soeren Kern2019/11/11
Does Angela Merkel Deserve a Prize for Zionism?Soeren Kern2019/10/19
Germany's Pro-Iran, Anti-Israel Foreign PolicySoeren Kern2019/08/11
Killing Free Speech in France, Germany and on the InternetJohn Richardson2019/08/08
Russia, Turkey, Iran: Adversaries of the West's NATO AllianceCon Coughlin2019/08/05
Germany: Nest of Middle Eastern SpiesSoeren Kern2019/07/17
Germany: A Shocking Degree of Self-CensorshipJohn Richardson2019/07/04
Germany: Some Hate Speech 'More Equal than Others'John Richardson2019/07/02
Germany: Citizenship for Polygamous Migrants?Soeren Kern2019/05/10
German Government: Anti-Israel, Pro-IranStefan Frank2019/04/17
Germany: Talk of 'European Army' was Meant 'Allegorically'Stefan Frank2019/04/15
European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched "Every Day"Raymond Ibrahim2019/04/14
Germany: Stabbings and Knife Crimes at Record HighSoeren Kern2019/02/28
A Month of Multiculturalism in Germany: January 2019Soeren Kern2019/02/18
Germany: Number of Foreign-Born Prison Inmates at Record HighSoeren Kern2019/02/13
France and Germany: "We Are Committed to the Emergence of a European Army"Soeren Kern2019/01/25
Germany: New Law Banning Child Marriage Declared UnconstitutionalSoeren Kern2018/12/22
Germany: Merkel to be Succeeded by "Mini-Merkel"Soeren Kern2018/12/14
Germany: Turkish-Muslim Appointed Second-In-Command of Domestic IntelligenceSoeren Kern2018/11/21
Germany Seeks Skilled MigrantsSoeren Kern2018/10/06
Turkey: Erdoğan's International Juggling CircusBurak Bekdil2018/10/03
Turkey: Building Mosques, Erasing ChristianityUzay Bulut2018/10/02
"Erdogate": Germany's Turkish SuperstarStefan Frank2018/09/22
Germany: Stifling Dissent to Mass MigrationVijeta Uniyal2018/09/13
Germany: Anti-Immigration Party Surges in PopularitySoeren Kern2018/09/08
German Court: Bring Back Deported JihadistSoeren Kern2018/08/19
Germany: Mass Migration vs. MicroaggressionVijeta Uniyal2018/08/07
Germany: Rise of the SalafistsSoeren Kern2018/07/29
Germany's Dysfunctional Deportation SystemSoeren Kern2018/07/18
Germany Outlaws Turkish Boxing GangSoeren Kern2018/07/11
Germany: 'Decapitating' Freedom of the Press?Stefan Frank2018/07/05
Germany: Migration Deal Keeps Merkel in Power, For NowSoeren Kern2018/07/04
Germany's Migrant Policy: Why Trump was RightVijeta Uniyal2018/06/22
Who Sanctions Russia? Not Germany.Shoshana Bryen and Stephen Bryen2018/06/14
Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: "Failure of the State"Soeren Kern2018/06/11
Germany: Asylum for Cash ScandalSoeren Kern2018/05/22
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: April 2018Soeren Kern2018/05/11
Iran, Macromel and the Purloined LetterAmir Taheri2018/05/06
Facebook's Censorship in GermanyStefan Frank2018/04/29
Germany: Migrant Crisis DelusionsVijeta Uniyal2018/04/24
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: March 2018Soeren Kern2018/04/21
Germany: Crackdown on Middle Eastern Crime FamiliesSoeren Kern2018/04/17
German Mass Migration: A No-Win Situation?Stefan Frank2018/04/17
Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Still Sowing Terror and DestructionSoeren Kern2018/03/20
German Interior Minister: "Islam Does Not Belong to Germany"Soeren Kern2018/03/17
The High Price of DenialDouglas Murray2018/03/15
Germany: Meet Jens Spahn, Merkel's Possible SuccessorSoeren Kern2018/02/19
Germany: Merkel Pays High Price for Fourth TermSoeren Kern2018/02/09
The Islamization of Germany in 2017: Part IISoeren Kern2018/01/27
Germany: Return of the Stasi Police State?John Richardson2018/01/25
Germans Tackling Exploding Anti-Semitism?Khadija Khan2018/01/14
Germany: Berlin's Police ProblemStefan Frank2018/01/12
The Islamization of Germany in 2017: Part ISoeren Kern2018/01/11
Germany's Batty Plan to Deter MigrantsStefan Frank2017/12/12
Germany: Surge in Migrant Attacks on PoliceSoeren Kern2017/11/29
Germany, Austria: Imams Warn Muslims Not to IntegrateStefan Frank2017/11/18
Germany: Spike in StabbingsSoeren Kern2017/11/17
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: October 2017Soeren Kern2017/11/07
Germany: Violence Spirals in Refugee SheltersSoeren Kern2017/11/02
Germany: Full Censorship Now OfficialJohn Richardson2017/10/21
Germans Debate Muslim Public HolidaysSoeren Kern2017/10/19
Germany: The Progressives' Post-Election MeltdownVijeta Uniyal2017/10/09
Islamic Sunset on GermanyGuy Millière2017/10/05
German Election: Merkel's Pyrrhic VictorySoeren Kern2017/09/26
Is Germany Heading to a "September Surprise"?Vijeta Uniyal2017/09/22
Germany: The Rise of IslamGiulio Meotti2017/09/12
Terrorists in Germany's Parliament?Bruce Bawer2017/09/09
Germany Heading for Four More Years of Pro-EU, Open-Door Migration PoliciesSoeren Kern2017/09/08
Europe: The Censored Film They Do Not Want You to SeeStefan Frank2017/08/01
Germany: Muslim Biker Gang Vows to "Protect" Fellow MuslimsSoeren Kern2017/07/31
Germany: Infectious Diseases Spreading as Migrants Settle InSoeren Kern2017/07/14
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: June 2017Soeren Kern2017/07/11
Germany: Chechen Sharia Police Terrorize BerlinSoeren Kern2017/07/08
Germany's Quest for 'Liberal' IslamVijeta Uniyal2017/07/06
Is Radical Islam Horrifying the West into Paralysis?Giulio Meotti2017/07/05
Germany: Police Powerless Against Middle Eastern Crime GangsSoeren Kern2017/06/18
Germany: Migrant Sex Crimes Double in One YearSoeren Kern2017/06/12
Germany: Surge in Stabbings and Knife CrimesSoeren Kern2017/06/06
Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor KillingsSoeren Kern2017/05/30
Germany: Should Migrants Integrate?Soeren Kern2017/05/19
German Companies Boycott Breitbart, Not AyatollahsStefan Frank2017/05/17
Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for MigrantsSoeren Kern2017/05/14
Germany: Migrant Crime Spiked in 2016Soeren Kern2017/05/02
Germany Hit by Merkel's Imported Crime WaveVijeta Uniyal2017/05/02
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: March 2017Soeren Kern2017/04/28
Europe's Out-of-Control CensorshipJohn Richardson2017/04/06
Merkel's Migrant DeceptionVijeta Uniyal2017/03/15
Germany's Jihad on Freedom of SpeechVijeta Uniyal2017/03/06
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: January 2017Soeren Kern2017/02/19
Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: January 2017Soeren Kern2017/02/13
Germany's Muslim Demographic FutureSoeren Kern2017/02/08
Germany: Angela Merkel Faces Challenge for ChancellorshipSoeren Kern2017/02/01
Germany Downplayed Threat of Jihadists Posing as MigrantsSoeren Kern2017/01/27
Germany's New 'Ministry of Truth'Stefan Frank2017/01/24
Speech by Geert Wilders at the "Europe of Nations and Freedom" ConferenceGeert Wilders2017/01/22
The "Fake News" Censorship IndustryRobbie Travers2017/01/21
Germany's New Propaganda BureauJohn Richardson2017/01/18
The Islamization of Germany in 2016Soeren Kern2017/01/02
The EU vs. the Nation State?George Igler2016/12/28
The Suicide of GermanyGuy Millière2016/12/26
Are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait Funding German Salafism?George Igler2016/12/21
Merkel Government Still in DenialVijeta Uniyal2016/12/20
Angela Merkel: False Prophet of EuropeVijeta Uniyal2016/12/04
Germany Submits to Sharia LawSoeren Kern2016/12/01
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: October 2016Soeren Kern2016/11/27
Inside Germany's No-Go Zones: Part I - North Rhine-WestphaliaSoeren Kern2016/11/07
German Streets Descend into LawlessnessSoeren Kern2016/10/31
Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: Where is the Public Outrage?Soeren Kern2016/10/26
Germans Leaving Germany 'In Droves'Soeren Kern2016/10/20
Christianity is Rattling: "Lights Out" in GermanyGiulio Meotti2016/10/12
Germany Imports Child MarriageSoeren Kern2016/10/06
Germany: Beginning of the End of the Merkel Era?Soeren Kern2016/09/10
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: July 2016Soeren Kern2016/08/17
Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of ControlSoeren Kern2016/08/09
Germany: "No Change to Open-Door Migration Policy"Soeren Kern2016/07/29
Germany: Christian Names for Muslim Migrants?Soeren Kern2016/07/26
Germans Debate Use of Force against JihadistsSoeren Kern2016/07/24
Germany: The Terrifying Power of Muslim InterpretersStefan Frank2016/07/22
Germany's New "No Means No" Rape LawSoeren Kern2016/07/08
Does Islam Belong to Germany?Soeren Kern2016/07/05
Germany's Turkish-Muslim Integration ProblemSoeren Kern2016/06/24
A Month of Islam in Germany: May 2016Soeren Kern2016/06/18
Germany's New "Integration Law"Soeren Kern2016/05/29
Germany: Christian Refugees Persecuted by MuslimsSoeren Kern2016/05/15
Germany: "We Need an Islam Law"Soeren Kern2016/04/28
Germany: Humor, Sultan StyleStefan Frank2016/04/19
Germany's Merkel to Voters: "No Change to Migration Policy"Soeren Kern2016/03/18
Islamic State Closing in on GermanySoeren Kern2016/03/13
Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis WorsensSoeren Kern2016/03/05
World Council of Churches Demonizes Israel - AgainThomas Smith2016/02/23
Germany: Migrant Crime SkyrocketsSoeren Kern2016/02/21
Germany's Migrant Crisis: January 2016Soeren Kern2016/02/12
Germany's Migrant Deportation Plan: "Political Charade"Soeren Kern2016/02/01
A Parable for GermanyDavid P. Goldman2016/01/18
Germany Just Can't Get It RightDouglas Murray2016/01/11
The Islamization of Germany in 2015Soeren Kern2016/01/10
Germans Stock Up on Weapons for Self-DefenseSoeren Kern2015/12/21
EU Makes Up Bogus Laws to Target -- Guess Who?Denis MacEoin2015/12/10
Germany: Salafist "Aid Workers" Recruiting RefugeesSoeren Kern2015/12/09
Germans Opposed to Mass Migration are "Free to Leave"Soeren Kern2015/11/24
Germany: Migration Crisis Becomes Public Health CrisisSoeren Kern2015/11/08
Germany: "20 Million Muslims by 2020"Soeren Kern2015/11/01
Germany: Asylum Seekers Make DemandsSoeren Kern2015/10/23
Germany: Migrant Crime Wave, Police CapitulateSoeren Kern2015/10/11
Germany's Sharia Refugee SheltersSoeren Kern2015/10/01
Germany: Migrants In, Germans OutSoeren Kern2015/09/27
Migration Crisis: Germany Wants to Be "Miss Congeniality"Vijeta Uniyal2015/09/20
Germany: Migrants' Rape EpidemicSoeren Kern2015/09/18
Germany's Appeasement of Radical IslamVijeta Uniyal2015/09/10
Germany's Muslim Demographic RevolutionSoeren Kern2015/08/31
Police Warn of No-Go Zones in GermanySoeren Kern2015/08/01
Germany: Muslims Exempt from School Trips to Holocaust Sites?Soeren Kern2015/06/10
Germany's "Demagogue of Armed Jihad"Soeren Kern2015/05/26
German Anti-Islamization Movement Seeks ComebackSoeren Kern2015/04/15
Germany: Anti-Islamization Movement Faces Uncertain FutureSoeren Kern2015/02/15
Pegida: The New German RevolutionPeter Martino2015/01/15
Germany Bracing for Islamic TerrorSoeren Kern2015/01/13
Who Represents German Muslims?Veli Sirin2014/12/21
Will Germany Abolish Itself and France Commit Suicide?Peter Martino2014/12/03
Germany: Hooligans Declare War on Islamic RadicalsSoeren Kern2014/11/10
Germany: Silencing the Critics of Munich's Mega-MosqueSoeren Kern2014/10/28
Germany: Holy War Erupts in HamburgSoeren Kern2014/10/15
Germany's "Sharia Police"Soeren Kern2014/09/08
Holy War Arrives in GermanySoeren Kern2014/08/10
Iran and Germany: A 100-Year Old Love AffairAmir Taheri2014/07/31
Salafism in Germany: "Something Must Be Done Immediately"Soeren Kern2014/06/05
Germany: Islamists Infiltrating Schools in HamburgSoeren Kern2014/05/13
German Pledges to Return Nazi-Looted ArtSoeren Kern2014/04/07
Germany Aiming to Become More Muslim FriendlySoeren Kern2014/02/06
The Islamization of Germany in 2013Soeren Kern2014/01/15
Europe: Islamic Fundamentalism is WidespreadSoeren Kern2013/12/16
Germany: The Greatest Double Robbery in the History of Art?Soeren Kern2013/11/08
New Islamist Approach to Turks in GermanyVeli Sirin2013/10/11
The Unpredicted Consequences of the German ElectionsPeter Martino2013/10/01
Eurocrisis Haunts German PoliticsPeter Martino2013/09/06
German Elections: More EU, More IslamPeter Martino2013/08/27
Islam Conquering Higher European EducationSoeren Kern2013/08/13
Germany Faced with "Loudspeaker Jihad"Soeren Kern2013/06/28
Islamic Law's Foothold in German Legal SystemSoeren Kern2013/06/07
Muslims Demand Germany "Make Islam Equal to Christianity"Soeren Kern2013/05/15
"Different and Threatening": Most Germans See Islam as a ThreatSoeren Kern2013/05/03
Germany Cracks Down on Critics of Mega-MosqueSoeren Kern2013/04/16
Germany: Islam Becomes Campaign IssueSoeren Kern2013/04/11
Germany vs. Radical IslamistsSoeren Kern2013/03/15
German Church Becomes MosqueSoeren Kern2013/02/12
German Journalist Among Top Ten Anti-Semites of 2012Soeren Kern2013/01/10
The Islamization of Germany in 2012Soeren Kern2012/12/24
Germany: Image of Islam 'Devastating'Soeren Kern2012/12/10
"Islam Needs a Fair Chance in Germany"Soeren Kern2012/11/16
"I Will Answer Only to Allah"Soeren Kern2012/10/22
Germany: Co-ed Swimming Goes to CourtSoeren Kern2012/10/09
J'Accuse: Shame on Germany for Circumcision BanAlan M. Dershowitz2012/09/06
The Godmother: Germany's New Dictator, Angela Merkel?Peter Martino2012/09/06
Germany: New Ad Campaign to Counter Muslim RadicalizationSoeren Kern2012/09/05
Germany: Turkish Muslims Hope for More Muslims Than ChristiansSoeren Kern2012/08/27
Germany: "Islamists Want to Bring Jihad to Europe"Soeren Kern2012/08/21
Gexit Is Better Than GrexitPeter Martino2012/08/21
Germany Tackles Islamic RadicalizationSoeren Kern2012/07/30
The Circumcision Debate in Germany, Austria and SwitzerlandVeli Sirin2012/07/30
Germany Debates Male CircumcisionPeter Martino2012/07/23
Germany: "Radical Salafism is Like a Hard Drug"Soeren Kern2012/06/19
Islam in Germany: "Germany Does Away With Itself"Soeren Kern2012/06/15
"Don't Buy From Jews"Soeren Kern2012/06/07
German Cartoon Riots: Clubs, Bottles and StonesSoeren Kern2012/05/08
German Islam Conference Ends in FailureSoeren Kern2012/04/27
Will the Pirates Capture Germany?Peter Martino2012/04/24
The Raheb-Herzog AffairMalcolm Lowe2012/04/18
Germany: A Koran in Every HouseholdSoeren Kern2012/04/11
Gunter Grass Shouldn't Be Barred From IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2012/04/09
Old Habits Die Hard: Germany Funding Palestinian ExtremismPeter Martino2012/04/04
Where Is the Art?Michael Curtis2012/03/13
Former German President to Praise Anti-Israel TheologianMalcolm Lowe2012/01/24
Germany's New Islamic CentersSoeren Kern2012/01/19
Germany Attempts to Silence Criticism of IslamSoeren Kern2012/01/12
Germany: Political Headaches for MerkelPeter Martino2012/01/10
Germany Signing Away Sovereignty, No Democratic AccountabilityPeter Martino2011/12/20
German Court Bans Muslim Prayers in SchoolsSoeren Kern2011/12/15
Should Germany Leave the Euro?Peter Martino2011/11/29
Germans Stunned by Report on Forced MarriagesSoeren Kern2011/11/10
Turks in Germany: The Guests Take Over the HouseSoeren Kern2011/11/07
German Multiculturalists Declare War on Critics of IslamSoeren Kern2011/10/03
Islamist Sleeper Cells Proliferating in GermanySoeren Kern2011/09/09
Islamic Sharia Law Proliferates in GermanySoeren Kern2011/09/08
Islamist and Nationalist Radicalism Among German TurksVeli Sirin2011/08/02
Radical Islam in Germany: The Convert as MissionaryVeli Sirin2011/07/11
German Energy Policy: The New Geopolitics of Central and Eastern EuropeTaylor Dinerman2011/06/15
British Methodists: Palestine First, Germany Next?Malcolm Lowe2011/06/13
Anti-Semitism on the Rise in GermanySoeren Kern2011/06/09
Germany and Libya: A German Muslim DissentsVeli Sirin2011/04/05
Islam "Does Not Belong" to GermanySoeren Kern2011/03/09
Survey Shows Germans Sceptical about Muslims and IslamSoeren Kern2010/12/13
Germany: Exploding Anti-SemitismFiamma Nirenstein2010/11/29
Germany Debates Muslim ImmigrationSoeren Kern2010/09/15
Germany: Angela's FallPeter Martino2010/07/22
Germany Awakes: New Rules of the Game in EuropePaul Belien2010/03/25
Germany: Death to Free Speech - Civil Courage vs. Uncomfortable FactsPaul Belien2009/10/20
Turkish Vote May Decide German ElectionsThomas Landen2009/09/25
Germany: Better to be a Muslim than a BaptistThomas Landen2009/08/17
Germany: Stasi Skeletons in the ClosetThomas Landen2009/08/05
Germany: The Media and IslamSami Alrabaa2009/07/16
German Government Supports Business in Iran2009/05/20
German Double Cross on Durban IIAnne Bayefsky2009/05/15
Shrinking GermanyThomas Landen2009/05/08
Marx - In GermanyPaul Belien2008/12/30

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