Writings by Christine Douglass-Williams

Title Date
Canada: Islamist-Leftist-Government Alliance Silences Free Speech2018/01/08
Christian Icons of Propaganda - Sabeel and Desmond Tutu2015/03/29
U.S., Canada's RCMP Team Up with Islamists2014/10/13
Christian and Canadian Support for Israel Defies Propaganda2014/07/11
Anti-Israel BDS Resolutions Seize Campuses in Ontario, Canada2014/04/22
Pakistan: State Sponsor of Terrorism?2014/04/07
New Anti-Semitism Tailored for Evangelicals2014/03/25
Multiculturalism: What Happened to Responsibility?2014/03/14
Israel: "A Matter of Our Own Long-Term Interests"2014/01/27
"Let's Burn the Jew" is not Anti-Semitic?2014/01/15
Palestinian Propaganda Invades the Arts in Canada2013/10/02
The Politics of Race: "Perpetual Victimhood"2013/07/19
Call It What It Is: Islamic Terrorism2013/04/25
Canada, Keystone, and the Palestinians2013/03/27
Pope Francis I: Friend of Inclusiveness2013/03/15
The "Victimology" Subterfuge2013/01/15
The Canada Factor: Policies for a Stronger Continent2012/10/15
Steps to Disempower Iran2012/09/10
Shut Down Iran's Embassy in Canada2012/08/09
Iran Infiltrates Canada, Calls to Attack America2012/07/11
Birthplace of Christ Used in Bid for Palestinian Statehood2012/06/26
Canada: Anti-Semitic Church Attack on Israel2012/06/22
The Public Lynching of American Troops2012/03/14
The Big Lie: "Israel Apartheid"2012/03/12
Canada's State-Sponsored Fight Against State-Sponsored Anti-Semitism2011/12/21
America's Need to Tighten Relations With Canada2011/08/16
Canada Promotes "The Mullahs' Voice"2011/04/18
The Muslim Brotherhood Heads North2011/03/28
Canada's Multicultural Trap: A Country Under Siege2011/03/16

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