Multiculturalism in Canada contains loopholes that threaten Canada's homeland security, national identity and democratic heritage as well as pose a threat to the United States of which it borders.

Although the Canadian Multicultural Act celebrates the racial diversity of Canada, and is harmless in the cultural context of embracing different foods, dance, languages and the arts, in a political context, it presents critical dilemmas where individual rights at times conflict with Western democratic traditions.

The Multicultural Act, enshrined under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, has empowered courts with sweeping interpretive powers at the highest levels of decision making. The court's mandate becomes balancing individual rights with that of multicultural rights -- a task which has increasing lead to socio-political upheavals. For example, what constitutes hate speech and so-called propaganda is left to Judges to decide. These Judges are heavily under the influence of political correctness to appease special interest groups that not only drive their own agendas, but which are often quick to levy accusations of racism and intolerance -- the curse words of this era. The absolute right to free speech—a prized tenet of democracy—is in effect dissolved; this erosion bears direct significance in the face of growing Islamism.

In 1999, the United Nations endorsed the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights (CDHR) which stipulates simply that Human Rights must be seen through the eyes of Shariah law. According to article 24: "All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari'a,". This poses a conflict with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the CDHR supersedes. This UN endorsement spilled outside of Islamic regimes as OIC countries has vehemently promulgated their "defamation of Islam" mission in the global arena.

At the U.N. Durban I anti-racism conference, the Western right to free speech was challenged; and in March, 2010, the UN General Assembly finally passed a defamation of religion resolution that was introduced by Pakistan, and that accused the West of targeting Muslims. Pakistan is well known for its barbaric Blasphemy laws in which the Christian Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti was gunned down recently for publicly calling for its abrogation.

Three months ago, the so-called moderate Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan—upon receiving the absurd Al Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights—glowed with pride as he delivered his acceptance speech about Islamophobia and the evils of free speech in the West. The West has noted many accounts of the democratic rights of a citizen acquiescing to what amounts to the arrival of Shariah law on Western soil. Citizens have been subjected to a shakedown by Human Rights Commissions or dragged before courts for so-called hate speech against Muslims in Europe and Canada, where multiculturalism rules.

The Canadian high profile cases of human rights lawyer Ezra Levant and political commentator Mark Steyn highlight this. Levant—who was then publisher of the Western Standard-- republished the controversial Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed in 2006. Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities subsequently lodged a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Similarly, political writer Mark Steyn and Maclean's magazine were dragged to the B.C. Human Rights Commission for a so-called islamophobic article in that publication entitled: "The Future Belongs to Islam". This too stemmed from a complaint filed by a Muslim group: the Canadian Islamic Congress.

Frustrations over violating the democratic rights of citizens to free speech accompanied by mounting reports about homegrown radicalization have led to European leaders condemning multiculturalism. Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British PM David Cameron and French PM Nicholas Sarkozy finally declared multiculturalism a failure in recognition of the extent to which it encourages group segregation and a lack of a strong national identity – both of which constitute fertile soil for extremism. Another factor is that the words "Islamic terrorism" only need to be whispered for Islamists to start screaming Islamophobia and racism.

Under multicultural Canada, diversity incentives are embraced as the answer to combat racism. But the implementation of metrics with which to measure diversity are woefully misinformed and have led to the abuse of the word "racism." Just one unfavorable glance at a member of an identifiable group—especially Muslims-- can earn one the reviled label of racist, Islamophobic and a counter-diversity bigot. This attitude is now so severely institutionalized in Canada that when three terrorist suspects were arrested during Ramadan a few months ago, the RCMP embarrassingly issued an apology to the Muslim community for executing the arrest during their holy season, and then met with a group of Ottawa Muslims to reassure them that they are not being targeted. At this meeting there was no food nor drink allowed out of respect for Ramadan fasting. This move was condemned by the moderate Muslim Canadian Congress and by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser (American Islamic Forum for Democracy) in an interview in which he discussed the culture of victimization entertained in the Muslim community. Shortly after, as the outspoken moderate Tarek Fatah—founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress—lay recovering from a health issue in hospital, he received death threats from a fellow disgruntled Muslim. Toronto police sent two Muslim police officers to speak with Mr. Fatah. To his dismay they refused to press charges, an abandonment of duty that led to his commentary entitled, " Some Death Threats Don't Count."

Multicultural Canada has also become lucrative for Islamists. It has seen Muslim men draining taxpayer dollars by importing their harems and claiming welfare aid for each one. In Ontario, wives in polygamous marriages are recognized as spouses under the Ontario Family Law Act after the marriages have taken place abroad. Al-Jazeera in English has also been launched in Canada; Maher Arar—on a U.S. terrorist list-- became an instant millionaire on the backs of taxpayers. Arar, who has dual Syrian and Canadian citizenship, was detained by U.S. authorities in New York on terrorism suspicions, then sent back to his country of origin where he was tortured in prison. A judicial inquiry decided that the RCMP mislabeled him as extremist, even as he remains on a US terrorist list. The RCMP shared information with US authorities which led to his deportation. For this, Arar was issued an apology from the Prime Minister and $10.5 million from the government, significantly down from his requested $400-million.

Islamists playing up the notion of victimhood is ironic: there exists an enshrined Muslim superiority in which women are regarded as inferiors, as are "Unbelievers." In the new world order envisioned by Islamists -- a global Muslim Caliphate -- "Unbelievers" become Dhimmis, or second-class citizens, forced to pay an extra tax, give way to Muslims on the street, be permitted employment in limited jobs, and wear special clothing to make them easy to identify (the origin of the Nazi yellow Star of David that Jews were required to wear during the German Third Reich). It is also a Muslim command to lie to and deceive infidels (al-Tiqiyya), if the end is regarded as justifying the means.

This infiltration has developed into a Muslim Brotherhood population in Canada, with an exponential membership, bent on conquering by peaceful means, but meanwhile providing the incendiary language on which eventual terrorism feeds. Members have succeeded in penetrating every facet of Canadian institutions, an expansion made easy under the umbrella of diversity and multiculturalism. The "leaders" know well how to manipulate multicultural loopholes to conquer a democracy and slowly replace it with the tenets of Shariah law.

Canada's multicultural loopholes are hollowing out and weakening its national identity, using the vacuum created as fertile ground for terrorists to hide out and Islamists to prosper. The mere mention of racism, anti-diversity and Islamophobia creates a nervousness within Canadian institutions which, for the sake of national security, must be challenged, as well as to solidify a collective identity that embodies free speech. To not retain that right will soon translate into the loss of further rights.

Canada stands at the crossroads and vulnerable with: a minority Conservative government, a leftist mass media that embraces diversity without question, a widespread acceptance of Israel as an "apartheid" state. Yet in Israel there are Arab parties in its government, Arab members of its parliament, Arab doctors and patients (180,000 last year alone) alongside Jews in its hospitals, and Arab teachers and students alongside Jews in its universities. Guilt over colonialism -- without knowledge of the still flourishing black slave trade by Arabs – also holds Canada hostage to special interest groups, as well as a blind tolerance in the country for anyone with a kind smile.

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