Writings by Fjordman  (View Biography)

Title Date
Why Laws Against Hate Speech Are Dangerous2020/01/18
Sweden's Turbulent Election Year2018/07/24
One Week in Sweden2017/11/12
How Barcelona Became a Victim of the Barcelona Process2017/10/12
Norway's Political Elites Cheer for Islam2017/07/25
Europe: Combating Fake News2017/04/01
Brexit and Norway: What to Avoid2016/09/15
Britain: From Parliament to Police State2009/06/19
Islam and the Decline of Greek Culture2009/04/03
Why Was There No Chinese Newton?2009/01/30
Nothing To Do With Islam? Really?2008/12/10
Islam, Democracy and Law2008/12/04
Ode To Stained Glass2008/11/10

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