Writings by Human Rights in China

Title Date
China: Zhu Yufu's Sham "Incitement" Trial; No Verdict2012/02/02
Chinese Dissident Writer Details Torture by Police2012/01/19
Dissident Chen Wei to Be Tried Tomorrow2011/12/22
China: Ai Weiwei's Mother to Mortgage Her House to Help Son [after Kangaroo Court Verdict. The Editors]2011/11/09
China: Rights Defender, Released from Prison, Still Committed to Rights Work2011/09/14
China: Writer Released from Prison Refuses To Be Deprived of Political Rights2011/08/25
Lawyers Report Procedural Irregularities at Trial of Rights Activist Wang Lihong2011/08/15
China: Widespread House Arrests As Authorities Intensify Crackdown After Nobel Peace Prize2010/11/01
China: Nobel Peace Prize Recipient's Wife Under House Arrest2010/10/18
China: Lawyer Barred from Representing Client by "6-10" Agents2010/09/13
China Railway Court Vacates Lawyer's Sentence on Appeal, Citing Unclear Facts2010/08/12
Chinese Court Sentences Resisters of Forced Demolition2010/06/15
China: 18 Months of "Reeducation-Through-Labor" for "Shouting Slogans" 2010/03/17
China: Five Year Sentence for "Inciting Subversion of State Power"2010/02/24
Vaclav Havel Sends Message of Solidarity to Chinese Dissident2010/02/02
Liu Xiaobo Appeal Charges Court with Abuse of Public Power 2010/02/02
What Constitutes Liu Xiaobo’s “Incitement to Subvert State Power”?2009/12/25
Two-Year Sentence for Property Rights Advocate, 70, Accused of Possessing State Secrets2009/11/18
China: Heavy Sentence for "Obstructing Official Business"2009/11/06
China: 13 Years in Prison for Organizing Political Party2009/09/03
China: Uneven Justice in Death of Detained Man2009/08/26
China: Controlling Information2009/07/29
China: Monkey Trials and "Reeducation Through Labor"2009/07/24
China: Law Research Center Shut Down, Authorities Tighten Control2009/07/21

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