Writings by John R. Bolton  (View Biography)

Title Date
The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First2018/03/02
Trump's SOTU Hit the Right Foreign Policy Notes - Now Comes the Hard Part2018/02/01
Beyond the Iran Nuclear Deal2018/01/17
Politicizing Proliferation Policy2018/01/16
Pay Attention to Latin America and Africa before Controversies Erupt2018/01/03
Expect America's Tensions with China and Russia to Rise in 20182017/12/30
Threats of 2017 - Mideast, Terror, Weapons - Will Linger in the New Year2017/12/29
How to Defund the U.N.2017/12/27
Think the Alabama result has derailed Donald Trump? Think again2017/12/15
Trump's Jerusalem Declaration Long Overdue2017/12/12
The Hague Aims for U.S. Soldiers2017/11/22
Lebanon's Fall Would Be Iran's Gain2017/11/14
Thanks to Obama, America is two steps behind Iran in Middle East2017/10/24
A Slow Death for the Iran Deal2017/10/16
Independence for Kurdistan2017/10/10
Mr. President, Don't Put America at Risk with Flawed Iran Deal2017/10/09
The Iran Deal Isn't Worth Saving2017/10/08
Iran Deal Devotees Try in Vain to Save a Sinking Ship2017/09/12
16 Years Later: Lessons Put into Practice?2017/09/11
FDR's 'Rattlesnake' Rule and the North Korean Threat2017/09/06
The Danger of a Jihadist Pakistan2017/08/30
How to Get Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal2017/08/28
Trump Must Stop North Korea from Striking American Soil2017/08/21
What's next in Afghanistan?2017/08/15
China Is Our Last Diplomatic Hope for North Korea2017/08/13
The Military Options for North Korea2017/08/03
Trump Must Withdraw From Iran Nuclear Deal - Now2017/07/18
Trouble among America's Gulf Allies2017/07/11
Putin Looked Trump in the Eye and Lied to Him2017/07/10
Asking China to 'Fix' North Korea Is a Waste of Time2017/07/06
Iran: Regime Change is Within Reach2017/07/03
America Needs a Post-ISIS Strategy2017/06/30
Reunification Only Way to Defuse Korea Crisis2017/06/01
Iran and the Next Administration: Policy Challenges2009/01/19

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