Writings by Robert Jones

Title Date
Turkey Targets Oldest Syriac Orthodox Monastery2016/11/16
Turkey Converts Hagia Sophia to Mosque2016/11/09
Turkey's Increasingly Unfree Press2016/11/07
Jews Die, Turks Celebrate2016/11/01
Turkey Targets Christians2016/10/23
There Goes Turkish Secularism2016/09/12
Turkey: Child Rape Widespread, Media Blackout2016/09/03
Have Xenophobia and Racism Become Mainstream in Turkey?2016/08/15
Turkey's Tradition of Murdering Christians2016/07/31
Turkish Professor: "Those Who Do Not Do Islamic Daily Prayers Are Animals"2016/06/21
Christian Human Rights Activist Jailed in Turkey2016/06/13
Turkish Professor Suspended over Tweet2016/06/07

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