Ahmed Charai
Chairman of Med Radio, Morocco

Ahmed Charai is publisher of the Moroccan weekly Magazine L'observateur as well as the French edition of the Foreign Policy magazine. As As an expert on Morocco and North Africa, he sits on the board of Trustees of the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington,

Writings by Ahmed Charai  (View Biography)

Title Date
New World Disorder: What the UN Vote on Russia Really Reveals About Global Politics2022/04/21
Libya's Political Instability Makes Room for ISIS to Regroup2019/12/27
A Looming Crisis in the Mideast2019/05/09
United States is Doing More to Fight Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis than the Press Knows2018/10/01
The International Criminal Court: A Failed Experiment2018/09/19
Ethiopia-Eritrea: A New Hope for Peace2018/07/12
The Diplomatic Big Bang2018/06/16
USA: The Iron Ladies2018/05/24
Trump: A New Vision of the Middle East2018/05/05
What the Saudi Prince's Visit Really Means2018/03/21
Africa: The Way Forward2017/11/27
Why Donald Trump Should Focus on Africa2016/12/12
How Morocco Is Transforming Africa and Why Americans Should Care2013/03/26
The Arab Spring's Promise of Democracy in Jeopardy2011/10/11
The Moroccan Exception, Act II2011/06/20
The Green Fascism2011/05/28
Building a North African Coalition to Save Libya2011/04/18
Morocco: "The King's Revolution"2011/03/14
The Arab Spring2011/02/23
What Can the Protests in the Arab World Achieve?2011/01/31
Ending Al-Qaeda in North Africa2011/01/20

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