Religious madman

Reader comment on: Al-Qaradawi and the New Religious Conflict With Israel

Submitted by Vivienne, May 16, 2013 12:45

This whole thing has been about religion from the start. Which is why Europe, US and Russia just can't grasp this insane rise of Islamic fanaticism. I'm not certain anyone in the West realizes the Koran has been re-written by a so called new Prophet Wahhabi, who sold the idea to Old King of the Saudi Kingdom. Saudia Kingdom (tribesmen) keep a low profile. Saudia doesn't want to lose oil revenues so she lets the rest of the ME fight, sits on the fence, see who wins, Oil will then become disproportionately expensive, the West will simply have to pay! I forsee serious fall out in the ME similar to '67 and around the same time. Just hope the Syrians are unable to operate S-300.

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